Scrupled Affection

I've only written a few chapters so far so I'm not quite sure where I'm heading with the storyline so any suggestions would be appreciated.

The basic outline is there are the two families, the Hawkley's and the Walter's, who are both at the top of society in their area. It is based around the two main characters Luciana of the Hawkley family, and Jasper of the Walter's. Prior to the story the families eldest children were due to be married but a 'mysterious' accident happened in which they both died. Now the Hawkley's and the Walter's are enemies because they belive the other family caused the accident becasue Benjamin was having an affair.
I am thinking that Jasper and Luciana are going to fall in love and have a sort of Romeo and Juliet love story, but also use a subplot of finding out about the accident.


2. Chapter Two



"Jasper for the love of all that is living stop this futile sermon! You have full knowledge that your father, and your grandfather will disapprove of this pathetic affair!” Violet would have none of it. She was cold hearted, and mean spirited. Not the type of lady you would want to come across, or to dabble in the art of chit chat with. Her long, sleek, jet black hair sat prominently on her breast bone; it framed her face, old and wicked.

“Please, Violet, I am begging to you, down on my knees, let me mention the idea to father.”

“I have said no! He will want nothing to do with it, now go; I am not in the mood to be dealing with you.” Jasper had always quarrelled with Violet, he detested her, but thankfully the feeling was mutual. For she was not his real mother, no, his father, Reuben Walter, had divorced her many years back. Jasper had not the slightest idea about his mother, but he knew for sure anyone would be better than that of Violets’ nature.

 The Walter family were a peculiar grouping, not the glamour like they were thought to be. Yes, they were one of the richest families in the town, but behind the clothes, the jewels and the riches, they were as substandard as any other family.

 Michael Walter was the proud, esteemed, property owner. Though he may seem kind hearted and genuine, he was cold and bitter, everything he touched turned to stone, families, people, lives. Indeed he housed many, but his rents and taxes were just so astronomical that people would die from starvation or pneumonia right under his nose. For his concern was elsewhere, mainly in his failure of a son which was Reuben.

 Reuben had not always been a fiasco, Michael’s disappointment developed in him much later on in his life.  His divorce from his perfect wife Susie left Michael distraught. How could he let go of someone so good for him, someone Michael had handpicked himself from so many? How could he take away their children and leave her with nothing so much as a penny? From then on, Michael had always shunned Reuben, and to an extent Violet aswell, for she carried the son the couple later had, Raymond Walter, a grandchild of Michael Walter’s, from a couple he disapproved so much of.

 Raymond always kept distant from the others, he felt out of place, unwelcome in his grandfather’s household. Though he had no reason for this, his parents had always evidently favoured him over Jasper.

  “Violet?” His voice was calm and almost sympathetic towards her now, he would have to take a different approach.

“Your father will be home any minute, now quieten yourself and stand with Raymond.” Violet turned away from Jasper, she was having none of it, but he would not give up, no, he thought, I will try again later.

 As Violet had said the horse drawn carriage trooped through the gates into Wellington Manor, with the gathering of people surrounding the cobbled road you would have thought they were royalty. The carriage was magnificent, a work of true beauty. The handles were so detailed, covered in golden paint. As Michael stepped out the suns light reflected on the exquisite silver craftsman ship on the door.

 Jaspers face brightened as his father descended down the steps onto the ground. Violet and Raymond moved in closer to the two men and they too smiled and began to feel warmth amongst themselves. Michael stepped out from the group that had formed just outside the carriage.

 “Jasper, my boy!” He embraced him; his cool skin pressed against Jaspers warm coloured cheeks.

“Grandfather! How was your journey?” They stepped away from eachother, smiling once again. Michael pulled his top hat off of his head and held it up into the air.

“There truly are many wanders of this world Jasper.” He placed his hat on his head again, “businesses and meeting rooms are not one of them youngster.” They both chuckled loudly as Reuben waltzed towards them.

“Yes, not the best of my travels Jasper, but still worthwhile, though it is a fantastic feeling to be back home my boy.” Reuben held out his arms to Jasper and they hugged almost immediately. Jasper knew it was good his father was finally home, but all this welcoming and those smiles were just lies. They were fake. Reuben was acting so loving and warm, all just one manipulative joke.

 “Raymond!” The crowd drew towards Raymond; Jasper’s five minutes of fame were over for another year. Jasper did not by any means hate Raymond he just envied him. How rude and selfish he was, yet was still adored by many. Crystal clear was he Violets and Reuben’s favourite; he could understand with violet, they were not blood related, but his own father, how could he pick a son to favour?

“I expect you had a safe journey father and...” Michael bought his welcome to a halt.

“Yes, just fine, thankyou, now, I expect, you both have your business propositions to bring to the dinner table along with your appetites?”

“Why of course, eh, grand...”

“Well then we will talk later.” Michael left for the house.

 Wellington Manor was enchanting, captivating, twas not a house in the world that looked quite like it. It was made from red bricks, as red as a distant sunset. It had huge glass windows that sparkled and gleamed. Surrounding it were trees and woodland, oak, pine, maple. There was a great water feature, a fountain, outside the frontage, it spilled over with essence and thrust.  The great walls surrounding it were mesmerising, not a piece of moss in sight, it was a wonder to one’s eyes. Not a day went by without some passerby standing and staring at its beauty.

 Jasper followed in his Grandfather’s footsteps until he reached a barrier he could not just pass by, the office. This room was secretive yet very special. Michael was particularly vigilant when it came to who entered. Jasper lifted his cold shaking hand up to the door and banged three times, ever so lightly.

 “Come in!” Michael’s voice bounced from every corner of the house, it was great and booming.

 Jasper twisted the door knob and peered round the corner.

“Ah, Jasper, come in, sit down, what is it you want my boy?” One step at a time Jaspers frantic body found its way to a leather chair in front of the desk Michael was sat at.

 “Err, well, tis about my business and marketing suggestions.”

 Michael suddenly became a great deal intoned with the conversation; his body drew closer to the floor, as if he were giving Jasper the upper hand.

  “I must say Jasper, I did not expect you to be so, so forward and energized by the matter, but please, do go on.” Once again he got lower passing back the power.

 “Grandfather, it is not, normal though, what I want, sorry, what I am suggesting. It seems my idea does not quite fit the brief of sales and marketing, it does not quite live up to the standard of profit either.” Now Jasper was gladly throwing away the higher acre, Michael raised again, a stern look on his cold and wrinkled face.

 “Where are you heading with this, I am a busy man you know. I cannot afford to waste my precious and valuable time on things like this. Either tell me or be gone with.”

“It is about helping, and giving, having that nature of generosity. I believe tis our duty to raise money for the poor and the elderly, instead of taking we should be gi...”

 “Don’t be so obtuse Jasper! This is nonsense, clearly the working of your wretched imp of a father! How foolish and injudicious of you to think that for a second! No one raises money for the elderly in this household, so nor will I be a part of such a scheme! They should work and hunt for their own living, it is not mine, or anybody else who sleeps in this households job!”
  Jasper felt a great shadow crawl over his back and sit on his shoulders. Why was he always wrong and such a disappointment to his family, what made him the runt of the litter?

 “Jasper, just get out, and don not utter a single syllable about this. Do you hear me boy?!” Jaspers head bobbed to and fro as he ascended up from the sudden discomfort of his chair. His agile feet stumbled back to the oak door and his hand formed a circular shape around the brass knob on the side of it. Still, his head was bobbing as he left the room, his Grandfather keeping a watchful eye.

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