Scrupled Affection

I've only written a few chapters so far so I'm not quite sure where I'm heading with the storyline so any suggestions would be appreciated.

The basic outline is there are the two families, the Hawkley's and the Walter's, who are both at the top of society in their area. It is based around the two main characters Luciana of the Hawkley family, and Jasper of the Walter's. Prior to the story the families eldest children were due to be married but a 'mysterious' accident happened in which they both died. Now the Hawkley's and the Walter's are enemies because they belive the other family caused the accident becasue Benjamin was having an affair.
I am thinking that Jasper and Luciana are going to fall in love and have a sort of Romeo and Juliet love story, but also use a subplot of finding out about the accident.


3. Chapter Three

Dear Diary,

                  Love is a test, a constant battle, such a strong and courageous word. But it can also be the most magical thing in the world, why am I not worthy of it? It came so easily to Elise, and the more I hear about her reminisces of the days she first met Andrew the more I get excited about meeting Edward. He must be so loving, and kind, perfect for me and my elders! Only if it was that simple, Edward and Mr Wicket have been here for three entire days and they have not even retreated from their chambers. I have seen Edward outside in the gardens admiring the lake, but he is so distant. As for Mr Wicket, well I have not been so vigilant of him; he interests me a great deal less than Edward.

  But, there seems to be much commotion around the kitchen and dining quarters lately. I sense a feast or at least a great meal in honour of their visit, well I do hope so. Elise thinks Andrews being invited round to attend the meal, I’m glad to hear, Andrew is growing on me, he is one of those people, you have to get to know before finding them inviting. Mother and Father have not been around a great deal either, but they never are, from being a little girl Father has worked, and Mother just blindly follows him, taking orders and being his perfect little wife. I never dared comment, what was the use, she was happy, until Benjamin died that is, but that is another tale for one to tell.

  James tells me Edward is looking forward to meeting me, he might just be trying to cheer me up. I tell alot to James, he is older, wiser than my parents, I do not like to admit it, but, he is much more an uncle to me than a butler. I confide in him, tell him my problems, sometimes he just guesses, like with Edward, I have not yet found it in me to tell him the story, though he his very trustworthy and understanding. I just feel sometimes I make it all about me, and it should not be, he never tells me about his life, only stories of him as a little boy. His father was a fisherman; they moved inland when James was about sixteen he tells me. James always had a knack for hunting and fishing, but he wanted to provide for his family so got a more highly paid job. I felt guilty for a while after that. I did not want to tear him of something he loved, it felt wrong, but he loved his family more, so I learnt to live with it.

  I must go, Father wants to see me soon, and I cannot meet him looking like this that is for sure. Well, goodbye.


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