She's Not Afraid

Peyton is at a party with her best friend Christa. She thinks everything is going to be perfect until she spots a certin curly-haired boy, and plays a game of truth or dare, her life is turned around, but in a good way.


5. The Not So Big But Very Important Question

Peyton's POV

I was laying next to Harry while we watched the telly. "Hey Peyton?" Harry asked. "Yes, Mr Styles?" "I was wondering, if you wanted to go to my cousin's wedding with me. We're allowed to bring someone." He said. I sat up. "Sure, but I dont have anything to wear." I said. "Let's go shopping then!" Harry said and hopped up. "Okay." I said, grabbing my bag. I got in his car and he drove off to the shopping center.

Harry parked and we got out. He took my hand and we walked into the first shop. I looked through all the dresses until I found a really pretty dress. It was apricot and it had little gems around the top. It was short but not that short. I tried it on and it looked amazing on me. I walked out to show Harry. "You look beautiful." He said and put his hands on my waist. I blushed. "So I guess I'm getting this one?" "Yep." I walked back into the dressing room and changed. I found some nude colored flats and I bought those as well. We walked out hand in hand back to his car. "So when is the wedding?" I asked Harry as he drove. "Tomorrow." He said. "Oh, well I'm glad I bought these today." I said. He put his hand on my leg and rubbed circles with his thumb. He looked over at me and smiled. "You know Peyton, I've never felt this way with any other girl. I really like you." He said. "I like you too. And you're amazing." I said. He pulled into my driveway and we got out. I sat my bag in my room and found Harry downstairs. I sat next to him and looked in his beautiful eyes. I leaned in and kissed him. His lips were just so kissable. He licked my lips asking for entrace and I gladly let him.

We pulled apart and I looked at him. I loved him so much.


I must've fallen asleep because I woke up the next morning and Harry was gone. Today was his cousin's wedding! I ran upstairs and found the clothes I had bought yesterday and took a shower. I put the dress and shoes on and did my hair. Then I put on some eyeliner and pink lip gloss. I ran downstairs and texted Harry.

'hey, r u coming to pick me up?'

'yea love, be there in five.'

I looked for Christa and she was in the kitchen. "I'll see you later, I'm going to a wedding with Harry." I said. "Okay, take your time." She said and continued eating her sandwich. I heard a knock at the door and Harry was there. I opened it and he looked amazing. He was wear just a simple tux, but he made it look so good. "Wow." He said. "You look amazing." He said. I blushed. "These are for you." He said and pulled a boquet of flowers from behind him. "Oh my god Harry these are beautiful." I said and sniffed them. I walked out with Harry and to his car. I got in and layed the flowers in my lap. I grabbed Harry's hand and intwined our fingers.

We pulled up to the chapel and got out. Harry grabbed my waist and pulled me close to him. We walked inside the chapel and took our seats. I held Harry's hand as the music started and the bridesmaids came out. "Which one is your cousin?" I whispered. "The bride." He said. I looked as the bride came out. She was beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. Her long wavy hair fell perfectly down her back. Her beautiful hazel eyes matched her dress perfectly. And don't even get me started on her dress. The ceremony started and everybody got quiet.

After they had exchanged rings and everything, we went into the reception hall. "Peyton, this is my mum, Anne. Mum, this is Peyton, my girlfriend." He called me his girlfriend. "Hi, it's an honor to meet you." Anne said and I shook her hand. We sat at a table next to Anne and some more of Harry's family. I got along with Harry's mum really well. She was really sweet and you could tell that she cared a lot for Harry. It was time for the bride and groom dace and Harry sat next to me. I watched them as they danced, just loving each other. "That's gonna be us one day." Harry said. I smiled. It would be nice to be married to him, but I don't plan on that happing for a while.

They finished dancing and it was time for everybody to go out and dance. Harry grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him. He placed one of his hands on my waist, and the other locked perfectly with mine. I rested my head on his shoulder as we swayed to the music. This was the perfect moment. I just wish we could stay like this forever. I looked into those sparkiling green eyes and leaned in. Our lips met and it was like firework along with a choir of singing angels being set off. Everybody clapped and I felt Harry smile on lips. We pulled apart and I smiled at him. "I love you Peyton." He said. "I love you too, Harry."

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