She's Not Afraid

Peyton is at a party with her best friend Christa. She thinks everything is going to be perfect until she spots a certin curly-haired boy, and plays a game of truth or dare, her life is turned around, but in a good way.


8. Moving In and out

Peyton's POV

I helped Christa get everything loaded into the moving truck and rode with her to Louis' flat. She said Louis moved out and found a different place. I think thier rushing things. But if she was happy, then I was too. We pulled up to the driveway of her new flat. I grabbed a box and took it inside. Louis and Harry were there. "Hey Peyon, what are you doing here?" Harry asked. "Just helping Christa move her stuff in." I told him. "Pey, come with me." She said and led me to an empty bedroom. She closed the door. "What's wrong?" I asked her. "Listen, do you remember that night when we went to that party and I was with Louis?" She asked. "Yeah." i said. "Well, we had sex, and I found out that I was pregnant two weeks later." She said and staretd crying. I hugged her. "Everything will be okay Chris. Don't worry." I told her. "That's the reason why we're doind this. So we can just be a family and rais the baby." She said. "It's okay. Trust me. Everything will work out eventually." I told her. She got herself together and we walked out. "Is everything okay love?" Harry asked me. "Yeah. Just some girl stuff." I said and shrugged. I got another box and brought it to the kitchen with Harry. "This is a nice place." he said. I nodded. "You know, this will be us one day. Moving in to a house together. Have kids." He said. I leaned in and kissed him. I put my arms around his neck as we kissed. "Ahem." Louis said and we pulled apart. I blushed. "Everything's out if you two want to go." He said. "Yeah okay." Harry said. "Thanks for helping." Louis said. We walked out. "Oh shit. I didn't bring my car." I said. "I'll drive you home." Harry said. I got in his car. "They make a great couple." Harry said. "Yeah, they do." I said and Harry pulled out of the drive way.

He pulled up to my flat and  I got out. He got out to. "Do you mind if I stay for a while?" Harry asked. "Not at all." I said and giggled.  I walked in the kitchen to get something to drink. I hopped up on the counter and drank my water. Harry took it out of my hands and edged his way beyween my legs. I smiled and leaned into kiss him. He slid his tounge into my mouth. He put his hands on my waist and up my back. He brok the kiss and to my shirt off. He threw it on the floor and kissed me again. I ran my fingers through his curls. He grabbed my bum and lifted me off the counter. He pushed  me aginst the wall and I took his shirt off. He kissed my neck and down my chest. I moaned. He carried me to my room and layed me on the bedroom. I took off his pants and his boxers and he took off the rest of my clothes. He pushed into me and I moaned. He kissed on my lips once more. He licked my lips asking for entrance and I let him in. He roughly thrusted into me as I tangled my finger in his curls. He moaned.

He pulled out and pulled me closer to him. "I love you." I said, dripping with sweat. "I love you too." he said and kissed me before pulling the covers over us and we fell asleep.


I woke up with Harry next to me. I smiled to myself and snuggled up next to him. he put his arm around me and woke up. "Goodmorning beautiful." he said. "Goodmorning." I said and kissed him. He stroked my cheek and I blushed. He pulled me on top of him and kissed my nose. He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. "You're so beautiful." He said. "You don't look too bad yourself." i said and giggled. He kissed me with so much passion, it was just amazing. He slid his tounge in my mouth. I bit his bottom lip and he moaned.

We pulled apart and I got up. I found my bra and underwear and put them on. Harry grabbed his boxers. I walked downstairs and Louis was sitting on the couch. "Louis what the hell!" I yelled and hid behind Harry. "I was just watching the telly. You guys need to stop being so loud." He said. "Why aren't you at your flat with your girlfriend?" Harry asked. He started crying. i sat next to him. "It's just, I don't think I can do this. I don't want to be with her. The only reason I moved in with her was because she was pregnant. But I can't do this anymore." He said. "It's okay." I said and rubbed his back. "Just go talk to her. Work things out." I said. "Okay. I will." He said and walked out. I looked at Harry and shrugged. I got up and went in the kitchen. I got out some pancake mix and mixed everything together. Harry came up behind me and put his hands on my waist and his chin on my shoulder. I turned my head and kissed his cheek.

I put the last pancake on the plate. "Here you go." I said and handed Harry the plate, which had fifteen pancakes on it. "You don't want any?" He asked. "Nope. All for you." I said and hopped up on the counter. "Okay." he said and shoved a whole pancake in his mouth. I giggled at him and got some water. i gulped it down and sat on the couch. "You okay?" Harry asked me. "Yeah." I said and turned the telly on. He finished eating his pancakes and sat on the couch next to me. I got up and sat in his lap where I was facing him. I leaned in and kissed him. He slid his tounge in my mouth and I smiled. "You want me?" Harry asked. "Yes. Right now." I said and kissed him again. He snuck his hands around me and took my bra off. He pushed me back on the couch. I put my arms around him as he slid my underwear off. I pulled his boxers off and he pushed insde of me. I moaned in pleasure.

He pulled out and sat up.  I found my clothes and put them on. Harry's phone went off and he picked it up. He looked at the text and frowned. "What's wrong?" I asked. "It's Louis. Christa broke up with him." He said. "Is he okay?" "No. He kicked her out and now he's just a mess. You know when he said he didn't want to be with her?" He asked. I nodded. "Well, he really meant he didn't want to live with her yet. He didn't want to rush things." Harry said. "But where's Chris?" I asked nervously. "He said she should be here soon." He read. Then I heard a knock on the door. "That's her. Put some clothes on!" I said and rushed Harry up to my room. I opened the door and Christa was standing there sobbing. I took her into a big hug. "It's okay Chris." I said and rubbed her back. "No it's not. My baby needs a father." She said and sobbed into my shoulder. "But he wanted to be with you. He just didn't want to live together yet. He didn't want to rush things." I said. "I don't know Pey. He looked really angry when he kicked me out." She said and looked at me. "No. He's a mess." I said. I grabbed her bags and led them up to her room. Harry came walking out in some pants. "Hey Harry." Christa said and walked to her room. "I'll leave you in here to unpack and get your mind sorted out and everything." I said and walked out. I hope they get everything worked out.

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