She's Not Afraid

Peyton is at a party with her best friend Christa. She thinks everything is going to be perfect until she spots a certin curly-haired boy, and plays a game of truth or dare, her life is turned around, but in a good way.


6. Beach Time

Peyton's POV

The wedding was over and Harry and I went to my flat. I sat on my bed while Harry sat next to me. "Wanna go to the beach?" I asked Harry. "Yeah. I'll be right back." He said and waled out. I went to my closet and found my favorite blue bikini. I went to the bathroom and put it on. I went back to my room and found some shorts and a tank top and put them on. I put on my white flip flops and put them on as well. I put my hair in a messy bun and grabbed my sunglasses. I heard a knock at the door and Harry was back. I opened it and Louis was with him. "Do you mind if I bring a friend?" He asked. "As long as I get to bring Christa." I said. "The bathroom is right down the hall if you need to go change." i told them and walked into Christa's room. "Hey Chris, do you want to go to the beach with me and Harry and Louis?" I asked her. "Yeah." She said and hopped up. She got out her pink bikini and I helped her put it on. She put on shorts and a tank top and flip flops and put her hair up. I handed her her sunglasses and we walked out. The boys had on their swim shorts and a t-shirt. "Ready to go?" Harry asked. "Yep." I said and we walked out. I sat in the front with Harry while Christa sat with Louis. They got along really well.

We pulled up to the beach and got out. I took Harry's hand and we found a nice spot to lay the blankets on. I took off my shorts and tank top and Harry started at me. "What?" I asked sitting down next to him. "Nothing. It's look so good in that." He said. I blushed. I took my hair down and looked over at Christa and Louis. They were playing around in the water. "They would make such a cute couple." I said. "Yeah, they would." Harry said and kissed my cheek. "But we would be cuter." he said. He picked me up and started running to the water. "HARRY!" I yelled while laughing. He threw me in the water. "Harry! The water's freezing!" I yelled. "Let me help you out." He said and held his hand out. Instead of grabbing it, I pulled him into the water with me. "Peyton!" He yelled and grabbed me. I was dying with laughter. He turned me around so I was facing him and he kissed me. "Awwwww." Christa said and I blushed. Harry and I played around in the water until it got dark. Harry picked me up and took me to his car while Christa and Louis walked behind us. He placed me in the seat and got in next to me. He kissed my forehead before driving off.

He pulled up to my flat and walked us in. "Bye Harry." I told him and kissed his cheek. "Bye Peyton, I love you." "I love you too." I said and hugged him. They drove off and I went straight to bed. I was exausted.


I woke up around noon the next day. Christa was already up talking on the phone. I got a bowl of cereal. Christa came walking in a while later. "Hey do you want to go to a party tonight?" She asked me. "Sure, do you know if Harry's going to be there?" "Yeah, I called Louis and thier both coming." "You like Louis don't you?" I asked her. She blushed. "Oh my god you like Louis!" I said and jumped up and down, almost spilling my cereal. "Okay, okay so maybe I do, what's the big deal?" "What's the big deal? You like somebody.That's a huge deal!" I said and put my cereal down. "Come on! We need to make you look sexy for Louis." I said and dragged her upstairs. I looked through her closet until I found the perfect outfit. I pulled out a black short tigh fitted skirt and a white ruffly tank top. "Ooooh. I like that." She said. I pulled out her white wedges to go with them. "This is sure to get Louis to like you." I said and walked in my room. I found a pink short dress and put it on. I put on my pink vans and did my hair. I put it down and a few curls in it. I put on a lot of eye liner and some clear lip gloss. I went into Christa's room and she looked amazing. "You look amazing!" I said and hugged her. She blushed. "Harry'll be here in a few." I told her and went to grab my phone.Me and Christa sat on the couch and waited for them. I heard a knock on the door and they were here. We got in the car and were on our way to another party.

We pulled up to the party and got out. Harry put his arm around my waist and Christa did her own thing with Louis. "I'm gonna go get us some drinks love." Harry said and walked off. "Hey there, pretty thing." This creepy pervert said and put his arm around my waist. I took it off. "I'm sorry, I have a boyfriend." I told him. "Really, then where is he?" He asked. "Behind you." Harry said. "I'm sorry man." He said and walked away. Harry handed me a drink and I drank it. Harry took me outside to the deck where Christa and Louis was. We sat next to them. "How about a game of truth or dare?" Someone asked. Everyone clapped. I finished drinking my drink and went to get another one. I got two just for the hell of it. I went back to my seat and it was Harry's turn. "Harry, truth or dare?" Louis asked. "Umm. Dare." Harry said. "Okay, I dare you to go in that closet with Peyton for thirty minutes." He said. Everybody 'ooooo'ed. Harry grabbed my hand and took me in the closet and locked it. "Well, we have thirty minutes in this thing." Harry said. At least it was big and empty. I sat on the ground next to Harry. Harry looked at me. "Oh kiss me you big doof." I said and wrapped my arms around his neck. He leaned in and kissed me. He licked my lips asking for entrance and I let him. Our lips moved in sync. He reached for my dress and I stopped him. "Not here." I said and grinned. I kissed him again and he smiled. Somebody banged on the door and we pulled apart. I stood up and fixed my dress and Harry opened the closet. "Dude, you were in there for like, an hour. What were you doing?" Louis asked. Harry smiled. I blushed and Louis shook his head. I guess he thinks that we did something else. I grabbed a drink from the bar and drank some of it.

The party ended and we all went to my flat. Harry aand Louis were staying. Harry and I went to my room while Christa and Louis went hers. I kicked my shoes off and sat on the bed. Harry came and kissed me gently. He pushed me back on the bed and got on top of me. I took of his shirt and gently kissed his stomach. I pulled my dress of and threw it on the floor. I pulled the rest of his clothes off and he did the same. He slowly pushed inside me and I moaned. He kissed my neck and picked up speed. I moaned and I felt him smiled aginst my lips. I tangled my fingers in his perfect hair and he moaned. He roughly kissed me befor pulling out. He pulled me close to him and we fell asleep.

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