How did it come to this!

What if you know a secret that was big like you when you ran away you had a kid? What if the kid's father was in the biggest boy band and you didn't want to tell him? What would you do?


13. chapter12

 I could see tears in everyone's eye even Perrie had tears in hers  "Is she awake?" Liam asked "Yes." The doctor said  "And you may go see her when will be in there in a minute to tell you about the surargy and then ou guys come make you chose but like I said without it she may die in to next year or at the most two!" He said then walked away.    ---- a week later---- (Calleigh P.O.V) They did the surgery and said that it was good if she wake up she still in the coma and it killing Liam and Nichole want.quit crying till she at lest see Isabella but then crys more became he can't be in her arm he smart for a 2 1/2 month old but the only thing is they said of she doesn't show any improvement today then they and going to take her off life support that's what tearing is all to pices knowing that she may not be with us any more. I have quit crying and that make Louis cry but just knowing that Isabella and I had a argument right after she fall/ posable died, without me say sorry or anything I thought of this made me cry more!  "Babe don't cry it ok love?"  Louis said to me  "I miss her.. C-can we g-go see h-her?" I asked he looked at me then got up and got the keys    The car ride to the hospital was long and quit when we got there we went Isabella's room I got on there was everyone but they had tears in there eyes  "Guys w-what's going on?" I asked afraid of the answer but it wa Liam who had Spoke for the first time since Isabella was in here  "The doctor said that that didn't see any improvement in Isabella so they are  going take her off  life support later today about 2 they said they would wait as long as they can but they don't think that she will make t without it she we need to say good bye to her now and if she somehow does makes it then it was for nothing but if not it just a meatter of time! " he said in tears but then looked at Nichole and smiled not long because he looked up and there was Isabella in the bed not movie. I went up to the seat that Liam had got out of when we walked in and held her hand  "Issy I know you my or may not hear me but I'm sorry for everything for the past and what I am doing I love you you are like a sister to me it is killing me to see you like this!" I said a cryer everyone was looking at me "I'm sorry for all I did to you." I said and tears in my eyes but something made my stop I felt her hand move  "Guys her hand moved!" I said I could tell they didn't belive me  "Calleight it just a nerve." Harry said sadly but then it moved again  "Guys it not a nerve it moved again!" I said Liam look at her with filled eyes  but then got sad when I didn't notice any thing he looked away. Then Nichole started to cry and Zayn got up " ill take her outside for you." Then got up and got her and went to the hallway but we all know that wasn't going to do anything in less she heard isbaella he would just cry herself to sleep.  Just then I hared a voice I didn't know where it was caning from the other must not have hers it by the look on there faces then I heard it again this time I looked at Isabella to see her eyes open  " Isabella!" I shouted everyone looked at me they all went wide eyed she looked around then opened her moth but nothing came out then she saw my phone and got it and went to note and typed  "Why can't I talk!!"  "Um you had surargy." I said  "What!!?!" She typed  "You had cancer and they said that if you did get the surgery then you would die in within the next year." And the. She looked around  "Where is Nichole?!!" She types looked worried  "Zayns got her calm down it ok." I said and Liam got up  "I'll go get the doctor and Zayn!" He said and walked out she then typed  "How long was I out for?" Isabella typed "About a week." I said with tears come down my face.
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