How did it come to this!

What if you know a secret that was big like you when you ran away you had a kid? What if the kid's father was in the biggest boy band and you didn't want to tell him? What would you do?


9. chapter 9

- a week later- ( Isabella's P.O.V)    It been a week since that first day at the hospital and like the doctor said she got out in 4 day after she hasn't been out of my sight and Liam has been staying with me to it was ok with Calleigh because of Nichole tonight me and Liam is going out but this time we are taking Nichole with us. O and the fans the know all about Nichole now some like always didn't believe it but Liam want on twitter and put a picture of Nichole in the hospital and said 'hope my baby girl feels better love you Nichole Marie Payne' and that started a whole new thing but some people believe after that and but other still didn't . Management didn't like what he did but he didn't care he told them he wasn't going to hide he's daughter from the world because of them.  He even sat up a Interview he hasn't told me with who he just sad that this person was well now. O well as long as I don't have to be in it.  - later that day-  "Hey love you ready?" Liam asked me  "Ya just let me go get Nichole ready." I said and he followed me in there when I got in there I saw she was already dressed in I shirt that said  " everyone love you I'm to cute not to!"  " Did you dress her?"I asked  "Yap now let's go we are going to late if we don't."  "Ok." I said and pick up Nichole I didn't wan to put her down it was like put down my life and seeing her in the tube thing at the hospital it broke me I couldn't handle that I have took my eyes off of her since I stayed at the hospital everyday so did Liam. We were in the car and driving now I was in the backseat with Nichole she looked so peaceful not a worrie in the world just needs someone to love her care for her and that what my and Liam is doing your best to do.  We pulled up to the interview place I look and saw it was Ellen. We walked in of curse we had bodyguard with us Liam made sure say he wasn't going to let anyone touch his baby girl or me that had made me laugh . As we walked in I saw Ellen and she came up to us  "Hey  Guys ..who is the little thing there?" She asked  "This little thing is my daughter it way I made this interview to clear up something about it and who Isabella is." He said and looked at her  "Ok well you are on in a few mins someone will be back and tell you when to come on." She said and went on stage I looked at Liam  "You didn't tell me I would have to be in this." I said not wanting to get out there  "Sorry that why I told you to wear somthing nice and don't worrie they will love you... Not as much as me but still they will." And then a man came a told him he need to go  "Love you see in a minute ok?" He said  "Ya and love you to." I said and he walked off a few minute later someone came to get me I stayed on the wing of the stage where no one could see me and Nichole. When I heard my cue I walked out with sleeping Nichole in my hands.  "So this is Nichole and Isabella.. Right?" She asked  "Yap." Liam said smiling  "Now we just hear the story about how you didn't know about her so if you don't mine I would like to hear Isabella's side why she didn't tell Liam about Nichole till a few weeks ago." Everyone looked at me and I look at Ellen  "You see I really didn't know Liam when I found out I was going to have Nichole and I didn't want to mess up his music career and the relationship he had with Danielle so I didn't tell him hack I didn't tell my family with only person that know was my friend Calleigh and then I few day after I told my family is when Liam came and I want planing on tell him them but she started to cry and I started to think I know people without a father never know them and they didn't have the part of life when they could have I didn't want  Nichole to do that so I told Liam I even told him he didn't have to be part of her life if he didn't want to so he could keep going on he's career." I said truthfully I looked at Ellen  "Wow then you had a long month and also you guys were seen going into a hospital can you tell me what happen there?" I looked at Liam  "Um I had took Isabella out to dinner as we left Nichole with Nichole best friend Calleigh and about half way thought it she called and said to came to the hospital Nichole is in there and the doctor don't know what wrong or if she will lived." Liam said trying to get the mood lighten up Ellen said "Well it look like she made it that good news." I was about to cry thinking about what the doctor said  "Ya." Is all I could say before I started to cry Liam looked at me  "What wrong love?" "Nothing just thinking about what the doctor told us about her." I said Liam kissed my head "It ok love she fine now she ok." I looked up at him he looked me in the eye  " I love you." Then I looked down and Nichole and kissed her head  "And I love you to baby's girl." I said and you heard Ellen and the crowed "aww" I looked at Ellen  "We'll that the only time we had for time next time we will have Taylor swift and Justin Bieber see you guys." After that we talked to Ellen I little bit longer then left when I got home I got there to Calleigh crying and kaylee shout along with Harry and Louis and I didn't want  Nichole to cry so I took her to the bed room and looked at them everyone was still arguing and Liam was trying to find out what was wrong but they wouldn't listen so I stepped in  "HEY LISTEN!" I said cussing everyone to look at me  "Now someone tell me why is going on now." They all started tell me a story. "Stop. Calleigh what happen the truth."  She sigh " I was in my room and Louis was coming over so I was waiting the door rang and when I went to get it ,it was Harry he told me he like me an if I felt the same why and then he tries to kiss me before I any answer and when he did Louis walked in and I wasn't even kissing back and now Louis thinks I was cheating!"  I look at Harry  "Is that true?" Harry looked down "Yes."  I look to see Louis mad  "Why?"  "Because I am lonely."  "Harry did you know that Louis and Calleigh was dating?" "No."  "Ok well then what do you say?" "Sorry for trying to kiss you and sorry for trying to kiss your girlfriend."  I looked at him  "Thanks you Harry." Then I tribes to kaylee  "And you what are doing here and why where are aruging I don't see we're you would come to this at?"  "You see I kind of like Harry." She said  "And I saw them kiss to and couldn't stand it I'm sorry." There we go all fixed up the Liam said what I think him and Harry both were think  "Wait I thought Louis was dating Eleanor?" He said  "He is or was but Eleanor did want I be with him and he didn't want to be with her they were going to tell the public tomorrow." Said Calleigh. "O." Harry and Liam said  "Well today's been a long day so I am going to bed." I said the went to bed thinking what all happen today and what happened in the last month.
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