How did it come to this!

What if you know a secret that was big like you when you ran away you had a kid? What if the kid's father was in the biggest boy band and you didn't want to tell him? What would you do?


8. chapter 8

Later that night (Liam's P.O.V)  I went and got flower and then went to pick up Isabella we I got there I put the flowers behind my back and rang the doorbell and then waited when she came to the door she was wearing a red dress that went down a little past her knees.  "You look beautiful."I said  "You don't look to bad your self." She said still blushing  " Here I got these for you." I said and headed her the flowers  "Thanks come in and I go put these in water and we can leave.. O and calleight is watching Nichole tonight mom and the family are going to look around this is there first time here an the are amazed by it" she said and chuckled  "That fine I do that sometimes when we go to other country's." I said  I started to hear clicking great pop's are going to with us ya she came back and we was on our  -later that night-  We were about done with the dinner when Isabella  got a call from Calleigh "Hey.... What... Where is she!.. No we are on are why!" She got up  "Come on Calleigh said that she had to take Nichole to the hospital she went to get her up here her nap and she wouldn't she saw if she had a pulse and she did and took her to the hospital they took her back immediately!"  So me and her paid and left the drive there was the longest ride ever. When we got there we told the nurse the name and she told us that we couldn't she her right now that made Isabella freak out on the nurse and after that she let us go back there when we did Isabella broke she fall to the ground crying I'm not going to lie it was hard for me I couldn't handle it if one more thing came up I would be able to handle it.  I stood there looking at my baby the I.V was bigger then her so I told Isabella that I was going outside for a minute then went to the waiting room and saw everyone was here even my family I looked at mom "How did you know I was here?" I asked. She had tears in her eye that almost made me cry.  "The pop's that how not by you!" She said  "Mom I sorry I didn't tell you."  "Which the you had a kid or that it was in the hospital?" She said  "Both I was going to tell you either tonight or tomorrow but the Nichole got put in here and- " and I broke. Everyone came over and hugged me this is horrible then then Isabella came out and was crying more then what she was everyone turned to her and she ran to me  "It ok love."  She looked at me  "They said they don't know what wrong with her they did all the test the could and the said the don't know of she will wake up!" At this point me and her wasn't the only one crying almost everyone in the room was crying Isabella looked at me  "She looks like a baby doll in there ,the I.V  is bigger then she is." She said still crying in my chest  "I know love I know... Look everything is going to work out you have to trust me ok?" I said hope to cheer her up even a little  " Liam if anything happens to her I don't know what I would do she is my life I don't care if she only been in the world for a month and a half but she is my world now." She said  "Me to.. Me to." I said just then the doctor come out  "Is the Mother and father out here for Nichole Marie Payne."  Me and Isabella walked to him  "Well I have good new and bad new.. The good new is that Nichole is awake but the bad new is that we don't know what caused this and we are afraid that if this happens again she my never wake up so we are going to keep her here for a few day and see what happen if all goes well you can take her home in about 3 maybe 4 days." He said  " may we see her?" I asked  "Yes but you can't hold her thought maybe tomorrow you can but we have 1 or 2 more test and we don't want anyone to hold her till we get them back."  I nodded we went in the small room and I saw Nichole she was so small and that I.V was so big.  I looked down and the doctor was right she was awake and then she looked at Isabella I looked over to Isabella who had her hand on the thing Nichole was in.  Nichole started to cry and Isabella did to and I know why. She could pick up her baby that she carried that she been rasing I mean this made tears come to my eye to this case my to walk out to my car and cry. 
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