How did it come to this!

What if you know a secret that was big like you when you ran away you had a kid? What if the kid's father was in the biggest boy band and you didn't want to tell him? What would you do?


7. chapter 7

(Liam's P. O.V )  When I looked into her eye I couldn't help but feel like it was the first time why does her kisses feel better then any kiss I have ever had why is it that every time we touch or kiss it like the first time! How did I get a beautiful daughter out of this? I don't know how life could get any better! Then I thought of something and went to check twitter when I got on there I saw a lot of people had hated Isabella for splitting me and Danielle up but truthfully I was going to brake it off anyway I just wasn't feeling it with her anymore with her , she didn't get stuck in my head like Isabella does, her kiss arnt as soft and gentle like Isabella's , she care how she look ever second of the day unlike Isabella. Everything was just better with Isabella and that is who I am falling for fast maybe to fast at that. When I got up the next morning I text Isabella    To: Isabella  Hey how about I take you out to a movie and dinner tonight like on a date!    To: Liam  Sounds great but who will watch Nichole?   To: Isabella  Can you ask you mom I haven't really told my family yet and they don't believe anything they hear because you now a lot of fake but can you please ??   To : Liam  Sure ;) see you tonight what time?    To: Isabella  Thanks. Um is 7 fine with you ?    To: Liam  Ya it fine see you tonight!!   To: Isabella  Ok see you tonight <3    Yes she said yes! I love her so much I know I have only known her for about 2 maybe 3 weeks but I can't help it I love her! I'm glad she the mother of my kid,I don't know a better person to be a mother of my kid! I was pulled out of thought when someone came into my room. I looked up to see Harry o boy  "Yes?" I asked  "Why?" I looked at him confused what is he talking about  "Why.. Why did you take her from me why couldn't you stay with Danielle and let me have her why?" He said almost shouting  " look I don't really understand what you are talking about I didn't know you known her till the other day you didn't even talk about her you like her so much you didn't even talk about her?" I said shout and the end  "What about you, you didn't even take about her either!" Her shouted  "What was I going to say huumm ? That I didn't 'it' with her Ian's she left because of her friend ya that a good one!" I shouted standing up and looking Harry in the face about this time the rest of the boy ran into the room  "We heard shouting!" Louis said  "Ya this guy here says that it my fault  he does have a girlfriend when he never takes about her!" I said  "Who are talking about again?" Niall asked  " Isabella!" we said together I heard one' ooo ' but don't know who it came from  "O so I just a guy now Liam?" Harry asked  "Ya till you wake up and I didn't take her from you you should heave talk about her so we known who she was so stuff like thing don't happen but it to late Harry !"  " we'll you didn't talk about her either she don't start that!"  "Like I said a few seconds ago what was I going to say!"  " you know what Liam doesn't even look at me anymore we are nor will we ever be friends again!" He said walking out and then right before walking out he stopped and looked at me  "O and if I was you I watch her because I will get her back." He said but he doesn't know that I had he and he never getting her back there will always have a connection they will never have. So I just laughed to myself I looked up and Niall was still in my room looking at me  "I've never seen you get that mad over a girl even with Danielle you must really love her I can also see it in your eyes when she around how did you even met her?"    *flashback* I was walking to my car from see Danielle and all of a sudden I was looking down know that I was going to brake up with her sooner when all of sudden I ran it to some one I look over and saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Liam stop that you have Danielle I was telling myself  "Sorry .... I was trying to get away from these boys at a party."  I got up and gave her my hand to get up  "Thanks." She said her voice was so pretty I could listen to it forever. I didn't know what to say so I said  "Now where is a pretty woman like you  doing out here in the cold?" Wow did I just ask that while I must look stupid now .  "My friend made me go to this party and there was these guys and they wanted to-." I cut her off by put my lips to her I couldn't help it she was just to beautiful what shock me was she kissed back . I pulled back and asked  " Where are staying tonight?" I asked her "I don't know I don't know how to get home." She said truthfully I looked at her then said  "Well come  home with me and you can call your friend it only 10 pm and the party's I know last till 2 or 3 in the morning so can on my car is over there."   "Um what your name?" She asked I looked at her didn't she know who I was I mean everyone does  "Um Liam and your is ?"  "Isabella."  -later after the car ride- "Um you want to watch T.V?" I asked her  "Um sure." She said  I got up to go get the remote and sudden fall I ended up looking in her eye and leaning in and that night is when Nichole was made  * end of flashback*    "Wow!" I heard to voices one Niall's and the other.. I looked to see Louis "How long have you been there?"  " since Niall asked how you met Isabella." He sad with a smile  "Oo" I said "So how did you ran in to her this time?" Niall asked  "Her renter was my sister's boyfriends brother ." I said with a smile. Then I got up  "Well I have get ready and find out where to take Isabella for dinner." I said and the looked at me  "Um you guys come help or get out I am not trying to be mean but I have 2 hours and I have to find a good place to eat get ready and go get Isabella and drop  Nichole off at Isabella  ? Moms." I said and started getting ready. I started thinking what is tonight going to hold?
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