How did it come to this!

What if you know a secret that was big like you when you ran away you had a kid? What if the kid's father was in the biggest boy band and you didn't want to tell him? What would you do?


6. chapter 6

*The next day* I woke up thinking about last night and that the family is coming over today I told them what happen and they said that the want me to move back home but I said no though . I got up and walked to Nicole crib and look in and she was smiling at me I got up and change her and put her back in her crib and the went to get ready  but then realize I have nothing so I went to Calleigh she was awoke and talking to someone  "Calleigh I have nothing to wear!"  " hang on-" she said to the person on the phone and laid it down and came on to me  " you can wear some of mine we wear the same size." She said with a smile "THANK YOU!" I yell and hugged her she just laughed and the say  "You welcome."  As I got ready I took Nicole and went to the living room and waiting on my family to show. We ended up watching a movie and 3/4 the way thought it the door bell rang I went to answer it  "Mom , dad , kaylee, nick!" I said hugging my family Nicole was in the living room in the crib which I must have scared her case I heard her cry I  got out here the hug I was giving nick and ran to her crib and picked her up and got her to quit crying I turned around and they was all storing at me  "So it true" kaylee said  "Ya." I said  "Is it with who everyone is saying it by?" Mom and dad look confused "Ya." I said  "Does he know?"  "Ya but you guys know first." I said and she looked shocked while nick understood but mom and dad didn't  "Mom, dad the father is famous... He is a singer he is in a boy band." I said  But kaylee had to speck up  "Not just any boy band the biggest and well know boy band in the world!" She said mom and dad looked at me and kaylee  "Well I never heard about them."  Mom said. Making worse sis was like  "Ya you have I have there posters all over my room the one I listen to here ill let you listen to them!"she said while taking out her phone and turning on little things I sighed and looked at Nicole was it really that big of a deal who the father was. Half way thought the song the bell rang  " I got it." I yelled put Nicole in her crib in the living room and went to answer the door I opened it and there stood Liam I hugged him and said  " Hey we was just talking about you what up?"  "You were, were you and just came to check up on you a Nicole and to see her." He said  "Well come on in I think I know some people that might wont to meet you." I said walking him into the living room were everyone was  " guys this is Liam Nicole's dad." I said and I looked at kaylee trying to get her not to fangirl but it was to late  "I MY GODSH YO-OUR LIAM PYANE O MY GO-." I heard Nicole cry because of kaylee shouting  " kaylee shut up you are scaring Nicole and he just a person!" I yell and Liam looked at me  " I got her." He said and went to pick her and a singing to her "Omg Liam Payne is sing in front of me!" Kaylee shouted again I sighed and looked at her  " kaylee follow me... NOW"I said  and walked to my room  " look you need to calm down he is Nicole's dad ok... You are scaring my daughter and I have to I will make you or him and Nicole leave because that what he is here for ok now do you understand?" I said mad that she sacred my daughter and posable Liam . She looked at me and sigh "Ya I guess." She said and we walked back to see Liam didn't have  Nicole anymore my mom did. Well she always love baby's but dad and nick on the other hand was sending Liam death glares  "Liam" I said  "Can you came here for a second?" I said he nodded and followed me when we got to my room I looked at him " I'm sorry." I said  "For what?" I asked "My sister and dad well just my family!" I said and laughed  "It ok it was worse a when I met Danielle's they are probably happy that I not with her now to be truthful" I didn't know what to say to that so I just nooded then looked at him his brown eye and got lost in them just like the first time  * flashback*  "Calleight I don't want to go to the party!" I said to my best friend  "Come on it can't be that bad."  "Whatever just make sure mom and dad don't find out."  "They won't shut up I mean what the worse that could happen now come on." She said I drug me out of my house drove to her cousin's house when we got there it was fine till the drank boys want to get with me when I finally got them to go get a drink and while they were I ran out the door and into someone I looked to see who it was he looked familiar but I wasn't sure  "Sorry .... I was trying to get away from these boys at a party." I said and he got up and gave me his hand to get put. "Thanks." I said  "Now where is a pretty woman like you  doing out here in the cold?" He asked "My friend made me go to this party and there was these guys and they wanted to-." But then he did something I wasn't exactly thinking of he kissed me and I kiss back he pull away and he looked at me  " Where are staying tonight?" He asked me but I didn't know how to get home "I don't know I don't know how to get home." I said truthfully he looked at me  "Well come  home with me and you can call your friend it only 10 pm and the party's I know last till 2 or 3 in the morning so can on my car is over there." He said should I go I mean I don't really know him. When we got in car we drove for 10 minute and got out  "Um what your name?" I asked he look at me like I was crazy then realized that I really didn't know who he who  "Um Liam and what yours?"  "Isabella but you like so familiar!"  "Um I'm in a band we where on X factor came in 3 place ." " no I don't watch X factor."  " huumm I don't know then."  " should I call my friend?" I ask I don't know why "If you what the phone is over there." He said and pointed at it. I picked it up and called her but she didn't answer I sighed  "She didn't answer." I said to him  "That ok you can try again in a minute do you want to watch T.V?" He asked "Um sure." I said  He walk to get the romate but tripped over my legs I looked down at him I was about to help him up but I looked in his eye and he did mine before I know it me and him was leaning in for a kiss and that got to far that night and didn't realize it till me phone started to ring and it was calleight asking where I was that night when calleight came to get me I realized it was the safe kind of 'it' and started to cry  *end of flashback* I looked in his eye and lean in and so did he and we kiss the first time in almost a year he looked down at me "Isabella I know that I don't really know you as we'll if a could but will you please be my girlfriend?" I looked at him and kiss him  "I'll take that as a yes?"  "Yes , yes Liam I will be your girlfriend!"
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