How did it come to this!

What if you know a secret that was big like you when you ran away you had a kid? What if the kid's father was in the biggest boy band and you didn't want to tell him? What would you do?


5. chapter 5

I saw...

Someone had got into my house tore all the pictures up all the grab in the it was a mess the walls had spry paint on then that say leave him alone and another one that said watch your back I was scared now! I pull out my phone and put in Liam's number he answer after the 2nd ring 
"Liam!" I said panicking 
"What wrong?" He said noticing I was panicking 
"Um can- can you come to my flat I don't feel safe any more!"
" Why what happen?" 
"Just came over and you will see." 
I stood outside for about 10 minute and Liam pulled up with the other boys but Harry wasn't in there funny 
When Liam got out he walked over to me 
"What happen!" He said 
"Go look inside you will find out." With that all have them went inside and come out about 2 minute later 
"Wow" Zayn said looking at me 
"Ya and my family is coming in tomorrow so i don't know what to do now!" I said about to cry and Liam walked over to me 
"It ok love... We are here for you." Liam said tring to make me feel better 
"But my I don't know where to go or what to do my family is coming over tomorrow!" I said now crying 
" love listen will help you just call your family tell them they can still come but they need to came somewhere else and why." Zayn said 
"But where do I tell them to go I have no where!" They all looked at me then Liam spook up 
"What about your friend Calleigh?" 
"I'll call and ask." I said pull my phone out. After a few ring she finally answer 
"Hello?" She said
" Hey Calleigh where are you?"
" I was actually on my way to your house why?" 
" Um I kind of need a place to stay now.." I said 
" What why?!" 
"You will find out just hurry!" And with that we hung up and I started crying more I heard some clicking great that on the new now ya! I said in my head why does this have to happen to me I put my head in Liam's chest and crude more I now that, that would be a Picture on say 'is Liam cheating and Danielle? ' but right at this moment I didn't care I pick my head up and looked at the boys
" can you watch Nicole I need to see if any of our cloths lived thought that." 
"Ya." They all said at the same time. 
As I walked in to the house I went to the bed room and then look at it, it was worse then the living room if that even possible I fall on my bed and started to cry when I saw it and heard foot steps and looked up to see Calleigh
" Isabella what happen." She said 
"I don't know I left I know I locked the door and came back to this worse part mom and dad and brother and sister is coming tomorrow!" I said crying hard then before 
" It's  ok you can come and live with me for a while ..ok." 
"Ok. Thanks."
I said still crying but I got up and look at the cloth she didn't get any of he baby's but all of mine. What in the world is wrong with the girl!!
Then I heard Niall come in 
" You ok lad ?" 
" I don't know." I said truthfully 
"Well we called the cops so that they can look at this and try to see how did this." 
" thanks." I said so low I didn't think he could hear me .
" lt going to be ok."he said and then a cop walked in the room 
"Are you ok mama?" 
"I guess but I don't what I am going to do now thought." 
" I'm sorry but we will try and get the person who did this." 
"Thanks." I said and got the baby's cloths and then went to the kitchen to see if I had bottles and stuff like that everything of the baby's was fine.. What the .. Why just my stuff I didn't right know.right then the cop came to me 
" mama have you noticed anything unusslly in the past couple weeks?" 
" un about 2 weeks ago a person told me to watch my back but it want her it was her sister I had to watch out for."
" ok thank you." 
" um I have notice that all my baby's stuff is fine but everything else is mess up and broken to."
" thanks mama you help make this a lot easier thanks." The officer said then took pictures of the place the wrote some note the left saying he would watch the place. 
As I walked outside I saw Danielle ... Great. Then I heard scamming an not a baby's scram either. Great I walked all the way out to see Liam and Danielle arguing:( even better I thought and groned which they must have heard because they looked my way  but Danielle didn't care thought she kept scaring 
"Is it yours?" She said angerly but Liam look just as angry and sad 
"Yes" he yelled 
" You know what Liam have a happy life we are over I know I shouldn't have trust you!" Danielle said and before she walked away she came up to me 
"I hope you are happy with yourself !"
She said crying now and walked to her car and drove off I looked at Liam 
" I -I'm so sorry." I said and came to hug me because I was now crying 
" it ok it my blame as much as your if not more." I just sat there head in his chest crying  
 "Shh love is it." He said and kissed my head I got up and went to Nicole she was wide a wake I picked her up and she giggle which made me smile she is the only thing that can make me smile no matter the problem 
" I love you" I wispper to her and went to calleight
 "Can we leave now I can't stand being from much longer I will crack and you know what I do when I crack so please?" She looked at my with wide eye and shook her head I went over to Liam and hug him the best I could with Nicole in my arms and hug back and kiss my head then kiss Nicole's and I waved good bye got in calleight car and left. 

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