How did it come to this!

What if you know a secret that was big like you when you ran away you had a kid? What if the kid's father was in the biggest boy band and you didn't want to tell him? What would you do?


4. chapter 4

2weeks later*  It been to weeks since we got that DNA test they should be coming anytime now even thought I know what they are going to say that best part the pops got a pic of us going in there with Nicole so they kind of know I feel bad about it why did I tell him we wouldn't be in this mess if it wasn't for me. I was cut off by the phone ringing I looked at it, it was Liam  " hello." I said  "Hey just wanted to call and tell you that the tests are in if you want to come to hear them there today at 1 pm and management is going to be there just to let you know." He said  "Ok thanks I will get ready and meet you there." I said a little happy even thought I know what the test or going to say but o well. So I got up and went to Nicole bedroom and got her ready then went to my room and got ready and looked at the clock 12:30 I sighed and then went to Nicole room I looked down at my baby girl and started thinking we came thought so much in this short period of time and then i thought that family is coming down tomorrow that have have to clean the flat today . I really hate cleaning this flat today it's small but it a killer we you have to clean it itch a baby that crystal ever 2 hours and you have to check on her I sigh and got up and got Nicole and went to my car I had a feeling that so me one was watching me but shook It off probably just the pop's has I put Nicole in her car seat , I got in the car and turned the radio on " hello and your listening to 94.2 this is there latest celebrate new... Sores say that they saw one direction's Liam Payne going and coming at of the DNA office with a little baby hhmm is it like Justin bieber all over again or is it real this time when I know more so will you!" I sighed that all people been doing comparing me and Liam to Justin bieber and the Mariah girl only I told Liam and I didn't care if he want to help or not but he chose to. I pulled in to the place and look at the time it was 12:55 I looked around and saw Liam was walking toward my car so I got out  "Hey." He said  "Hey." I said going to get Nicole out of the car but Liam had bet me to it. "You ready for this?"  "Ya I mean I already know what they are going to say I just want to see the faces on management and then they will probably want to talk to me and or you if I am guessing right."  He looked at me like he know to but didn't want to say it. "Ya." He said and then the management came walking up behind us  "You guys ready?" One of them asked and I looked at Liam  "Ya." We said at the same time and walked in the building.   We walked in just like before it was only us I didn't mind it thought I looked at Nicole she was asleep on you car seat thing. I looked up to see Liam looking at her to but then he turned he's attion to the women with the results we all looked at her  " you guys ready?" She said and I shock my head and she opened it  " Liam Payne is the father of Nicole Marie Payne." She said and I looked at the mane garment they face all had a sigh of shock on it this made me smile but as I thought they looked at me and then at Liam then said  "Sorry we had to do this." One said  "But now we have to meet somewhere and talk about it if its ok with you." He said to me know Liam had no chose but to go where they said  " Um sure where and what time it matter to me as long as I can get to my flat by 5 my family is coming in tomorrow."  "That's fine how about you come to where Liam is staying I'm sure the boy will want to know what going on we really haven't tell them must but the radio kind of took care of that for us."  "Sure but where are you staying?" I asked not really knowing  "Um you can follow us if you want." One said but I kind of felt sorry for Liam having to be on the car with them "Um sure but I'm can Liam can with me in case Nicole wake up so I don't have to pull over she usually wakes up around now?" I asked  " Um sure if it ok with Liam I guess." Liam shook he head and grabbed  Nicole and walked to the car and I got in a started it then he sled in the back seat with her and put he's seat belt on.  "Thanks." Liam said when I started following the SUV in front of me  " you welcome I didn't think you want to be in the car with them and I want lying about her waking up about time she is usually fussy around this time and I usually have to sing to her." I said and looked back and there she was opening her eyes not long after the I heard her cry  "O it ok baby girl day's hear." Liam said but she was still crying so I turned on the radio hopeing that there was a soothing song on when the song come on I know what it was it was bubbly so I started sing along with it  I've been awake for a while now You've got me feelin' like a child now 'Cause every time I see your bubbly face I get the tinglees in a silly place   It starts in my toes And I crinkle my nose Wherever it goes I always know That you make me smile Please stay for a while now Just take your time Wherever you go   The rain is fallin' on my window pane But we are hidin' in a safer place Under the covers stayin' safe and warm You give me feelings that I adore   ( Liam stated to sing with me here )   They start in my toes Make me crinkle my nose Wherever it goes I always know That you make me smile Please stay for a while now Just take your time Wherever you go   What am I gonna say When you make me feel this way? I just, mmm   It starts in my toes Makes me crinkle my nose Wherever it goes I always know That you make me smile Please stay for a while now Just take your time Wherever you go   I’ve been asleep for a while now You tucked me in just like a child now 'Cause every time you hold me in your arms I'm comfortable enough to feel your warmth   It starts in my soul And I lose all control When you kiss my nose The feelin' shows 'Cause you make me smile Baby just take your time now Holdin' me tight   Wherever, wherever, where ever you go Wherever, wherever, where ever you go     When got done song I looked back to see Nicole smiling and so was Liam this made me smile I saw we were turning into the flat they were staying at I looked a Liam and got nevers I got out while he got Nicole out them management can and told me that the other boy were inside waiting I got kind of scared met them. When we went in I show 4 boys two of which was siting on the grownd till the heard the door shut them looked behind them to see all of us looking at them but one boy looked familiar I sat there and looked at him then I finally figured out how it was  " Harry!" I said . He look at me  " Isabella!" He said and ran to me and hugged me  "Harry I -I can't breath" I said  "O sorry ..wait you came in with Liam and Liam got a baby are you the girl that they keep talking about on the radio?!" He asked  "Yes." I said almost to low  "How I thought I thought you were going to wait?" He said almost heart broken  " Harry I'm not the only one how broke that promise you told me you were coming back in a couple months that never happen and then I went on the Internet and went to you Facebook saw you and change your states to single and had pic with you and other girls kissing I thought it was fine you didn't even trying to contact me and see if I was alive or even alright but I can see you just fine." I said and walked passed him to the living room with all the other boys everyone was looking at Harry and I but as if on cue Nicole started to cry and I went to Liam and got her out have that car seat and started rock her back and froth then told Liam to hold her why I go get her dapper bag out of the car when I got back Liam was still standing there with Nicole but he was sing and she had quit crying and everyone else had went to the living room of there flat.  " see your allready a great dad." I said then handed him the bottle and be started to fed it to Nicole we walked to the living room where everyone was but Harry wasn't in the funny I thought. After everyone told me there names we started to get to talk about what we was going to do and what was the right thing to do for Nicole. After a while Harry finally come back down and then came to me and told me to came with him I gave him a questionable look then followed  "Yes?" I said sounding more like a question  "Is Liam really the father?" Harry asked  "Harry he is the only one I did 'it' with so yes Harry" I said know he was going to try something or make me feel guilty or somthing to that metter  " look I really sorry Isabella I wish I could take it all back I really do." Harry said " I don't thought Harry because now I know who you really are unlike you Liam looked for me when he wants to see me again and that tells me what kind of man you are and also I love my daughter she my life if I didn't have her in really don't know where I would be!" I said about to walk away but he pulled me back  " look I know I made some bad chose and I said I would change them if I could so please forgive me?" He ask  "Harry I always forgive so yes you are forgiving but that dosnt mean you can change it or will Change your way but I know I can never trust you again thought! And I that day you left I thought I loved you but not now Harry nor will I ever love you again!" I said now crying and going back to the living room I look and Liam  " I got to go I have to clean my flat." I said and wiped the tears away from my face as I walked to the door with Liam follow with Nicole I got in my car with Nicole " bye Liam ill see you later." I said putting the car in drive the pull out and going home when I got there I saw the door open that weird I know I closed and locked it before I left as I walked in with Nicole I was scared by what I saw...
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