How did it come to this!

What if you know a secret that was big like you when you ran away you had a kid? What if the kid's father was in the biggest boy band and you didn't want to tell him? What would you do?


3. chapter 3

The next moring when I woke up it was 1pm and I went to bed at 8pm. HOW DID I SLEEP THAT LONG!! Then something else crossed my mind where is Nicole!!!!!!!! I got out of bed and ran to her nursery when I got there I did see her in her crib so now I was really scared where is my baby? I ran in to the living room and there sat Liam with Nicole. I sighed in relief which Liam must have heard making him turn around  " Sorry if I scard you I thought ou might want some more sleep calleight told me where you key to the house was is that ok?"  I was shocked be relieve by this  " um I guess I mean you are the father I just wish you would have told me before thought .... And what time did you get here she usually wake up at 6 am?" I ask  "Um like 5:30am I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep and thought you might have wanted to get more sleep because I heard how baby's came be and looking at you eye yesterday the were blood shoot so I thought you could use it." He said with a smile I trying to hide his neves but I could see past them  " thanks as you could tell I really did need it I feel a sleep last night at 8 so ya."  After that we sat there for what seemed like forever then he spoke up  " I told mangment about Nicole and they said they would have to get a DNA test done.. But the thing is that we are only here for a month and you heard about what happen to Justin bieber so they are going and try since I am the one that told them and not you come up to them so they wanted me to see if tomorrow you could do it at 2 pm?"  I started going thought what I have to do tomorrow "Um I guess where at thought?" I said not really sure. " Umm I not sure but I have to do it tomorrow to I can take you when I go but there will be no one there tomorrow because you know we don't want the press to know."  He said it made me kind of sad to  "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about her I just I didn't want you to give up your career I'm sorry."  He looked at me  " It's ok I went home and tought about last night and I would probably do what you did." He said trying to cheer me up  " thanks but know we have to go thought all this and I just don't know what I am doing any more." I said and look at him I looked at Nicole and she was starting to wake up but I didn't want to take her away from him, he just find out about her last night  " look Isabella I know that Nicole is mine when you look at her if you don't see me your blind that was the first thing I saw when I saw her that how I know you were telling to truth but I can't tell management that they have to have there way and one day I will stand up to them just not today."  " it's ok I mean I know what they mean I would want you to do it to if I was management they don't know me and that Justin bieber story kind of tops it off so I mean I know we're they are coming from." I said just them my phone rang I look at the number but didn't know who it was "Hello?" I said "Isabella?" The voice said I didn't known who it was  "Who is this?" "I can't tell you but you need to watch out I know you are with Liam but I not the one you need to worry about it my sister her name it Sandy just please watch out" then the person hang up making me stand there on shock and confused  "Who was that?" Liam asked  "I don't know they said I better watch my back they know I am with you and it they sister I need to watch out for." I said a little scared  "Don't worry about it it nothing ok I just a fan play with you emotions just forget it."  "Ok." I said still scared but more scared for Nicole. Then Liam's phone rings but he didn't answer  "Why didn't you answer your phone?" I said  "It was probably one of the boys I haven't told them about Nicole or that I was coming over today so they are probably wanting to know where I am ... But if they really want to know where I am they call again them I answer." He said  "O" I said we sat like this for a few minutes then he spoke up again  "When management gets all the information they want I won't to show  Nicole to the boys if that ok with you  if you want you came can to."  "Um that's ok.. What ever you want she yours now to I am just going to have to get use to it now like I did when I had her." I sad a little sad that I would have to go with out seeing her for a while.  "Ok thanks I guess what was it like for you?" He asked  " what do you mean what was it like?" I said a little confused  " I mean Doing it alone raising Nicole?"  I laughed at that  " first I didn't do it alone I had my best friend Calleigh and second you make it sound as if it was years it was just a month and the time she was in me of course." I said with a smile thinking about it.   "How did your family take?"  "Um I didn't tell them till them till Tuesday." I said truthfully  "How didn't they know?" He asked  " you see-" *flashback * No one washome that night and I was in my room with my phone in my hand "Calleigh what if it is positive?" I said scared to death "We will know in another minute." She said I sat there and waited and then went up with the phone to the bathroom and looked I fall the my knees and stated to cry   "It positive Calleigh it positive .. What are we going to do?" We takes and finally desided that we were going to move and that just what we did we left everything but cloths and money and a note for out family's and left.   * end of flashback*   After I got done tell him if he looked at me "I'm sorry I did this to you Isabella I really am if it wasn't for me you would still be with your family I'm so sorry!" Liam said sad  " Liam it ok it mine falt just as must as your I just didn't want Everone there asking who's the dad and I did t want to tell my family that I was for the first to night here I did nothing but cry but now I wouldn't change it thought because now I have the best thing ever and wouldn't want that to change for anything!"  He looked at me then at his phone to see the time then relived something  "Sorry I have to go i am late for reharsal for the concert her at the end of the month and they are going to kill me!" He said handing me Nicole " It's ok I understand so tomorrow at 2 right?" " Ya see you then."  "Ya see ya" I said as he walked to the door and left I looked down at Nicole and thought 'did he tell Danielle?' ' who was that who called and did he mean what he said that he belived that Nicole was his?' 
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