How did it come to this!

What if you know a secret that was big like you when you ran away you had a kid? What if the kid's father was in the biggest boy band and you didn't want to tell him? What would you do?


2. chapter 2

  When I woke up this time is was by the door bell, so I got up and got it  when I walked in the living room I saw Calleigh alseep so  I know it wasnt her but then who was it if it wasnt her? as I need my way to the door I saw that it was ..... LAIM!! what is he doing here I thought so I got a book and throw it at Calleigh to try and wake her up I didn't get to see if it did because the doorbell rang again '' I'm coming'' I said by that time i was at the door and had it open ''Hi'' he said ''Hi'' i said '' what are you doing here?'' I ask trying not to be rude '' Um i wanted to come see you?'' ''Yes but how did you know where I lived I didn't live here when we met?'' ''I have my ways.'' he said with a smile. i sighed and as if on cue eve started to cry. DARN!! I could see worry in Laim's eyes as he tryed to add up the months in he head  '' Who's baby is that?'' he asked. i looked back yes Calleigh was up '' Um my friends Calleigh's'' i said hope he belived me and i really hope he doesnt ask to see her because that would give it away she looks everything like him! even stanger come up to me and say ' you know if i didnt know any better I woud say that was Liam Payne's daughter'' and i just luagh at them and say ' thanks' and go on. " O can I come in?"  Really! you ask now?!? I looked back to see calleigh with Nicole. "Thanks you" I mouth to her "um ya." I said stepping aside.  " So how have you been?" He asked me  "Good you?" I looked at him  "Busy you know since the whole one direction thing it hard at times but I wouldn't give it up for the world and I don't think the boys would either." When he said that I know I couldn't tell him if he loves it that much I just couldn't . I looked at him  "Sounds fun so when do I get to met the others?" I sad trying to change the subject but right as he sad that I heard Nicole scams from the room  " I'll be right back." I sad on got up to go check on her when I got to her room I saw calleigh trying to make her be quit  " here." I said " let me have her." As I got her to be quit I heard I voice say  "I didn't know that you were good with kids you never told me that." It was Liam I sighed really! Liam MIT have noticed but he said " are you ok?" I looked at Nicole then at Liam and I don't wont her not to have a father sighing again I looked at him  " look Liam I'm not been truthful." I looked at him he look confused " Nicole is my baby.. And she is 1 month old her full name is Nicole Marie Payne." I said and looked at him he looked Surprise. I started get scared he walked over and looked at her then looked at me then open he's mouth but closed it back ,I looked at him afraid of what he was going to say  "I-I don't know what to say." Liam said I looked at him  " do you want to held her?" He looked at me and then at her  "Sure." He said. I gently placed her in his arms trying not to wake her thankfully she didn't . He looked down at Nicole an went to sit down he sat down and looked at her for a minute then looked at me  "I - I'm sorry." He said he said  "Why are you sorry you didn't know about her I'm the one that should be sorry." He looked at me  " Why didn't you tell me about her?"  " I didn't won't to mess up you relationship and your career.. I -I couldn't do that I just couldn't." I said about to cry and the Liam notice and said "Don't cry.. Look I want to be part of her life I wish you could have told me sooner but I do have bad news thought." That almost made me cry more I didn't want to hear bad news !  " you know that management will want you to get a DNA test right?"  "I kind of thought as much." I said he just didn't get it does he I wasn't planing on tell him right now but I had to it wouldn't be right if I didn't. I sigh I had quit crying now  " I'm doing to go make her a bottle it about time that she cry for it." I said as I got up and went a made it as I was walking back I heard her cry   " do you want to fed her or do you want me to fed her?" He looked at her and then I headed him the bottle and he looked at me  " What if I hurt her?" He said  " Liam your not going to hurt her" I said trying to confront him  "O-ok." He said then gave her the bottle a fed her she stop crying and started drinking it and Liam look at me then back at her " I love you.. Your going to be a dads little girl." He said and made me smile. Right then he's phone rang " I am on my way ... Ya I know .. And I have something to tell you guys something... No!.. Ok.. Well ok ... Ok see ya." He handed me Nicole back and kissed her then looked at me and said bey and left when he left I keep thinking who was that on the phone? Was is the boys?was it Danielle? Does he really believe that this is he child? I really hope he does . I found myself think this and ended up falling asleep. 
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