How did it come to this!

What if you know a secret that was big like you when you ran away you had a kid? What if the kid's father was in the biggest boy band and you didn't want to tell him? What would you do?


14. chapter 13

(Isabella's  P.O.V) the next day    I was siting in the hospital day look at  Nichole she was a sleep at the moment along with Liam how had stayed with me he sleep in the bed next to me because on one else would be able to stay in this room but me. I haven't been able to take which is killing me the doctor told me that I should have it back whit in this week but I want it now he also told me that if I don't quit try to talk I may never get it back but how can I not I mean I have a mouth and I am use to talking it just so hard I cry yesterday because of these but then quit knowing that it was either this or dieing in a year.  All of a sudden Nichole started to cry  and I couldn't do anything but rub her back but then Liam wake up and said  "Here let me have her." He said and I looked down know that I couldn't help and now maybe never will. I haven't tried talking today I just don't want that disappointment I hate that I can't talk it eating me up! I looked over to Liam with tears in my eye he had just got Nichole to quit crying  "It ok sweety it not your felt." He said but in curled up in his chest and cryed more    A month later Isabella's P.O.V  I still haven't even tried to talk to agarose and it hasn't help Nichole any she cry till she see me then looks like she about to cry again case I don't take she is now 4mouth old I had her cry so I went to her room Liam and the other boys were at a photo shoot and the girls all had something to do so I was here by myself with Nichole. I walked in to her room and saw her crying she looked at me and stopped but I know it wouldn't least Lon she hadn't herd my voice in over a month. Before I realized it I open my mouth and started sing I was shocked by my only voice and then I looked down and saw Nichole had a smile I hadn't seen in a while,Nichole was the only person that has heard my sing not even calleight hasn't  heard me sing and she knows ever thing about me everything but 2 things 1 is singing and 2 well you will find out later but it big.  "I didn't know you could sing." This scared me I didn't hear the door open or close I turned around to see Liam smiling. " and when did you start talking again?" He asked  I looked at him  " I didn't either tell like 2 minute ago." I said then laughed and looked down at a sleeping Nichole then put her back in the crib and looked at Liam  "So how long have you been there." I asked "Long enough  to hear you sing with that amazing voice of yours." He said with a smile on his face I got up and walked to him  "You now you are the only one that heard me sing?" I said with a smile on my face  "Well it was a pleaser to hear you sing.. You sing like a angel!" He said right to my face  "Well what does that make you,you sing way better then me?" I said you now our lips just a inch a part he grab my hand and took me to our room and just layer there and then he asked me something I would have never had guess 
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