How did it come to this!

What if you know a secret that was big like you when you ran away you had a kid? What if the kid's father was in the biggest boy band and you didn't want to tell him? What would you do?


11. chapter 10

I woke up to Nichole crying a was about to get up to get her but Liam got up and said . " I got her." Then got but to get he a few minutes later came back and said  "You know I can't stay here much long I don't live here right ?.. And you really don't live here." He said  " I know but I can't go back to mine till they find the person who did that." He looked at me and nodded then looked away then looked back  "Look I've been think I have my own house like 10 or 15 minute away and it really big for just for me." He said  "Where are you getting at."  "What I mean is I want you and Nichole to movie in with me so that we don't have to worry about waking up Calleigh every time Nichole cries." He said I looked at me waiting for the answer. But I didn't know if I want to is the thing I mean that a big step up. I mean I know we have a child but we wasn't living together! Maybe it might be a good thing? I said and look at Liam  "I guess." He looked at my with shock and happiness and the pick my and spun me around in the air man did I love this boy! I got up and looked at the time 4:50 and then laid back down and turn to Liam  "Get back in bed you need to sleep we have like 2 or 3 more hours before she will cry and will she does it my turn!" I said and jokely  and glanced at him  "Ok .ok.ok. Gees." He said joking. I looked at him and smiled. "I love you." I said and the kiss his lips he kiss back and that filling on my stomach came back like the first time we kissed he broke the kiss and put he head on mine  "I love you to." He said and kiss me again which turned into a full out make out and then let just say one thing lead to another and it was like the first night all over again but this time I didn't cry for what I did I know Liam better now.    ( Calleigh P.O.V)  What happen tonight I thought then looked at the clocked a saw it was 2:30 a.m I've been up just thinking do I love Louis or Harry I felt something when Harry kissed me but I feel something when Louis kisses me to but for some reason I can't get Harry out of my head I driving me crazy I got out of bed and went to the bathroom looking thought the cabinet and found what I was looked for a razor.. No one know I do this well no one but Isabella... Only because she walked in one day and saw me do it I promised that I would never do it again but I don't know of I can stand it anymore I just want the pain to go away but I don't know what to do. The words that Isabella said that day replayed in my hard and wouldn't stop 'what if it get to deep you can die' 'Promise never to do this again!'  I looked in the mirror and said  " I promise!" I said and then ran out of the house I don't know why but I went to Harry flat I couldn't help but trust him even after what he done today! Grr Style's why do you do this to me! I knocked on the door and then waited then a heard foot steps and he open the door. He didn't just wake up I could tell he has been awake same as me. "I can't take it anymore!" I said now crying  "Can't take what anymore ?"  He ask worriedly  "The pain I-I can't it's to h-hard!" I said stuttering because I was crying "Shh love it ok I'm here..what pain are you talkin about anyway?" He asked and I just looked at him the pulled up my arm sleeves. I heard him gasp. "Calleigh why did you do that?"  "It helps the pain.. The pain was it much!" I said crying I had my head in he's chest crying what was I doing why did I not go to Louis  "H-how long has it been s-since you did that to your self?" He asked  "When me and Isabella moved when Isabella caught me when I promised I would never do it again." I said as Harry tried to comfort me by rubbing my back  "It ok... shh it ok it will be ok." He said then looked at me "Hey do you know the butterfly game." He ask I shook me head  "It a game were you draw a butter fly on each of you arm or where ever you cut and the you name it. You name it by a person in real life and if you cut you kill the butterfly... Do you want to try that?" I asked. But truthfully it wasn't a bad idea  "Um sure do you have a marker?" I asked  "Um ya hang on." He said a got up and went to get it and the handed it to me  "Thanks." I said then then looked at Harry  "Thanks Harry for everything." I said  And then draw the butterfly's then looked up him and right in to his eyes they were like a magnet I could get my eye off them then I did something I never thought I do, I started to lean in for a kiss and he did to when our lips touch I felt a rush go thought me this was a different feeling then I get with Louis, Harry are gentle and smoth but Louis is my boyfriend... Then something hit me I just cheated on my boyfriend and not only that but I cheated with his best mat grr I'm so stupid!! I got up and walked to the door an turned around and saw Harry sad  "See you later Harry and thanks for everything your the best." I said
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