Kimber is a graduated high school senior with the only wish to start college in her favorite place in the world: the UK. She and her 4 best friends all move and Kimber meets someone who she quickly becomes friends with. Soon, a big secret is spilled which alters everyone's lives? Will Kimber and her friends be able to adjust to the stress of new relationships or will someone have to walk out?


9. The Apartment

"Whoa." I said while I let out my breath.

The room looked amazing. The whole room was a nice sky blue, so when the light hit a wall it felt like we were in the sky. There was a huge t.v.mounted on the wall with a cabinet type thing underneath that held a speaker system and a few Cd's  There was a gold-colored sofa, arm chair and table in the middle of the room. I was mesmerized by the huge windows and walked over to one to see a patio outside that looked over the town. I felt the presence of someone next to me, but I kept looking at the amazing view.

"This is like every college kids dream," I still said mesmerized by the view.

"Tell me about it," said Jessica.

"What do you guys want to eat? There's stuff in the fridge, but I'm not cooking." Jessica and I broke out of our trance to turn around and see Amanda.

"I don't know." I said. "Lets pick rooms first and then I'll think of something."

"Well there were 6 rooms, so there will be 1 left over, but you guys can choose out of the 3 that are left." she said.

"Huh?" I questioned. " Don't you mean there are 5 rooms left?" I quickly went over the math in my head so I didn't sound stupid.

" While y'all were standing here Risa, Cheyenne, and I picked out our rooms so there are 3 left."

"WHAT?!" Jessica and I said in unison.

"That's not fair," whined Jessica.

"Sorry. It is what it is." said Amanda throwing her hands up. I grabbed Jessica's arm sow we could grab our bags and pick a room. I wasn't going to fight with Jessica over a room so I let her have the first pick.

"How about we take the last two rooms on the end so we can be kind of close to each other." she said.

"OK, you go right and I'll go left" I suggested.

"Alright. 1...2...3...Open!" Jessica commanded.

I turned the knob and immediately fell in love. The room was a cute lavender color with gold colored furniture just like in the living room. The bed was huge and hand dozens of pillows. I opened another door which showed a walk in closet with a full length mirror. I backed out and opened another room and nearly cried. The bathroom was painted red with cheetah accents. The rest of the stuff was gold colored: the floor, the shower, the sink, the toilet, the claw-foot bathtub. It was so beautiful. I heard a knock at the door and peeked out the bathroom to see Jessica.

"Sooo?" she asked

"I love it." I said with a slight crack in my voice.


"Yeah." I said. She nodded in understanding.

"So what do you want for dinner." she asked.

"Uh, pizza?"

"Alright. I'll see what Amanda can do." she said and walked away.

I turned back to the bathroom for another touching moment  and then walked out to go see what was going on with everyone else.

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