Kimber is a graduated high school senior with the only wish to start college in her favorite place in the world: the UK. She and her 4 best friends all move and Kimber meets someone who she quickly becomes friends with. Soon, a big secret is spilled which alters everyone's lives? Will Kimber and her friends be able to adjust to the stress of new relationships or will someone have to walk out?


5. Surprise

I felt someone wrap themselves around me rubbing my back in the process. The mysterious person slowly guided me in a random direction, excusing us both whenever we accidentally ran into someone. All of a sudden, we stopped and I tried to make out where we were through my tear-filled eyes, but with little success. A rough, crinkly object was being dabbed across my cheeks and eyes which helped me see that we were in a bathroom and the "mysterious person" was Cheyenne.

"What's wrong, Kim?" she asked.

"I-I'm sorry its j-just  that my p-parents are s-so giving," I rambled with a bad case of the hiccups.

"Oh," she said and nodded with understanding. She began to dad a few tears that were still pushing their way were still pushing their way across my eye lids.

All of a sudden, a purse came flying into the bathroom and an "ouch" from the person who seemed to have fallen. Cheyenne went after the purse and I went to check on the person. From the blonde hair I immediately knew who it was.

"Jessica, are you, OK?!" I exclaimed while trying to help her up.

"Yeah, I should've paid closer attention to that little hump." she jerked her head towards the little step that lead into the bathroom entrance.

I quickly got her up and brushed a little dust off of her floral printed skinny jeans, while Cheyenne handed her back her purse.

"I didn't mean to make you cry, Kim, I was just curious about the phone." she said with a sad face.

"Awww, its OK  Kettle  Corn." I said giving her a hug. "Its just  that the phone reminded me of the emotional goodbye with my parents. You didn't do anything."

"Oh," she said. "Well, if you want to go back or if you want to talk, then I'm here fro you, Sweet Pea." 

"Oh,no, we've worked to hard to pay for this trip to go back now." I said.

"Well, if you two don't mind, we've gotta go. Its 9:52 and we have to be on board by 10:30." Cheyenne said while quickly re-applying some make-up to my face. The three of us quickly ran where Risa and Amanda were already gathering our bags to put in line.

"Sorry guys I promise not to waste any more time." I apologized.

"Kim, its OK. As long as you're alright, its fine," Jessica said reassuringly.

We quickly got in line and to get our bags checked in and 30 minutes later we were at the boarding area.

"Hurry up, guys, we have like 6 minutes." Amanda said while sprinting in front.

For someone like me , who only exercises by fetching the mail, I was doing pretty good keeping up with the others.

A women ushered us to our seats because we were a little late, but luckily, we all sat close to each other. I was sitting by Jessica and a cute little girl, who looked 6 or 7, and was reading a magazine.

"Hi," I said politely to her.

"Hi," she said "my name is Lizzy."

"My name is Kimber," I said while sitting down and buckling myself in. "What are you reading?"

"Its a magazine my sister bought me," she said while showing me the page she was on.

I recognized the boy with blonde hair and sea blue eyes, but couldn't put my finger on it. I nodded and turned away noticing a sharp poke against my thigh. I dug into my pocket and brought out the envelope my parents had given me a few moments before. I began to tear up while staring at the blank cover and slowly opened it careful not to butcher the envelope and its contents. A note fell out with 5 small tickets. I carefully read the note.


Hey baby,

This concert was sold out but we managed to get you and your friends front row seats. We didn't know if you were fans of these guys or not, but it was just something for you guys to do. 

Have fun!

-Love mom and dad-


A stubborn tear found its way across my eyelid and on to the paper but I quickly brushed the rest away as to not start a rain shower. We began to take off but out of curiosity I grabbed one of the tickets just to see who we were going to watch.


One Direction.


I quickly thought back to the by in Lizzy's magazine and back at the ticket.


One Direction.


Just as the airplane was leaving the ground  my heart dropped. 

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