Kimber is a graduated high school senior with the only wish to start college in her favorite place in the world: the UK. She and her 4 best friends all move and Kimber meets someone who she quickly becomes friends with. Soon, a big secret is spilled which alters everyone's lives? Will Kimber and her friends be able to adjust to the stress of new relationships or will someone have to walk out?


13. Hazel Eyes- Part II

"That would be 617.72" the man said.

I guess when you don't necessarily live near London this is what happens. Someone paid him because the next thing I knew he was telling us to have a good day and we were getting out. We were right in front of the Arena. I began to feel my legs turn into jelly. I wasn't ready for this.

"So do you guys want something to eat?" We have time." said Amanda.

We all agreed, but I could tell we all lost our appetites after looking at the building and thinking about what would be happening inside. We went into a small cafe and got tea and small pastries. We sat and ate quietly for  a while then we had small conversation that soon fizzled out. I couldn't  take it anymore.

"I don't care if you guys criticize me, but I am utterly terrified."  I announced finally feeling slightly better I had expressed my feelings.

"Me,too," said Jessica.

"I'm shaking." Cheyenne said quietly.

"I think I'm going to be sick," said Amanda.

"I feel like I'm about to cry," said Risa.

"I can't do this," I finally said.

"Oh come on, Kim. This is a once in a life time opportunity." said Jessica excitedly. I just nodded.

"We have about 30 minutes. You guys wanna just go," asked Cheyenne.

We all nodded and headed out. There was a small line forming in front of the box office. I started shaking. When it was our turn, I shakily handed the tickets to the lady. She looked at them, smiled, and tore off part of the ticket.

"Here you ladies. Have a nice show," she said.

We all awkwardly shuffled out of line towards the double doors leading in to the Arena. I turned behind me to see the line had quadrupled in size. Younger girls were everywhere, wearing 1D stuff and holding posters of the band or there favorite guy. I suddenly felt someone slip there hand in mine.

"I really am sorry about this morning." Risa said to me. She was trembling slightly. Somehow she looked helpless.

"Me too." I said and squeezed her hand. "Come on."

We walked in and showed the guard our ticket stubs. He nodded telling us to go.

"A30-A35" I told everyone.

When we got to our seats I couldn't believe it. How did my parents get these seats? Nonetheless, how much did it cost?

I sat shaking in my seat nervous and anxious. I was in the middle of the girls so I looked to the right and the left. They were all bug-eyed and jaw dropped. We were so close to the stage we basically could touch it.

"How?" asked Jessica in a hoarse whisper.

I just shook my head trying to hold back tears. "I have...I don't know."

A man suddenly walked out on stage.

"Alright ladies...and...possibly gentleman..."

I heard a snort from Risa.

"Please give it up for....ONE DIRECTION!!!!"

He ran off stage and 5 boys ran on with a whole shebang of lights and confetti and what not. I immediately lost all sense of hearing from the screaming fans who were also jumping around us. the five of us probably looked crazy sitting down frozen and scared.

"Alright lets get started with one we all know so get up and sing along." said one with short cut brown hair.

The beat to the song began playing...

You're insecure. Don't know what for

You're turnin' heads when you walk through the do-o-or.

"IS THAT LIAM?" I asked Jessica loudly over the crowd.

"YEAH! THAT ONE'S HARRY, NIALL, LOUIS, AND ZAYN." she said pointing.

I looked over in the direction she was pointing when she said Zayn. He was standing off to the me?

I quickly looked away.

You don't know you're beautiful.

Oh-Oh. That's what makes you beautiful.

Zayn stepped out towards the center of the stage and began to sing.

So c-come on. You got it wrong

To prove I'm right, I put it in a so-o-ong.

I took in what he looked like. Tan skin. Hair swept up in a nice quiff. Diamond earring. Blue varsity jacket with  the letter Z. Tan pants. White Nike high tops.

I looked back at him and I found his warm honey eyes starring


She turned from me to look at the stage, let out a small gasp, and turned back at me smiling.



She turned back towards the stage let out a small shriek and turned back.

"ZAYN AND NIALL WERE BOTH WHISPERING ABOUT SOMETHING AND NOW THEY ARE STARRING AT US!!" she let out another shriek, grabbed my arm, and started jumping up and down.

I turned towards the stage and sure enough both boys were starring. Singing, but starring. I smiled shyly and looked at the ground. He couldn't have been staring at me. I wasn't much to stare at.

Suddenly the volume of screaming increased by 10,000. I looked behind me to see girls reaching out their hands calling either Niall or Zayn. I looked at Jessica who was also participating in this chant. Then I looked to see what was happening.

Zayn and Niall were standing in front of us reaching out their hands to fans to touch.

Niall was more intrigued with Jessica and was literally holding her hand even though 50 other girls were trying to get him to touch them. I couldn't get myself to move so Zayn couldn't touch me. His eyes though. God, they were beautiful  and with those long eyelashes made them practically irresistible. I found myself subconsciously moving towards him but still looking intently into his amazing eyes. He got up quickly to break me from he subconscious walk. He went to get back in formation with the boys to end the song, but gave me a wink and a small smile before leaving. I nearly died. The little things he did were breathtaking.

That's what makes you beautiful.

There was screaming all around us. The boys all had proud smiles on their faces. One boy who was wearing an outfit that didn't quite fit the band came forward.


"IS THAT LOUIS?" I asked her casually.


I put my hands up in surrender.

"Alright so we'll take some of you're tweets now." Louis said.

A screen I hadn't noticed before now revealed a tweet.


Break out in you're favorite dance move



All the girls screamed at them to do it. However, they were only screaming for either Liam, Niall, or Louis. Niall decided to step up and do his dance which was some type of awkward jig. Liam and Louis exchanged glances until Liam finally stepped up.

"OK, I'm going to need you all to help me count while I do the flick."

There was a chorus of screaming in response to his request. I mean he just asked the audience to count not to marry him. He counted off for the crowd to start, then as if pre-planned the whole crowd chanted:


Liam bobbed his head to each number and then flicked his head. Just when I thought the volume couldn't get any louder it did.

"Alright now I'm going to show you guys some real dance moves" Louis said. I saw Harry and Niall start laughing and Zayn had a smirk on his face and casually turned his gaze on me.

Cupid's arrow just killed me.

I broke my stare from Zayn to watch Louis who was now doing some weird dance. He looked like he was dribbling a basketball and twisting his hand in the air with a wide grin on his face. I saw Risa and a whole bunch of other people in the audience  copying his movements. I just shook my head. This is who they look up to or are in love with. I must have missed something because all I see is a troublemaker who happened to dress like a sailor.

So that's how the whole concert went. The boys sang their songs, did covers of other artist, and answered tweets. I finally loosened up and began going crazy with the crowd each time the boys did something. Zayn watched me practically the whole time, which sent shivers through my whole body. I kept telling myself that his  stares meant nothing and I wouldn't see him again after the concert.


Of course I was wrong.

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