Kimber is a graduated high school senior with the only wish to start college in her favorite place in the world: the UK. She and her 4 best friends all move and Kimber meets someone who she quickly becomes friends with. Soon, a big secret is spilled which alters everyone's lives? Will Kimber and her friends be able to adjust to the stress of new relationships or will someone have to walk out?


12. Hazel Eyes- Part I

The warm sun coming through  the window was bright but, heavenly on my face. I tried to turn my head the opposite, but it stopped short.

"Ow!" I said suddenly sitting up in shock. I looked around to see I was on the floor.

"What the--. How did I get here."

I looked around to see cards thrown all over the place. My laptop was on Jessica's lap and Risa had a pair of socks on her hands.


A pair of socks on....her...hands.


We must have partied really hard because i don't remember anything that had to deal with her putting socks on like that.

I got up and cracked my sore back. I quickly cracked my neck and relaxed. I grabbed my laptop off of Jessica's lap and YouTube popped up with One Direction in the search bar.


One Direction...Concert...Saturday...Today.



I quickly looked at the time.


OK, we can do this. I ran to my room to find my purse and pull out my wallet.


Concert- 12:30

O2 Arena, London

I ran back to my computer to type in the address to see how far it was from where we were.

An hour and 30 minutes.


"OK. We have to get up NOW!" I ordered everyone.

"What?" asked Jessica.

"Uhm, this concert starts at 12:30. I think we should leave at about 10:30 so we can find a cab and be on the road in time. Its going on 9:00. We need to GET UP!"

"Oh, no." said Cheyenne scrambling to get up.

"Crap." said Jessica. "What if we don't have time?"

Oh, we WILL have time. Trust me." said Amanda heading towards her room.

I tossed the laptop on the couch and began to run to my room. I looked back to see Risa still on the floor.

"RISA?! COME ON! GET UP!" I yelled.

"Huh? Yeah! I'm up!" she said sitting up quickly. She looked down at her hands. "How did these get here?" she asked referring to the socks.

"I don't know and we don't have time! Lets go!"

She got up and rushed off to her room. I ran in my room and closed the door.

"OK. First things first. Lay out clothes." I told myself.

I walked to the closet and carefully laid out my clothes on my bed. I looked over everything to make sure it was still wearable and once I felt satisfied i hopped into the shower.

I was out 15 minutes later and began putting on my clothes. When that was done. I began on my hair and make-up. I tried everything but nothing was working.

"Amanda" I shouted with panic.

"My room"

I ran to her room to find Cheyenne sitting in a computer chair and Amanda applying make-up.

"--Wah-la. You're finished" Amanda told Cheyenne.

"Thanks, Mandy, you're a life saver"

"I have my moments"

Amanda and Cheyenne turned around to see me standing there. They both smiled at me who had my mouth wide open in shock.

They looked gorgeous.

"Wow. If I looked as good as you guys I would have a Direction guy for sure."

"Thanks" they said in unison.

Cheyenne left the room leaving me in Amanda's care.

"Mandy I need your oh so amazing magical fashion powers to make me look half as beautiful as you."

"Oh, stop" she said humbly.

She tapped the back of the chair ordering my to sit. She came around to face me so she could think. She ran her hands through my hair and furrowed her brow in deep concentration. She finally made a satisfied nod and began on my hair. After working on my hair for ten minutes, she started my make-up. After she was done she kissed the tips of her fingers like chefs do.

"My greatest masterpiece is now complete" she said in a terrible French-Italian accent.

She handed me a mirror so I could see myself.


She pulled my bangs and then put the rest of my hair up in a ponytail but showed my red highlights perfectly. She then applied a mixture of colors that were similar to the shirt I was wearing with a little bit of a pale green eyeliner to really make my eyes pop. Compared to Amanda and Cheyenne I looked...well...literally, half as beautiful.

"Too bad I didn't have any black face paint or I could have put, like, cheetah print on the side of your face and then--"

"Whoa. Mandy, lets not get to deep." I said.

I got up and took one last glance in the mirror.

"Thanks, Mandy, you're a lifesaver"

I walked out of the room back to my own to make sure I had everything I needed: phone. credit card. Tickets. Check,check, and check.

I looked at myself once more in the mirror and smiled. I walked out to the living room. Cheyenne was on the couch with Risa, who was eating a carrot. I shuddered at how the innocent vegetable represented something so deadly.

I sat on the arm chair that was beside the couch. Risa casually glanced over at me and then looked back at the t.v.

"You know, we should drop you off in the Savanna. You and the Big Cats would get along perfectly." said Risa. She took another bite out of the carrot.

"And we should drop you off in the nearest dungeon. You and the rats would get along perfectly." I retorted.

Risa glared at me and looked like she was ready to punch me, but I kept my cool and kept looking at the t.v.,  smiling.

"Kimber!" Cheyenne said in shock.

"Apologize " she mouthed to me.

"Me! but she st--"


"I'm sorry Risa. I didn't mean any of it," I mumbled .

"What did you say" Risa said.

I repeated my self  through gritted teeth. Risa had a smug look on her face at my apology, but Cheyenne shoved her arm. She was the ONLY  person who could make Risa apologize.

"I'm sorry, too. Even though I did mean it." said Risa.


"Risa" Cheyenne said giving her a warning look.

"I kid. I kid." said Risa brushing the matter away with a wave of her hand and finishing her carrot.

Jessica and Amanda came out of their rooms ready to leave. Jessica saw me pouting and immediately knew what happened. The fights between Risa and I were very common. We didn't hate each other. We were like younger siblings that were constantly fighting.

"Its OK, Kim. One day she'll get what's going for her." Jessica said something comforting me. Even though she was Risa's partner in crime, she also had fight with her.

I got up out of the chair feeling a little better.

"OK, we better get going, like now." said Amanda rushing towards the door. We all ran towards the door and then the elevator. We went through the double doors of the complex and outside, where a taxi was sitting.

"Oooo!Look! A taxi" said Risa noticing the taxi as well.

"But we won't be able to fit. There's  only 4 seats." Said Amanda.

Risa turned to look at me with a small smirk. "I'm pretty sure Kim wouldn't mind"

OK. She was getting on the last nerve.

Jessica sensed me about to pounce. She faced me and grabbed both my wrist.

"Listen to me. You are more mature than she is. Don't do it. Just take a deep breath and walk away."

I nodded and took a deep breath and looked the opposite direction so I wouldn't have  to see Risa. Across the street. I spotted a taxi big enough to hold all of us. 

"Oh my gosh. guys, look." I said running towards the taxi. I heard footsteps behind me so I knew they were following. I waved through the window and the man stepped out to open the doors so we could  get in.

"Where to ladies?" asked the man after getting back in the car.

"Uhm. O2 arena. I piped up from the back.

I saw him nod as a reply and we took off. I adverted my eyes to the window. I began to grow extremely nervous. The car was quiet as well and I stole a quick glance at the girls, whom were looking out of windows as well. They must have been in the same state as I was. I looked back at the scenery. Only a few hours before I saw hazel eyes in concert.

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