Kimber is a graduated high school senior with the only wish to start college in her favorite place in the world: the UK. She and her 4 best friends all move and Kimber meets someone who she quickly becomes friends with. Soon, a big secret is spilled which alters everyone's lives? Will Kimber and her friends be able to adjust to the stress of new relationships or will someone have to walk out?


3. Clowns in the Morning

Sizzle. Sizzle. Crack. A pleasant aroma was slowly arousing me from by deep slumber.

Chicken? Sausage? Bacon.?


Bacon... BACON!!!

I quickly came to a sitting position in my bed. I rubbed my eyes with one hand and grabbed my clock with the other

"6:45" it read

On a regular school day, I would've killed anyone if they woke me up, even if it was to the smell of bacon. However, today was different. Today, I was going to my favorite place in the world with my four favorite people.


I heard quiet giggling and I opened my eyes to see four pairs staring back. Then, Risa burst out laughing so I immediately knew I  had been pranked. I slowly sat up to make sure my hair wasn't tied to the bed like she did last time. I looked at my skin and clothes to see if they had colored me weird colors, but I looked normal. I looked up at Cheyenne with pleading eyes because besides Jessica, who was now rolling on the floor laughing hysterically with Risa, she was the next person I could trust. She went off and got me a hand mirror so I could look at my face. I had red lipstick smeared all over, orange blush, and mascara and blue eye shadow mashed into this disgusting gunk on my eyelid. I had to admit, I did look pretty a scary way.

"Ha ha, very mature, Risa" I tried to sound serious but I started chuckling.

She wasn't paying any attention because she was laughing too hard. I was shifting myself to get out of bed so I wouldn't crush the rolling bodies below. Suddenly, my door opened and my mom's head popped in.

"Alright ladies, you've got an hour before we leave so I hope--" she said until she abruptly stopped seeing my face. "Kimmie, um, have....your face."

I just sat and pointed to the now crying Risa and Jessica. She nodded in understanding because she too had faced the Dynamic Duo's wrath.

"OK, well you all still have an hour left, so chop-chop." she said while closing the door.

I was standing up now headed to my shower. Before going in, I turned to see Amanda rummaging through her suitcase to find an outfit.

"Mandy, would you find an outfit for me to wear today." I asked politely.

"Sure thing, kiddo," she said, heading towards my almost empty closet.

Oh, before I go any further, I should probably tell you a little about my friends. Jessica is my bestest (who cares if its not a real word) friend in the whole world, practically my sister. She has long, curly, blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She is one of the sweetest and funniest people I know. She is a varsity cheerleader at our school and very, very, very popular. For someone like me, I'm happy to know that she knows I exist. Amanda is the all-around-goody-girl of us all. She has short, brown hair and brown eyes. She's uber (yes, uber) smart, gets the best grades, and does all the clubs that gets colleges to notice you. I guess that's why she was our class valedictorian. Cheyenne would definitely be the closest thing to call mom, if I didn't have one. She has long, red, curly hair, and crystal blue eyes. I would definitely give her the crown for Mrs. Universe because sh is that gorgeous. Then, we have the one-and-only Risa. She has short, blonde hair and sea green eyes that will lure you into her trap if you're not careful. She does all the pranking in the group, but she's the one that keeps us all laughing so it all evens out.

Then there's little old me. I wouldn't say that I was the sweetest, smartest, prettiest, or funniest person you ever met, but I'm bearable. I have black hair with fire red highlights and blue-gray eyes. At school I'm classified as a geek because I like comic books and superheroes, reading, writing, and I'm the pretty sure I was the only senior who had enough dignity to still be in the school band, but, hey, that's just who I am.

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