Alone in the world

I'm alone and the world has ended.

All alone. My world is changing and I'm trying to find out what's happening.

I'm falling in love with someone at the wrong time.

I'm alone in this world


3. The Midnight Flower

Chapter 3


 “Wake up! Annabel!” A furious whisper was waking me up. I felt someone's uncertain fingers on my skin. I automatically got up and opened my eyes to find Sam crouching next to me. He smiled.

“Why did you wake me up?” I asked him, a little annoyed. I realized I hadn't been annoyed since The Night.

“Having nice dreams, eh?” He grinned at me but was watching me carefully with his green eyes. I blushed furiously and hoped he hadn't noticed. I was dreaming about him.

Not good news at all.

“Anyway, I wanted to show you something.” He got up and held out his hand. I carefully took hold of it and got myself up. He walked carefully towards a bush, making sure not to wake Beth up.

I was tired. I was sick. And it was still my birthday. I reluctantly followed him. He was standing beside a huge flower. It was white and probably one of the most beautiful flower I had ever seen.

“It's a midnight flower...” Sam looked at me to see if I recognised it. I didn't. “They're rare and only bloom at midnight.”

“Well, it's morning now.” I pointed out to him.

“ I know.” He smiled at me. “Trust the Midnight Flower to bloom when they world has ended.” I laughed quietly and he picked the flower off the ground. I gasped, mainly because I wouldn't have just picked a rare flower. “It's okay. It would have died anyway.” He handed me the flower and leaned over me. “Happy sixteenth birthday Annabel.” It was a very quiet whisper that tickled my ears. He walked away, leaving me standing near the bush with my heart beating very fast.

Too fast.

I stared at the flower. The white petals seemed to glitter and reflect everything. I stroked a petal and it shone brighter. The petals looked like it had a sharp edge but it was soft. Then a memory came to me. I ran back to The Golden Tree and found Sam staring at the sun.

“I thought these didn't grow here,” I told him in a breathe. He looked at me.

“They come from Sri Lanka.” He replied and I looked at him. I recognised the country. It was the only country which never had it's name changed. “I'm not sure what they are doing here. Apparently, it's more beautiful there. The stars shine there and the flower reflect all the stars in the night.” His eyes seemed to shine when he said this.


It was quiet for a long time before I spoke out. It was sudden, and even I was surprised

“I think the Earth hasn't ended Sam.” It was the first time I had said his name out loud and I loved the sound of it. Short, simple and beautiful in an odd way.

Sam looked at me, smiling in a sad way. “All the movies where the world ends...they're violent. Full of action.” He chuckled. “Nothing interesting happening here.”

There had been a thought that was nagging me since I woke up after The Night. It had been popping up in my head but I couldn't get my hopes up. There wasn't enough proof but I wanted to tell Sam.

“ Sam...” I paused, not knowing how to form the words. “I think our world has begun again. It 's sort of been born again. It died on The Night but everything seems so perfect. I can only think of this reason.” I looked at him and expected him to laugh; Him to smile and tell me that wasn't possible because it sounded stupid when I had said it out loud.

Sam didn't say anything. He didn't do anything.

“ If that's true...then we're the first ever human beings on this planet. This new planet,” he said finally. It was quiet before the sound of a child was heard.

“ I had a nice dream today!” It was Beth. She rubbed her eyes and yawned loudly. She looked at me and then the flower. Her eyes darted to Sam but then returned back to the flower just as fast.

Once again, I blushed.

“ Well, Annabel. Sam's given you a lovely present,” she said, “I'd better too.” She got up and ran over to the bushes and disappeared.

She was a child and she might be one of the first ever human beings on this planet. This new planet.

It probably wasn't true. But what happened later really made me doubt that.


Because not only was the theory true... but I found Alice.

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