Alone in the world

I'm alone and the world has ended.

All alone. My world is changing and I'm trying to find out what's happening.

I'm falling in love with someone at the wrong time.

I'm alone in this world


1. The End of the World



“Run!”Alice screamed at me, almost begging me. “Run!” Her scream turned into a roar, and I ran. I didn't know where... but I ran.

I couldn't see anything but I could hear everything. The screams, the thunder, the hesitant but definite quaking of the Earth. I knew what had happened; I just didn't know what to do.

I slammed against a tree and I fell back. The darkness I was in only got darker as I fell unconscious.




When my eyes opened, it had to adjust to the bright light. I was lying under a tree and the golden leaves above me twinkled against the sunlight. The branches leaned over my whole body and the sunlight did not touch me. It was as if the tree was protecting me, which is stupid of course. Why would trees protect you, especially if you were killing it?

I stood up only to fall back down again. My head was hurting and I suddenly felt so dizzy. I stooped up my knees and hugged it, trying to calm my nerves. I almost forgot that the world had ended. I almost forgot that everyone on this planet had died and I was probably the last person living. I almost forgot that I was going to die soon. Almost.

I wanted to look for Alice, but the possibility of finding her was close to zero. I did look for her though, it was the only thing I did all day, but I didn't find her.

When the sun had set, I felt surprised I had survived the day. Maybe the planet thought it had destroyed every organism. Maybe it knew I was alive, but since I was a 'Nobody' it let me suffer on my own. Maybe it didn't want to waste its power on a 'Nobody'. I wouldn't be surprised if it was true.

The pale moon was glistening in the black sky. All the stars huddled around it, as if the moon was a magnet. The world looked beautiful that night. Too beautiful.



The next day I became conscious of what was happening. It was the day when the truth had sunk in: I was alone...totally alone. I would have been satisfied if I saw a hungry lion, but I didn't even see an ant. The only living organism I did see was The Golden Tree- the tree with the golden leaves that I had crashed into. I never even bothered to think why the tree even existed, especially after what had happened the other night.

Later on in the day, I was watching the sun set and I suddenly started crying. I realized that this was the first time any sound came out of me since The Night everyone died. My sobs grew louder until I was screaming. I wasn't even sure what I was screaming at, but once I finished I felt so much better. I also seemed to see things more clearly. It was as if the tears that had now escaped had been blocking my eyesight.

And that was when I saw the boy.

He was scruffy looking and his dark hair was in messy curls. His sharp green eyes were watching me, almost analysing me, and his lips were pressed together in a straight line. He looked about sixteen, maybe even seventeen.

He knew I had seen him but he didn't move. He was behind the skull of a large bench and after a minute of watching me, he stood up and walked over to me.

He settled down beside me, under The Golden Tree and we watched The End of the World. The problem is that the world isn't ending.

It had ended.

We were quiet for such a long time but then he pointed at something and I looked. There was a small girl standing quietly watching us. She was sucking her thumb and my first emotion wasn't surprise. I wasn't surprised that I saw another human-even after twenty four hours of thinking I was the last one. I felt hope... I hoped that maybe it isn't the end of the world. Maybe we haven't destroyed the Earth so carelessly... maybe we could change. Maybe.

She also walked over to us, and gently sat between us. We watched the moon come out. If someone had been watching us, they would have seen a small child with their parents, watching the night sky. We were strangers...yet we were all bound with a long strand of hope that was taping us together.

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