Dangerous- A Harry Styles FanFiction

Harry and Sophie had been best friends since preschool and their madly in love with each other But will Sophie be safe with Harry's secret which is.... Read to find out!!
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1. He Forgot :''<


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I rolled to the other side of my bed facing my alarm clock. 6:30 am. I quickly pulled the duvet away from me as I had to the bathroom to take a warm shower.I dressed up in my black flowy tank top, jean short, and my white beanie. I headed downstairs wearing my black converse which is on the bottom of the stairs then went to the kitchen seeing my Dad cooking, Austin probably playing temple run, and Ethan checking His Twitter which had 10k followers!! I don't know how He did that though.

I just shook it off heading to Dad and saying "Morning Dad!" as I kissed His pale yet cheeky cheek "where's ours?!" Austin and Ethan complain at the same time making me giggle a little bit then kiss both of their cheeky cheeks. After about a minute Dad spun around while holding 2 plates of pancakes on His hand each with syrup and butter on top of it then placed it in front of Austin and Ethan then Dad spun around again with 2 pancakes on His hand with syrup and butter on top of it just like the ones Austin and Ethan had But the other one had a candle on top of it! "Happy Birthday Sophie!!" They all sang in unison as i blew the color pink candle that is on top of my pancake "Thanks Guys!" I said as I hug all of them at once which remind me of  'A Mom'

We quickly pulled away from each other as I look at my color black watch with white numbers on it. 7:00 am. I quickly drank my milk then stood up kissing Dad and Austin on their cheek tapping Ethan on His shoulder signaling that we should go. We said our goodbyes then went to the car of Ethan which is a Blue Range Rover that Dad bought Him for His 19th Birthday. The car ride was silent but not as other car ride which is 'Akaward' but ours was not thank God! Once Ethan pulled outside my school's campus I quickly kiss Him then make my way entering the school's campus as people greet me 'Happy Birthday' I just smile then nod at them even though we're not that close! nor I don't know them either! Well as you can see I'm pretty popular eh?!


As I walk  inside our school as Harry approached me with a grin plastered on His face making His adorable dimples pop up! "Hi Phie!" He said hugging me tightly I think I know what He's going to say -Happy Birthday Phie!- Oh I know Him too much! "By the way, why are you smiling?!" I ask preparing to be blown away by His suprise -Happy Birthday- to me. "I ask Stacy to the prom and She said -Yes-!!" He said jumping up and down like a kid who won His favorite candy or teddy bear or something like that while I'm just there! Tons of bricks hit me like I'm gonna Die now! But Yes! I wanted to Die now!! Because my Best Friend forgot my Birthday!! 


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