Dangerous- A Harry Styles FanFiction

Harry and Sophie had been best friends since preschool and their madly in love with each other But will Sophie be safe with Harry's secret which is.... Read to find out!!
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2. At least they remember


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I stood in front of Harry shock and jealousy all over me. Shock because He forgot my birthday and Jealousy because I'm in love with my best friend which He would never return. Stacy interrupted my train of thoughts by coming beside Harry saying "See you next week!" kissing His cheek then running off. Oh I hate this girl!! Anger why do u have to come now?! Calm Sophie Calm! "That's great!" Urgh! great word Sophie! "I know!" He said hugging me again When the bell finally rang! Harry's about to say something when I run off not saying another word.


I sit down on front row next to my 'Gay' best friend and Yes He is a 'Gay' !! "Happy Birthday Sis!!" He said handing me a pink vertical box with a ribbon on it. I was about to open it when my phone beeped  I open my phone the name 'Harry x' popped up. I clicked the text and it reads: "Hii Sophie!! Want to hung up after school?!"


I put back my phone on my front pocket opening the gift Gunter gave me revealing a necklace with a letter 'S' as the pendant of it. Gunter took the necklace wearing it on me letting the pendant drop on top of my black flowy tank top "Thank You Gunter Your the be-" Beep Beep "One sec!" I open my phone again the name 'Harry x' popped again. "Hey Phie?! U ignoring me?! Uh want to hung out after school?! I'll treat you!" Urgh! "Who's that?!" "Harry" "What's He's gift to you?!" "Nothing" "Oh! Forget about Him!" "Yeah. Thanks for the gift though!" "No probs! Oh! My mom said Happy Birthday!!" "Tell Her i said Thank You!" "I will!" We both high-fived as Mrs. White enter the class "Morning Class!" "Morning Mrs. White!" "Oh By the way Sophie?!"


I look up at Her confused as I can be "Happy Birthday!" I smiled then quickly thank Her. Wow! Many people remember my birthday But my best friend don't! Its not complete that He didn't say 'Happy Birthday' to me Its like me with out a heart and Uh... Yeah that's it! Mrs. White interrupted my once again train of thoughts by giving me a violet box with a bow on top. 


I quickly open it revealing a red bracelet with my name on it. "Thanks Mrs. White!!" She just nod and started to teach the lesson . At least many remember! But its still not like it when Harry say it! Urgh! Curse me that I'm in love with Him! 

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