The Wondrous Conman

This is the story of Oz, The Great and Powerful with a twist, here we bring Samantha I simple country girl from Kansas who has always been baffled by Oz's astonishing magic shows. Plz read and fav and comment haha I always love feedback.


5. The Witch of the West

I looked over at Oz and he looked uncomfortable.
"Glinda... I may well not exactly be a... Wizard" I looked over at him completely shocked that he told someone else the truth about him. I waited for Glinda to scream or something but instead she simply said,
"I know. At least not kind if wizard we were expecting", I wonder how long she knew.
"You could tell?" Oz asked confused.
"Yes. I can also tell that you're weak, selfish, slightly egotistical and a fibber" she said.
"I see. Anything you don't know about me?" He asked,
"Whether or not you'll save my people", she admitted "if you can make them believe then you're wizard enough". We turned to the silent crowd and they looked at us with hopeful eyes.
"Will I still get the gold?" Oz asked rudely, I pinched his arm warning him of his rudeness. 
"Yes" she confirmed. He faced the crowd and yelled
"Good people of Oz. Your wizard, Oz here!" The crowd cheered and applauded.


Theodora watched through the crystal ball and shed another burning tear. 
"There is another witch, sister" Theodora explained to Evanora.
"Samantha?" She asked. 
"Yes, sister" Theodora confirmed. "Look how happy the are. Do you think she'll be his queen?" She asked.
"Well of course she will, she's been with the wizard since his arrival", Evanora added. More tears burned Theodora's cheeks and she screamed out in agony
"Oh sister, it hurts!" 
"Your precious wizard did that to you!" Evanora replied harshly. 
"Make it stop!" Theodora pleaded.
"Would you like me to?" Evanora asked. Theodora nodded and once again on the verge of tears.

Evanora dripped her vile potion onto a shiny green apple and turned to Theodora. She sat on the lounge waiting for her sister to help the pain in her heart. 
"One bite is all it takes. One bite, and your world will change forever. One bite, and your heart will become impenetrable. One bite, and you and I will finally share the throne. Unless you’d rather see Oz and Samantha there..." She said and Theodora had no hesitation, she grabbed the apple and took a bite out of it's green skin.
Theodora began to realise something she had not known before.
"You're the wicked one, not Glinda!" She said sternly, "sister! You lied to me!" 
"It's nice isn't it? How clear everything becomes?" She asked with an evil smirk. Theodora felt her heart burn up and a fire grow within her soul. Her body grew hot and felt a searing pain an tightening inside her chest as she gripped her chest in pain and cried out.
"What's happening to me!" Theodora screamed.
"Oh, it’s just your heart…withering away, Fear not, Theodora, for soon you will feel nothing except beautiful wickedness!" Evanora smirked. Theodora gasped for air as her body continued to burn up an the pain became unbearable. As she fell, she saw mental images of the wizard laughing. As she hit the floor, she took the tablecloth down with her causing the expensive and delicate plates and glasses to smash onto the floor, shattering glass everywhere. The fire roared and all fell silent except for the loud fire crackling and the howl of the wind. 
"Sister?" Evanora asked, she gasped as a horrible green hand jerked up and the pointed black talons gripped and clawed at the table causing engravings along the wood. As Theodora rose, the beautiful, kind young lady was well gone. Her petite nose and chin were pointy and horrible, she was green all over. Her red hat turned black and as pointed as her awful nose.
"Oh sister, your hideous. Fear not, I can cast an enchantment, and you’ll look just the way you were" Evanora offered.
"No! This is who I am now. And I want him to see me like this, I want him to know that he was the one who made me this way!" She refused and let out an evil cackle, the beautiful young, good Theodora was no more as on came the rise of the Wicked Witch of the West.


Glinda, Oz and I sat inside the small castle library.
"It’s imperative that you behave like the great leader they think you are, Morale is essential if we have any hope of defeating Evanora", Glinda explained as we all thought.
"I assume you have a plan", Oz said,
"No, you have a plan. You’re going to lead us into battle, and take back the throne", Glinda corrected.
"I see" Oz added,
"And do we have an army to do this?" I asked with curiosity. Glinda pauses for a moment.
"Of sorts", she was very vague in terms of answers and her answer didn't sound convincing or infact promising. 

And I was right. We were led outside and I saw Finley crying for help from the young girls planting kisses all over his cute face. I lifted him and he clung to my shoulder in search of some form of protection. I laughed and followed Glinda outside and into the town's centre.
"The Quadlings", Glinda showed us these. People. Most of them were either farmers, blacksmiths or housewives. 
"But you can fight?" Oz assumed,
"No sir, many of us can hoe" said a man with rather funny facial hair. 
"I can work with iron" said another.
"That's good!" I added,
"I can bake bread", said a housewife obviously searching for some form of attention.
"I can sew" said another,
"Not so helpful" Oz denied,
"I can make a scarecrow" burst another man, the men seemed to be more helpful than the women in this town. 
"Oh... That'll come in handy" Oz questioned,
"It might" I said.
Glinda led us to the Tinkers who were mainly old men in overalls.
"These are the Tinkers. What they lack in stamina, they make up for in ingenuity. They can build anything", she explained, that I thought would definitely come in handy for a war.
We were finally shown to the Munchkins, these were tall men in blue suits with large weapons as tall as they were. 
"Now please tell me you gentlemen can fight?" I asked,
"No, but we do make pretty clothes" answered one smiling,
"Also, we sing" added another from behind. And without warning the Mungkins began to sing as they ripped off their suits to reveal, three, short munchkins within. 
"#The prophecy was clear! The wind would bring you here! And so it was, a man named Oz, did magically appear!#" they all sang. I looked over at Oz and he looked rather angry and confused. He yelled at them to stop and they fell silent and I felt bad. Oz went to talk to Glinda and I thanked the munchkins on their beautiful performance until I walked back to Oz and Glinda.
"Glinda, these are all lovely people, but do you honestly think they can kill a witch and an army of flying baboons?" He asked and on this note I had to agree with him. She looked at us in confusion and disbelief,
"I do not expect them to kill anyone" she admitted, Oz and I looked at each other clearly confused. How could you go to a war and not kill anyone?
"What do you mean?" I asked,
"I mean, the good people of Oz are forbidden to kill" she explained, this was all rather confusing.
"You want me to lead an army that can't kill" Oz whispered,
"If this was easy, we wouldn't need a wizard, now would we?" She questioned and I guess she was right. 
A woman screamed and pointed at the bubbled wall around us, 
"The Wall!" Exclaimed a man, we jerked our heads and saw a ball of fire being pushed against the other side of the wall, causing a hole in the bubble expand and burst the entire bubble.
"The witch isn't powerful enough to get through the wall!" Glinda explained,
"Looks like she's managing" Oz added,
"Not by herself. She isn't" Glinda said, I stepped back and made sure Finley and the delicate porcelain girl were safe. But when I turned back I noticed the fireball headed straight toward Oz and Glinda.
"Look out!" I yelled but as I threw my hands out I noticed something odd, I sent Oz and Glinda flying and dodging the harsh ball of fire and onto a path behind them. But without touching them, it must've been these new powers of being a witch. The ball smashed in the middle of the town square and in the centre of the swirl at the end of a section of the yellow brick road causing a large fiery explosion, and as the smoke and fire eventually cleared, there stood a horrid green figure dressed in black standing the the yellow brick rubble. 
"There's so much good here, it sickens me", she scowled, "Still think your wizard can save you? From the likes of me?!" She yelled in a frightening tone. She flew toward a cowering Quadling, "Speak up! Or I will tear out your tongue!" She ordered, the terrified man simply shivered at her sight.
"Now, who is that?" Oz whispered in Glinda's ear.
"Don't you recognise me wizard?! Have I changed so much?!" She asked, eyes squinting evilly. He narrowed his eyebrows and came to realise.
She smirked and bent down,
"May I have this dance?" She asked, she jerked up one hand and controlled Oz's arms and bodily functions. She sent him floating in the air, in dancing formations. 
"Theodora stop! Your hurting him!" Glinda ordered in Oz's defence. Theodora scowled and threw Oz flying across the town square. Before he was about to hit the edge of one of the stone houses, I threw my hands out and used my power to catch him in mid air, I carefully placed him down on his feet with my forces and he walked over and stood beside me. 
"What happened to you?" He asked Theodora,
"YOU happened to me!" She yelled in response. She waved her hand and produced a fireball and aimed it at Glinda, I waved my hand as I sent and ice wave and put out the ball of fire. She jerked her head toward me and narrowed her eyes evilly, Glinda rushed by my side and aimed her wand at Theodora.
"Theodora. This isn't you, it's your sister. She's worked her magic on you, I'd hoped you'd be able to see through her", Glinda explained.
"Glinda, when I return with my sister and her army. The Yellow Brick road will be red with the blood of every tinker, farmer and munchkin in your kingdom!" Theodora declared.
"You underestimate us Theodora, we are strong and united people, now the wizard is here to lead us", Glinda denied.
"And as for your wizard! He will be the first to die! And you will all see that he is nothing but a deceitful, selfish and extremely mortal man!" Theodora yelled, then she turned towards me, stepping whilst her heels clicked along the remains of the Yellow Brick Road.
"And as for you my pretty! I will not hesitate in killing you aswell, I do not need another good witch to stand in my way!" She added,
"Give me that!" Theodora yelled, reaching her arm out and causing broom to fly out of a woman's hands and into hers, as soon as the broom touched her wicked, green skin the wood and bristles on the end turned as black as her wicked heart.
"It was a broom you wanted, wasn't it Samantha!" She chuckled as she sat on the broom and flew away without hesitation and cackled while she did so. The crowd grew frightened and ran in all directions. Glinda attempted to calm them down but since the bubble wall was no more, the citizens went into panic at the thought that they were no longer safe. 
"It's alright! Now that the wizard is with us" Glinda said, but when we turned around, The Wizard of Oz was gone.

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