The Wondrous Conman

This is the story of Oz, The Great and Powerful with a twist, here we bring Samantha I simple country girl from Kansas who has always been baffled by Oz's astonishing magic shows. Plz read and fav and comment haha I always love feedback.


3. The Wicked Witch

Chapter 3
As Theodora skipped down the very last hill Oz stopped me and Finley and said.
"Monkey. Tell me again about that life debt".
"I devote my life to you. Whatever you wish, whatever you want, it’s my sworn duty to deliver for you until the end of my days", he replied. Oz put on a thinking expression and asked,
"And there's no getting out of it?"
"None, sir. It is irrevocable" he added.
"Good. Because I'm not the wizard", He said. Finley laughed and responded,
"Oh, sir. Your sense of humor is as boundless as it is wondrous. You remind me—" Oz cut him off,
"I'm not the wizard". Finley looked shocked and appalled.
"Well you could've told me that before I sealed the life debt!" He yelled. Oz brushed it off as I figured with a life debt he could not tell anyone else the truth. Finley still sat on my right shoulder as we followed Theodora down the hill and to the doors of the Emerald City. We stopped at a jewelled horse-drawn carriage surrounded by many tall soldier guards, we were then told that these were the Winkie Guards who protected the Emerald City. I spotted a small man with a stiff expression,
"Theodora, we've been expecting you" he said with a slight smile,
"Hello Knuck, this is the wizard" she replied pointing to Oz. 
"How do you do sir?" He asked reaching out his hand. But the small man did not seem to believe, he just stared at him. Theodora then acknowledged my existence and said,
"And this is Samantha", the little man bowed his head and welcomed me.
"Welcome to Oz m'lady", these people were all very polite and formal in terms of language.
"Thankyou Knuck", I said with a bow of my head. We showed us into the carriage and Oz was rather rude and left Finley behind so he was stuck dragging his heavy bag along the bumpy yellow brick road. I reached out and grabbed the bag and the polite little monkey flew in and sat next to Oz with an angry expression on his face. 
We were led inside the great green city and shown to the great throne room. I was amazed by the interior design as was Oz.
"Is that it? Is that MY throne?" He asked.
"Do you like it?" Called an unfamiliar voice from above. We looked up and saw a woman of older age than Theodora dressed in black and a dark shade of green with lips as red as blood and hair as black as the night sky.
"I've personally kept watch over it, awaiting your arrival", she continued. Oz waved his handed and said,
"Much obliged" 
"Praise be! You're here at last, and the prophecy shall be fulfilled. This is a glorious day for us all!" She smiled and added, "And may I add, you're as handsome a king as we've ever had", Oz flashed a toothy grin,
"Flatterer" he responded.
"Knuck will show you to your quarters", she said, Knuck opened the door for us and guided us down many halls filled with many different shades of green with Finley following close behind me.

I sat in my chambers the following morning when I heard two familiar voices come from the hall. I put my ear to the door and listened.
"Once we defeat this wicked witch  I'll get the pile of gold and you can have a nice pile of bananas, alright?" I heard the muffled voice of Oz fall silt and wondered for a moment until I heard a faint voice of Finley.
"Bananas? Oh I see, because I'm a monkey I must love bananas. That is a vicious stereotype!" He yelled. 
"You don't like bananas?" Oz asked,
"Of course I like bananas I'm a monkey, I just don't like you saying it!" He exclaimed. I heard footsteps coming towards the door so I ran and sat on the large silk covered bed with a book as if I had been reading the entire time.
"Come on! We're off to kill a witch" Oz ordered,
"Which witch?" I asked,
"The Wicked Witch" Finley responded kindly. 
"Won't that be... Dangerous" I asked,
"Precisely" Oz confirmed, he took my hand and led me down the hall, down the stairs and out the palace doors. Finley continued to struggle carrying Oscar's bag so I took it off his hands and carried it myself. Finley flew beside me and seemed more relaxed. 
We were once again walking up and down the yellow brick road when we hit a fork in the path, one way was the Dark Forest which is where we were headed and the other was a place called China Town, the place was destroyed, there was smoke rising into the darkening sky. 
"We're not going down there" Oz interrupted,
"But someone might need our help. Not that you care" Finley stated, I agreed with Finley and we began to walk down the steep hill toward the smoke. As we entered the town of ruins and china glass, I found myself staring at the amount of scattered china. We reached the centre of the ruins and our footsteps turned from silent to clinking and cracking from stepping on the damaged china pieces. The demolished teapot houses no longer had doors or windows as they were broken from ground to the ceiling. The three of us looked in each what were the buildings but now broken and shattered glass in search of anyone in trouble. My heart began to beat frantically as I saw many china made body parts around, the majority of them were faces, I picked one up and noticed that the residents were also made of china. I showed Finley the face and he gasped, but that was when we heard the sound of fear, we heard the sound of someone crying. We followed the cry into one of the smashed china houses and searched around, behind a fallen table underneath the crumbling staircase was a small girl made entirely out of china, from what I could see she was covered in cracks but she was not broken. 
"Hey there", I said, but when she looked up with tears in her eyes, once she saw us she hid and cowered in fear.
"It's okay, we won't hurt you" Oz said with a comforting and gentle tone of voice.
"This is Samantha and Finley. And my name is Oz". The girl stopped crying and seemed more relaxed but still jittery.
"Are... Are you the wizard?" She asked nervously.
"You've heard of me?" Oz asked and the little china girl nodded in approval. 
"Then you know there's nothing to be afraid of. Now come on our of there", he instructed. She shook her head and said,
"But I can't", I looked at Oz and walked into the house and removed the table she was hiding behind when I realised that parts of her legs had broken and the girl simply stared at them then looked at me with teary eyes. This made me remember from back at the circus show with the girl in the wheelchair. Oz couldn't do anything for her but surely he could do something now.
I looked back at Oz as he saw the legs he turned to Finley and ordered to give him the bag. He reached in and searched through his bag of tricks and pulled out a bottle of quick-drying glue. 
"What's that?" Asked the broken girl,
"Magic in a bottle" Oz replied as he began to carefully dab the glue onto the pieces of her leg and he slowly fit the leg into place and watched it dry.
"Ta-Da" Oz cheered quietly. Then we heard the screeching of the wicked witch's flying baboons, it seemed to grow louder and scarier by the mere second.
"Oh no no no, they're coming back!" The little girl cried, we all gathered in a corner under the stairs until they flew overhead and when the town grew silent once more. We sighed with relief and Oz glued the second leg back together and she let out a smile.
"Would you like to try to stand?" I asked, she looked up and nodded slightly, I grabbed her small, delicate china fingers and lifted her up, I held on until she maintained her balance. I slowly released my grip on her but kept my hands nearby I prevent any more breaks. As she gained balance she told her story of the large celebration for the arrival of the wizard, but also how the flying baboons destroyed the village under the order of the wicked witch. She slowly took one step and stumbled, I caught her and she continued to walk. Once she mastered walking once again, we stepped out and onto the china filled town and carefully back up to the yellow brick road. At the top of the hill we hit the fork once again, Oz tried to send the china girl back to the Emerald City to keep her safer but she was a stubborn girl and wouldn't leave. 
"I want to go with you" she admitted, she was obviously frightened.
"On a witch hunt? Nah, you're just a little girl" he declined and these two people were very stubborn. Finley and I simply stood by and watched this argument.
"I'm not as delicate as I look", china girl threatened as she kicked Oz in the shins obviously causing no pain.
"That didn't hurt" he replied. China girl stood her ground and didn't move.
"Listen, we have one rule in show business; never work with kids or animals. And I'm already working with this thing", Oz said rudely pointing to Finley. 
"Oscar!" I exclaimed, Finley simply growled in response.
"Relax! The answer is no" he added. I saw the little girl start to tear up once again and I knew she'd end up with her way. 
"You're going to leave me alone? On a road? In the middle of nowhere" she became overly melodramatic and Oz had no chance of winning this fight. She cried and cried and cried and then she jumped and clung onto Oz's leg refusing to let go. Oz looked as if he could take no more.
"Fine! Fine! You wanna come? Come! We'll all go it'll be one big party!" He gave in sarcastically.
"Great! Let's go kill ourselves a witch!" She said a bit too eagerly as she went and skipped down the road. Finley, Oz and I reached exchanged a weird look and we slowly followed her down the road. The sun began to set on the luscious green hills of Oz and the beautiful colour-filled flowers closed up as night began to fall as we made our way inside the Dark Forest.

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