The Wondrous Conman

This is the story of Oz, The Great and Powerful with a twist, here we bring Samantha I simple country girl from Kansas who has always been baffled by Oz's astonishing magic shows. Plz read and fav and comment haha I always love feedback.


2. The New and The Old

Chapter 2
-The New and The Old-
"I don't know", I answered cluelessly. We trudged through the shallow water and reached the sludgy bank. Oz stopped dead in his tracks and I simply stared at him, little did I know he was staring at someone else. I turned and saw a beautiful young woman dressed in a white shirt, dark tight pants, a long red felt blazer with a matching hat, she wore talk riding boots and simply stood, obviously having Oz's attention.
"I saw you fall from the sky", the woman finally said. Oz was about to speak when I cut him off, displaying my existence.
"We got caught in a twister", I explained briefly. Oz looked blankly around at the odd looking canopy, wondering where we had landed.
"I'm sorry, where are we exactly?" I asked.
"Where do you think you are?" The woman replied mysteriously, I gave her a confused expression but Oz spoke.
"I have no idea... It's like no place I've ever seen", Oz stared.
"You are in Oz" she concluded. Oz and I blankly looked at each other in wonder.
"That's my name" Oz explained. "Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmanuel Ambroise Diggs!" He explained in a bit more detail. He had alot of names.
"But he is more commonly named as Oz", I interrupted. Oz then flashed a bouquet of flowers from what seemed like thin air and handed them to the woman. I seemed to had suffered with green-eyed jealousy at this point. The woman giggled like a child and graciously took the flowers.
"I knew it! The king's prophecy was true!" She exclaimed with certainty. "He said that a great wizard bearing the name of our land will descend from the heavens and save us all", she explained as if she had been waiting a long time for this day.
Oz looked at me in disbelief and said.
"I don't know about any of this...", he said.
"And here you are, here to claim your throne", she stated. This was utterly ridiculous. I pulled Oz aside from this mysterious woman, 
"Are you sure this a good idea Oscar?" I asked with great concern.
"What are you on about it's a great idea. And how come you know my name but I don't know yours?" He asked very stupidly.
"Because you went and paraded your full name to that woman and you haven't even bothered to ask of mine", I explained very sternly and full of rage, his flirtatious acting had me furious and filled with envy. His eyes grew wide with shock as I had never raised my voice nor had he expected a woman to do so.
"Then, what is your name?" He whispered,
"Samantha, thanks for asking" I replied sarcastically. He rolled his eyes and turned us back towards the red woman we knew nothing about.
"Now where were we?" Oz asked,
"You are here to claim your throne" she insisted.
"Throne? You mean like a king's throne?" He asked unsure but clearly liking the idea.
"Why yes of course because you will be our king" she continued. The woman started talking about all the gold, the sceptre and the grand palace and Oz was well intrigued at the thought of a large wealth.
"Oz will be as it once was, because you are the wizard aren't you?" She asked with hopeful eyes.
"Yes, I am the wizard" he replied with a smug smile. We started to walk along a pathway with seemed to be made of yellow brick when all of a sudden I spotted the silhouette of a flying figure.
"What was that?!" I asked with my voice filled with panic. 
"The wicked witches minions. They've been sent to kill you", she explained without very much warning. Oz and I looked at each other and I could see his eyes were filled with fear, as we're mine. 
"Kill us?! Wicket witch?! What?" Oz asked with great confusion. Somehow when we arrived in the land of Oz we weren't expected to hunted and probably assassinated.
"We'd better hurry or else your reign will be over before it's begun", the woman directed us as we ran through the thick vegetation, we ran so fast that Oz and I constantly tripped over the rocky ground whilst being tracked and chased by flying baboons. 
At one point Oz grabbed my hand and led me around until we reached a small cave just above the ground. The woman, clearly showing off, climbed up with ease, I attempted but due to the slippery level I slipped but Oz caught my fall and helped me up. I sat inside and both of us ladies helped Oz into the tight and stuffy cave. We all sat at the back of it looking through the waterfall on the outside, when we saw many shadows. I held my breath and my heart beat was far out of my chest.  
The baboons shadows faded as they flew away and we all let out a fearful sigh of relief. Oz poked his head out of the clearing and gave us a thumbs up, noting the coast was clear.
"Perhaps the wicked witch has summoned them back" the woman suggested.
"I don't like witches" I said, 
"Me either" Oz replied. The woman gave us a strange look.
"I too am a witch", she explained. Oz and I looked at each other and we felt rather scared.
"I'm Theodora The Good", Oz looked at me and I laughed.
"You're not a witch", I said,
"Of course I am" she insisted
"But where are your warts?" I asked meaning of the stereotypical witch.
"And your broom?" Oz added,
"What would I do with a broom?" She asked confused.
"Fly?" Oz and I replied in sync.
"With a broom? I don't understand" Theodora was clearly not from the real world. We were interrupted by a baboon landing on top of the cave with a large and bloodcurdling roar. We all gasped and held our breath as Oz reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a dove. He threw it and it flew away without hesitation, causing the flying monkey to follow it.
We slowly and hesitantly stepped down and found the yellow brick road once more. We walked and walked and walked until we could walk no more, we found a little grassy area with a fallen log and Theodora immediately took charge and said.
"We should rest here for the night, it is still a long walk to the Emerald City". Oz and I looked at each other with excited faces. 
"Well it's probably normal for a woman as gorgeous as you to live in such a fine city", he said directed at Theodora. This made my blood boil with rage and jealousy. Theodora blushed and walked away out of sight to search firewood.
"What do you think you're doing?! You are so arrogant and ignorant with your flirting. Just stop you are going to hurt someone!" I yelled with rage. He jumped with shock at how non stereotypical I was and how I was totally aware of what he was doing.
"I know nothing of the sort", he denied. I scoffed with outrage and simply sat down on the log with my hands in my lap. He sat next to me and said,
"Samantha, you are not like most women I've met, you are brighter and smarter than they are. That is why I never trick you", my heart warmed up and my heartbeat was faster than it ever was before. I dropped my head and sighed.
"I know you are just a conman, a fake, a simple trickster but Theodora does not, that is why you have her wrapped around your finger. She is pathetic and will believe anything you say or do", I admitted. I saw Oscar sigh and he spoke once more in that voice than turned my limbs weak.
"I'm glad you know so I don't have to lie to you and you will not be hurt", he admitted and by the sound of his voice he sounded genuine and honest. 
Theodora returned and interrupted the 'moment', she dropped the wood and with a wave of her hand she conjured a fire and set it onto the wood. Oz and I jumped and I simply walked and laid next to the fire with my head rested on my arms. The thick vegetation provided mild warmth from the harsh cold night. I rolled onto my back and watched the fireflies appear from the dark and flew around giving a nightlight feel. They twirled and danced in the dark night sky brightening the lonely ambience. They flew around me, bringing a smile to my face and I held my hand out and few shone and danced across my palm. I turned and laid on my side as the little bright fireflies fluttered around each of my fingers one by one, I looked up and mine and Oscar's eyes met and he flashed a smile at me with his many dimpled in each of his, I smiled and closed my eyes, falling into a warm, dreamless sleep, thinking about the beauty and colour of this wondrous land.

I was awoke by a fallen leaf as bright as the sun, I brushed it off of my cheek and slowly sat upright, Oz was sitting and tying the laces on his shoes when I awoke. I stood and picked a flower as I waited for Theodora to place her hat on her head then we set on foot The Yellow Brick Road and made our way to the Emerald City. 
We stepped along the road of yellow brick and Theodora spoke words that struck my heart in pain and heartbreak. She spoke to Oz and said,
"Here I thought I’d live a lonely life, and then you showed up. Not only are you the Wizard, you’re the person I belong with", these words felt as though they had stabbed me in the chest and punctured my very soul. Oz looked up from his daze on the bricks and gulped.
"Well we sure get along..." He replied hesitantly.
"And?..." She asked hoping for a response.
"All in good time", Oz concluded with a half smile. I looked at him and so did Theodora. Although she seemed to be in mild disparity.
We continued to walk along the yellow brick road when a cry for help called out from behind us. 
"Help me! Somebody please save me!" I jerked my head and saw a small flyable monkey in a bellhop costume, he was tangled from neck to toe in thick vines and was struggling to set himself free. I quickly rushed over to him, I tugged on the vines and called back to Oz for help.
"Oz help! We must set him free for the more I pull, the tighter it's grip gets!" I called in fear, Oz reached inside his pocket and quickly pulled out his handy little pocketknife, he sawed on the fine and the monkey began to panic.
"You gotta get me out of these vines," he cried. "I’m going to die! It’s going to eat me". Oz gave the monkey a confused look and responded.
"Don't worry, these vines aren't going to eat you", in attempt to calm him down.
"Not the vines! The lion!" He yelled pointing ahead. Oz and I turned and saw a large and frightening lion. I gasped and Oz gave a simple 'woah'. The monkey was set free and he flew onto my back and held onto my shoulder as he cowered in fear. I knew Oz could baffle a witch but he could not kill a brave and terrifying lion. He looked at me in fear and I simply shrieked.
"Oz!" He jerked back and saw the lion leap and charge towards him. He pulled up his sleeve. He threw something onto the ground and produced a massive cloud of red smoke causing the lion to retreat in fear of the unfamiliar cloud. 
"Zim Zallah Bim! Be gone coward! Fear my greatness!" He yelled with dramatisation with a wave of his hands. 
"You were wonderful wizard", Theodora exclaimed with an amazed nature. Then the monkey dropped from my shoulders and spoke in astonishment.
"Wizard? You mean the prophecy was true?" Oz fell silent then spoke up.
"All right, well, saved the day, Just a little prestidigitatic display. Shall we go to the palace now?" He asked and when Theodora nodded they were off. I felt bad to leave the monkey, but I too began to walk away.
"Wait! Please sir! My name is Finley. My master’s home was ransacked by the Wicked Witch’s baboons and I’ve been hiding in these woods ever since!" The monkey yelled, he raised his right hand and placed his left over his heart and spoke once more.
"You’ve saved my life, oh Wizard. So I hereby swear a life debt to you". Oz looked confused.
"There is no need", he replied being humble, but Finley insisted.
"From this moment on, I shall be your loyal and faithful servant until death". Oz gave in.
"All right, you're hired".
"Wonderful, lets shake on it!" Finley suggested but instead Oz handed him his heavy briefcase full of his tricks. 
"Oz! Goodness, try not to be so rude!" I yelled,
"It's alright m'lady, I will hold this bag night and day if I am ordered to" Finley admitted, he was the cutest animal I had ever seen and I took the case off him and held it myself, I lifted Finley and sat him on my shoulder and we began a small conversation and he told me all about his old master and the accident of which he died. 
We trotted on the yellow brick road and we passed a small hill and Oz and I both stopped in our footsteps as we stared at the beautiful city made entirely out of emerald gemstones, shining and gleaming with green light. We had arrived at the Emerald City.

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