The Wondrous Conman

This is the story of Oz, The Great and Powerful with a twist, here we bring Samantha I simple country girl from Kansas who has always been baffled by Oz's astonishing magic shows. Plz read and fav and comment haha I always love feedback.


4. The Dark Forest

The moment we stepped forth inside the Dark Forest, the sky turned grey and the breeze grew heavier. The bats flew as the grass turned to rocky grey path and the thick trees blocked out any light from the outside. 
"You're gonna die! you're gonna die!" Cawed a crow as black as the night sky. 
"Why are we off to defeat a wicked witch?" China Girl asked blankly.
"Because once I kill her, then I will become king according to the prophecy" Oz admitted. The little china girl then begged Oz to be carried and he lifted her up and held her in his arm. Finley looked at Oz with a pleading look, he held his arms out asking to be carried aswell. Oz rejected Finley and the monkey gave a despaired and frightened look and I bent down and lifted him into my embrace and he wrapped his furry, shaky arms around my neck in search of some form of protection. I held Oscar's arm and he grabbed my hand as we slowly and quietly stepped on the cold, hard ground.
"Do you think there are ghosts out here?" The little frightened China girl asked, her voice filled with fear. 
"No, of course not, there's no such thing", I replied in attempt to comfort her.
"Evil spirits maybe? The undead?" She added, now I was growing scared, and I could see Oz was also.
"The undead? Would you stop that!" He said sternly but also fearfully. We continued walking when all of a sudden. A plant with a horrible frightening face burst out of the black forestation, causing the four of us to scream in fear, it roared and made the dark seem even less scary. We dodged and weaved in and out of various plants and vines leaping out at us. We turned one last corner and stepped into a larger space filled with grey fog and a large, tall black fence with a gate and behind it was a large black field with dark, lifeless gravestones and burnt leafless trees.
"So how are you gonna kill the wicked witch?" China Girl asked still rather eager at the idea,
"All I need to do is get hold of her wand. Once we destroy that she's finished" Oz replied shakily. The china girl then pulled out a knife and started waving it around,
"Why don't you just use this?" 
"It's got a knife!" Finley shrieked and I jumped in shock of such a young girl in hold of a weapon such as that.
"Give me that! Honestly" Oz said as he grabbed it and threw it away.
"Honestly yourself" she mimicked. 
I saw something out of the corner of my eye and I turned my head and saw a black, cloaked, floating figure. Hovering in our direction, I grabbed Oz, who was holding the china girl, and Finley and pulled them behind a large wall of stone as we watched the figure float to the gate of the cemetery. She reached into her cloak and pulled out a black key and then placed her wand onto a large nearby boulder. 
"That must be her" I said, 
"She put down the wand" Oz added,
"But how are you going to get it?" Asked the china girl. Oz then quickly grabbed a stick and drew random shapes.
"The triangle is the witch, monkey; your the X, I'm the O, Samantha: you're the diamond and china girl: your the squiggly line", he said drawing up a small map indicating the plan.
"I want to be a heart. Can I be a heart?" The little china girl interrupted. Oz rubbed the line and replaced it with a heart shape.
"Now. Heart stays here. As O moved to the Triangle. X and Diamond counters thusly", Oz directed that China Girl would stay put, Finley and I would go over to a small forest of black trees and he would go towards the witch.
"Clear so far?" Oz asked, I looked over at Finley who began to scrunch up his nose and finally, he sneezed, blowing away the entire plan.
"Good work, you just sneezed away the plan", Oz muttered.
"Sorry" Finley apologised.
"Whatever just go over there, make some animal noises and I'll grab the wand and break it", he briefly explained. We all took our positions and I watched Oz, when the evil witch's back was turned, Oz leaped and ran behind the boulder. Just as Oz carefully and slowly rose and was just about touching the wand of the witch he heard Finley produce one of the weirdest noises. 
"MOOOOOOO!" He called, I looked over at Finley beside me and gave him a strange look, he simply moo'ed once more. The witch turned towards us and we ducked behind the trees and hoped we had done enough to distract her for the right amount of time. We slowly got down and crawled along the dirty ground, we made it back to the stone wall and waited for Oz to return with the wand. He did so just as we arrived, we quietly urged him to break it.
"Go on wizard. Break it!" China Girl whispered.
"Did you say wizard?" We heard and unrecognised voice say from behind Oz. it was the witch. We all screamed in fear and at the same pitch. We faced death at this moment.
Oz stuttered in a frightened tone of voice.
"Well that's a complicated question. I mean what is a wizard? Re-" before Oz could continue she pulled off the hood of her cloak revealing hair of a shimmering blonde and a face as beautiful as anything and I could see that Oz was baffled. 
"Yes, I am the wizard" he stated, the woman's face grew a smile.
"Then there's hope", she said.
I turned to China Girl and she turned to Finley.
"What's going on?" She asked,
"I don't know, I sneezed the plan away", he replied, I chuckled to myself and turned back to the unknown woman.
"I am Glinda The Good, The witch of the South" she declared,
"This is Samantha,
Finley, China Girl and my name is Oz. But I thought Evanora was the good witch" he questioned. 
"Evanora is the true wicked witch. As conniving and cruel as they come. She’s fooled most everyone, including her own sister. She made everyone believe I poisoned my own father, but it was she", She explained and clearing alot of questions floating in my mind.
"So. She was the one who destroyed my village?" China Girl asked with eyes welling with tears. Glinda knelt down and apologised for her terrible loss as the little china girl hugged Finley tightly. Finley walked up to Glinda handing her her wand, 
"Here's your wand. Sorry I moo'ed" he apologised as she took back her wand.
"Follow me" Glinda said, leading us inside the graveyard.


Back inside the Emerald City, Evanora was looking inside the crystal ball, simply watching the starting events of how Oz met Glinda.
"No no no it cannot be! Curse you Glinda curse you and your pretty little face! I will see you dead yet" she cursed as she waved over the ball. Theodora burst into the Throne Room crying for help,
"Sister! Sister the wizard is missing! I've searched everywhere but he's gone! Where is he?" She had a face of fear and great sadness.
"With Glinda" she responded honestly but seemed to be conjuring some sort of evil plan in her wicked mind.
"Then it's happening. He's fulfilling the prophecy, he'll bring her darkness into the light, and peace to the land", she grew happier as she watched inside the ball of crystal.
"Unfortunately it is not! My sister, I have watched over the wizard and Glinda and I certainly hope he has not fallen for her charms", she lied. 
"He said we would rule Oz together, he said I would be his queen", Theodora began grow teary as she watched Oz and Glinda inside the ball.
"Did he?... Are you quite sure it was you to said that to him?" Theodora grew angry at herself remembering that it was infact her. She grew shameful and a wave of sadness flew over her, Evanora tried to comfort her but at the same time tried to make her more angry at herself.
Theodora ran into her room and stared into her mirror, as the tears began to fall they burned her skin and left large marks in her smooth skin.
"You fool!" She said to herself. She slowly stood and screamed at her reflection as she smashed it with her fist causing many pieces of broken glass to fly all over the room.

As Evanora stood outside the Emerald City towers, she ordered her army of flying baboons.
"I want Glinda and that wizard torn to shreds, do not fail me a second time! FLY!" She yelled and the baboons soon shrieked and the sky turned black from the flying baboons filling the sky chasing after the truth-knowing victims with great urgency.


Oz, Finley, the china girl and I stood in front of the grave of the old king and listened to Glinda's story of how Evanora poisoned him and the fact that she made everyone believed Glinda committed the murder. It was a sad story and the thought that Evanora even had Theodora convinced truly shocked us all. 
"She knows. Evanora knows you know the truth now, look!" Glinda exclaimed, pointing at the dark, night sky. There we saw the black cloud of flying baboons headed our way, and on the ground we saw an army of Winkie Guards charging towards us. I looked at Glinda and we both turned towards the wizard. 
"What do we do?" He cried.
"Now's the time. Use your magic", Glinda suggested urgently, Oz searched through his jacket of tricks but found nothing.
"Uh... I think we should run" he yelled. I grabbed Finley and Oz picked up the small china girl and Glinda ran next to us. We ran through the field of dead, lifeless gravestones as the Winkies and baboons came behind us. Glinda stopped suddenly and as she waved her wand a thick cloud of fog drifted over the ground and filling the black air. We heard many shrieks and screeches from the guards and baboons, with Finley on my back I ran ahead guiding Oz and Glinda with the little girl made of china close behind. Until Finley could no longer see them, we were caught in the thick fog and had no sight of the others, 
"Oz" I called
"Wizard" Finley repeated. We heard nothing but mystical silence. 
"Monkey! Samantha!" We heard Oz and China Girl's voices call. I ran with Finley clutching on my shoulders and were stopped with a big THUD! We crashed into Oz and sent the delicate china girl flying into the air.
"Help! Catch me please!" She shrieked as she fell closer and closer toward the ground. Oz held out his hands and caught her just before she fell to her shattering death. Glinda appeared out of nowhere and led us out of the thick mist but we found ourselves at the edge of a cliff. We stood with behind us a clearing full of flying baboons and Winkie Guards and before us a large cliff with a death drop. 
"What do we do?!" I cried.
"What do we do. Just do what I do", Glinda ordered. I watched as she took if her long, black cloak revealing a snow-white dress and we simply watched as she fell forward and off the edge of the cliff face. I gasped and watched as Finley placed the china girl on his back and flew down after Glinda. Oz and I looked at each other in fear as we looked behind seeing the army getting nearer to us. Oz grabbed my hand and held his back in the other, 
"On the count of three", he ordered.
"One, Two, Three!" We yelled and fell of the edge of the cliff, I seemed to fall harder and faster than Oz and I lost grip on his hand and screamed as I fell straight into a mystical pool of water, I seemed stuck, as I opened my eyes I saw simply dark blue surrounding me. As I moved my hand into sight, bubbles formed around my arm and I realised I had been breathing this entire time. I was stuck in this dark blue and breathable space with some form of transformation happening within me. My dirty light brown gown turned as blue as the sky above me and the sleeves grew and reached my wrists. I looked at my wrists and saw bracelets forming with a large blue sapphires encrusted inside it. My dark brown hair floated around me and turned into a lighter shade. I felt myself being risen up and out of the water space, I felt myself completely dry and inside what seemed to be a large bubble around me. My head felt heavy and as I went to touch my forehead I felt a crystal headband formed around my head with a dangling sapphire in the middle of my forehead. I looked in front of me and saw Oz, china girl and Glinda also in bubbles with Finley flying right beside me. I saw my other companions staring at me with weird expressions but Glinda was simply smiling.
"What happened to me?" I asked Glinda, if anyone could explain what happened, she could. 
"Don't you see?" She asked, was she kidding? Do I see what?
"No, see what?" I replied.
"You're a witch", said Glinda.
I was shocked. That's all I felt. I looked at the reflection in the bubble and that confirmed what Glinda said. I simply stared at my reflection as Glinda spoke once again.
"You will now be know as Samantha, The Good, the witch of the North", I wondered for a moment.
"I thought Theodora was the good witch?" I asked
"She is, the witch of the west" she added. That cleared everything up. I held onto the bubble as we were lifted out of the fog and into the blinding sunlight. I had no control over the bubble and it seemed to be directing itself. All the bubbles followed Glinda and we were astonished by the many wonders of The Land of Oz. we followed a lake and ended up at what looked like another bubble but more like a large wall.
"Is that a wall?" I asked Glinda,
"Of sorts, it repels our enemies and protects us from harm", she explained, I looked over the others and Oz seemed distressed.
"But we're headed straight for it. And going very fast", he stuttered.
"You needn't worry wizard, it's a magic wall! And all good-hearted souls get to pass through" she explained with no worries. I wasn't sure if Oz was a purely a good soul. 
"I'm gonna die!" He yelled and I wasn't sure if he was going to make it through the wall. I braced myself as I successfully burst through the wall behind Glinda and the china girl. Finley made it through with ease and I looked behind me as he got stuck at the wall but eventually made it through, I knew there was still some good left in him. 
We slowed down and landed safely on the ground of a small city as the bubbles popped and dissolved from around us, freeing us from it. 
We were applauded by a large group of people and I was introduced to the crowd.
"Samantha, The Good Witch of the North! And the Great and Powerful Wizard of Oz!" Glinda exclaimed as the crowd roared for Oz and I. We were led up the castle steps as we turned and stood in front of the desperate audience. 

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