The Wondrous Conman

This is the story of Oz, The Great and Powerful with a twist, here we bring Samantha I simple country girl from Kansas who has always been baffled by Oz's astonishing magic shows. Plz read and fav and comment haha I always love feedback.


6. Ideas and Battle Plans

Glinda and I rushed inside the castle halls and spotted Oz with his satchel headed towards the back exit of the small palace.
"Where do you think you're going?" I yelled down the hallway.
"I'm leaving, what does it look like?" He replied sarcastically.
"Leaving? But you promised to help us" Glinda protested, with her arms folded within each other.
"That's before I knew what we were up against. An army and yet ANOTHER wicked witch, bent on destroying everything. Especially me!" He said as he walked and stood in front of us with his satchel clutched to his chest. 
"We can defeat them. There must be something, something we haven't thought of, something that we're not seeing. Something we're just on the verge of!" Glinda wouldn't give in to surrender, she very much wanted to see the good people of Oz free of any wickedness.
"You need a real wizard! Better yet a general!" He interrupted,
"But your all I have!" She practically yelled with frustration.
Then we heard a small voice come from the doorway,
"Someone needs to tuck me in", we all turned and saw the little porcelain girl and I wondered how much of the conversation she had heard.
"Of course, allow me" Glinda insisted, but she refused.
"My Papa used to do it" she admitted with a small voice,
"I see. Perhaps you'd prefer the wizard then?" She offered, the little china girl nodded in agreement and I turned to the blank Oz and instructed him to go with the child. He nodded and left without a trace, Glinda left to her chambers soon after. I sat in the lounge chair and began to read a book. 
Meanwhile Evanora watched over her towering army of Winkie Guardsmen and her flying baboons as they sharpened their terrifying weapons, sending sparks flying into the black of night. The guards marched and awaited orders from their wicked ruler, Evanora.
"My very own Winkie Guards, soon you will be facing Glinda and her army of weaklings, and when they see our towering might they will run and flee for the-"
"No!" Theodora interrupted, "We shall not let them flee! We will show them no mercy!" She yelled as their army roared gruffly and set off for battle. It seemed as though Theodora was more wicked than Evanora ever was. 
I continued to read my book when Oz ran back into the library with wide eyes and a beaming expression. 
"I've got it!", he exclaimed.
"What have you got?" I asked curiously,
"I've got a way out of this mess!" He announced as he grabbed a book from his satchel and handed it to me. I flicked through the pages of the brown book and saw his very own magicians manual' "it's all in there; illusion, misdirect, slight if hand!" he explained as I smiled widely. 
"The carnival magician is going to put on a show?"
"I'll put on the show of a lifetime. The likes of which the land of Iz has never seen!" He yelled happily. "It'll be my greatest trick yet" he whispered as I ran over to Glinda's table and grabbed the map of Oz as he sat down and examined it and I read his illusion manual. He took my hand and kissed it as he looked over the map and torn book looking for ideas to arise in his tricky mind of his.

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