The Wolf's Revenge

Alice Wolf is the eldest in her household and is considered perfect. When her half-sister Gabby decides she wants that spot she takes it. Alice is banished as a black sheep and is sent to her Uncle's house. The neighborhood boys take notice of the loner in the tower and try to get her to come out of it. To bad she's the big bad wolf


1. 0.1 Change in Tradition

“Alice shut up nobody likes you.” Gabby pushes me down. For being a younger sister, half-sister none the less, you think she would be a good friend. Wrong. The little hellion is rebellious and imperfect. Exactly what she wants to be, I on the other hand am considered “perfect” to her and everyone around me. Gabby doesn’t think outside herself, thinks I’m doing this to spite her. Wrong again. I do this so she can run around and live. It’s a tradition the family has had. If one wants to live and be free, the elder must take reasonability. Every child in our family understands this rule even if it is unspoken. Her mother, my step mother is vain and wants perfection. She began putting Gabby down in order to install it at a young age as well. Seeing this I realized to the unspoken rule now applied to me. I changed my act from a stupid slob to a genius prim child. It had an opposite effect on Gabby. She began to hate me even though I told her the tradition, Ben our uncle even told her. Yet she didn’t listen. She found her friends and even a steady boyfriend, much better than me in fact. She is a child who gets what she wants and she flaunts it.

“It’s completely true. Nobody likes me, but they adore you. It’s evident you still don’t understand.” I say slowly getting up.
“And what’s that? The so called tradition? I told you its fake, you even got Uncle Ben on your side.”
“It may be tradition but it’s for a good reason. Wulfs are known to expect perfection from at least one child in a household, it always befalls the eldest to take the responsibility and let the younger ones roam and be free. That’s just it. I have taken criticism and have become a perfectionist so you can have what you have.” I smile. I lunge punch her in the face.
“I have thrown my life towards pleasing others so you can be who you want to be!” I yell. Her eyes widen then she glares and she lunges back. Blocking her blow she continues to wail on me.
 “I am constantly compared to you and I stopped caring!” she wails her body around.
“You’re so childish! It’s all about you, you, you, you! Have you notice I am forced to work for everything? I have 2 jobs and I buy everything I own. The only thing that was given to me was great grandmother’s antiques that everyone hates! You know what I have heard about you?”
“What? That I’m useless? An idiot? Tell me what I am!” she lands a blow on my cheek.
“You are an independent little spitfire, the best fighter, the greatest younger sibling to the eldest of the household! You are the rebel angel and they love you for it! You would become greater if you became the perfect one!” she punches me in the stomach and I lose my breath.
“Great idea! Now I can be better than you!” she walks off laughing. What have I done?

A few days later…..

“Great news!” Cuirstan, my stepmother walks in. Dressed up in a ridiculous fashion “that is all the rage right now”, it’s hard to take her seriously.
“Your father just got transferred to Montana!” she cheers.
“Are there cool shops there?”  Gabby asks hopefully.
“Yes I didn’t know you wanted any shops.” Curistan smiles. She turns then does a double take.
“Greg! Gabby wants to go shopping in a cool shop!” she totters off in her ridiculous high heels. She comes back with my father in tow.
“I also have been getting better with my grades. They might not be as high as Alice’s but I’m working on it!” she smiles brightly. Our parents go and call everyone in the family and alert them that Gabby is no longer a bitch or anti-fashion. After this is it only expands. Gabby becomes everything I am, perfect.

“Did you hear? Gabriella is doing Taekwondo! She’s a yellow belt now!” my Aunt Matilda gossips with her daughter. It’s Gabby’s 13th birthday and they’re treating it like a Sweet 16.
“I know she’s becoming a great Wulf. What ever happened to the other one?”
“Hm? I’m not sure, I heard she went off and got drunk at a party.”
“Uh guys I’m right here you know.” I say. They turn with surprise in their eyes.
“Oh hello Alice, what have you been doing lately?”
“The same old same old. I got another degree in my black belt in both taekwondo and karate.” I say with a smile.
“That’s nice dear, how does it feel to try and measure up to your sister now that she’s catching up?” Aunt Matilda asks.
“I’m happy and proud that she’s getting better with her life.” I smile genuinely.
“Aren’t you jealous that she’s getting more attention?” my cousin asks.
“No, actually because she’s getting more attention it’s like a vacation for me. She can have her turn in the spotlight.”
“We see. Well better get going dear don’t want to get left behind now.” Auntie says scooting me away.
“too late, I’m forgotten already.” I mumble.  I look towards the birthday girl and our parent’s. they seem complete and happy, I should leave them alone. I see an old lady standing at the side and looking lonely. Walking up I see its great grandmother.

“Hello great Grandmother, how are you?”
“Alice good to see you! Still talking to me when you know you shouldn’t!” she laughs giving me a hug.
“You’re my grandmamma, of course I will talk to you.” I smile hugging back.
“Why aren’t you in the party dear?”
“It’s Gabby’s day and she finally the center of attention.”
“Your stepmother is taking over the family, it won’t be long before she shuns you.”
“In fact I wouldn’t mind or care actually. I could use time for me.”
“Being perfect won’t stop you know. You’re one of the first in a long time that has been pushed aside for the younger to take over.”
“One of the first? Is there someone else?” I ask intrigued.
“Yes, there was your grandfather as well as your father. I warn you, if you let her take over, the curse will be brought down once again.”
“Curse? Are you ok grandmamma?”
“You know why we are called Wulf right?” she asks.
“We trained wolves in Romania right?”
“That’s only half the story, the name originally was Varcolac, sometimes Lup. A blessing was given to tame the curse. To keep the curse down the eldest would have to be model for the rest. Once it is broken, it is unleashed on the one who let it happen.”
“Curse? Me?” I tremble.
“Your father was the only one who escaped it for the time being.”
“Dad? What did he do?”
“No, not the one there, your biological one.”
“Where is he?” she puts a finger to her lips.
“Ah ah, I can’t say. You, you are a special case I can see it.” She smiles.
“The eyes will see everything but the future; they can take you back in time. But beware, time repeats itself unless you can change it.” She warns holding my arm.
“Are you sure this will happen to me grandmamma? Gabby is the one who changed it.”
“Gabby is not true Wulf, that man only took last name to save his own butt. You are real Wulf; first change arrives with the next Hunter’s Moon.”
“Grandmamma are you ok?”
“I’m fine dearie, go enjoy the party we can talk later.” She scoots me off. Why is everyone scooting me off like a child? What the hell is wrong with grandmamma? Hunters Moon, familiar. I go near Gabby and our parents while she cuts the cake and afterwards I go upstairs to organize and pack. Tomorrow is the day. Goodbye Santa Monica, California, hello, Helena, Montana.

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