You take my breath away

Hello!, this is my first movella! So hate please! I will put up a quiz to see who can get a charater in this movella!:-) anyway: Ro lived her life in australlia, with her mum untill her mum got a new boyfriend and and no longer wanted Ro , so Ro had to move to London with her acholic dad.he would beat,her harm her,make her cry. So Ro started school, she choose Westfield high,she soon grew popular , you would think Ro's life was perfect, her long brown hair cascading past her shoulders,beautiful ocean blue eyes,average high, skinny & beautiful, but as soon as she got home she hated life wanted to kill herself, but her dad did something Horrible to her,that she would be scared for life. she only relised that the famous band ONE DIRECTION went to the school, but she wasnt a fan though , but when Niall horan & harry styles fall in love wih Ro , who will win her heart? What happens when her dad comes back for her? Who will save her? Read to find out ! Love molly:-)


4. Westfield high


i woke up.sweating.arm killing.pain in the dad walked in my heart thumping. I flinched as he walked closer to me. I closed my eyes dreading the worst. But them my dad said"" and he walked out . I sighed and jumped into the shower . After i finished in the shower i dryed my hair and brushed it to the side. Then i put on a yellow flowery dress just above the knee, then I put on some eyeliner & mascara. Then finally i put on some blue pumps then grabbed my Cher Lloyd bag. Along wih my iPhone  & ipod. The bus finally turned up. " HURRY UP BITCH YOU BLOODY BUS IS HERE!" He shouted with anger. I quickly ran Down stairs trying not to let the tears spill. I Said goodbye and  got onto the i Walked onto the bus alot of eyes laid into me. I shyly walked past them and sat Down at the back on my own  then i turned on my ipod and played want you back by Cher Lloyd . 


my alarm started going off. I sighed and turned it off. I jumped up and showered.once i finished i put on my new Blue Ralph Lauren polo shirt along with my fav brown jeans.i then put my hair into a qiff and then ran down stairs grabbed my toast and kissed my mum goodbye  and put my vans on . I finished my toast and drove  to harrys house. Once i arrived i texted him saying i was outside . 5 mins later harry jumped into my red Ferrari ( i know Niall doesn't have a ferriari but i wanted him to so yeah!) . " hey mate" harry said happily." Hey bro" i simplily replied. Soon we arrived at school. Like usuall 30-40. Fans crowded around the school gates." Marry me Niall!" A fan said ." Harry let me love you!!" Another screams i looked over at harry then we both laughed.finally we got into the school . As me and harry got out of the car . A few girls came over and tried to flirt with us. I sighed  and ignored then. Unlike harry who was flirting back. I sighed again. As me and harry walked towards the door . I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around to see who it was. Kasey my ex girlfriend  . Great. " hey Nialler! I missed you baby" she said ." Dont call me baby." I said then I grabbed harrys arm and walked into the school. We started walking then harry found liam,louis and zayn. Who where sat down on the stairs like usuall.

RO'a P.O.V

soon we arrived at the school. Outside i saw about 40 girls out side the school screaming  and cheering. I was so confused . Why was their so many girls?  And why?Every one got off the bus . I was the last to leave, i thanked the driver and slowly made my way towards the school doors.i breathed in and opened the door. As i walked in i scanned the area . Their was a few goths by the lockers, a few students that where playing music,the their was some 'barbies'. I was to busy day dreaming  that i accidentally knocked my books out my hand causing a big noise thats when i noticed most people stairing at me. Is shiver ran down my spine why are they Looking at me? Am i that ugly?does my hair look terrible ?. Then i heard someone gasp. 


I sat next to louis and zayn . I starts to have a conversation about football . Louis was just about to tell me something . When i heard a loud noise coming from the front door. Me ,louis,zayn,liam and harry all looked in that direction( aha had to do that!:) ) 

my mouth fell open . Not only did mine but so did  louis ,zayn,harry and liam. I could not belive my eyes. Their stood the most beautiful girl my eyes had seen. She ha long brown hair,brushe to the side,she had adorable dimples.amazing ocean blue eyes, like mine. She wore a yellow flowery dress just above the knee, cute blue pumps. And a Cher Lloyd bag. She was just under my height and very slim. She was so stunning. I heard harry gasp . She looked over to us.then down at the floor at her books . She was just about to pick them up when  i quickly ran over to her and picked them up for her. She thanked me i then smiled at her she smiled back at me , i looked down at her arms which where coverd i. Bruises,cuts and a scar. I looked at her . Her smile faded when she noticed me look at her arm. She quickl hid it out of sight. I then brushed her cheek with my hand and asked her sweetly"what happened to your arm babe?"  On e i said that i could see tears form in be eyes then she ran to the bathroom . I glanced over to the boys . Then ran out side off the toliet , followed by harry. Louis . Zayn and harry.

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