You take my breath away

Hello!, this is my first movella! So hate please! I will put up a quiz to see who can get a charater in this movella!:-) anyway: Ro lived her life in australlia, with her mum untill her mum got a new boyfriend and and no longer wanted Ro , so Ro had to move to London with her acholic dad.he would beat,her harm her,make her cry. So Ro started school, she choose Westfield high,she soon grew popular , you would think Ro's life was perfect, her long brown hair cascading past her shoulders,beautiful ocean blue eyes,average high, skinny & beautiful, but as soon as she got home she hated life wanted to kill herself, but her dad did something Horrible to her,that she would be scared for life. she only relised that the famous band ONE DIRECTION went to the school, but she wasnt a fan though , but when Niall horan & harry styles fall in love wih Ro , who will win her heart? What happens when her dad comes back for her? Who will save her? Read to find out ! Love molly:-)


2. The demon within


"Come on!" I shouted to Harry." Okay!okay! Chill mate" harry replied cheekly.coming down the stairs and putting his shoes on. Some times he really did get on my nerves . But I pushed that thought tummy groaned .i was hungry , well i always am! Me and harry got in his car and he started to drive. Finally we arrived at nandos , my favourite fast food.i ordered peri peri chicken.i scoffed the food down . And I could see harry look at me, eyebrows raised." What? " i said abit annoyed. "Nothing" he replied.he stood up and walked off.just at that moment my phone buzzed , i went to check  who texted me . Louis .


hey Nialler! I just wanted to say schools not canceled tomorrow we have to go in :-( we have our science test tomorrow:'( anyway how are you? :) x

From: swag master from Doncaster;)

as i read the text . I slowly sighed. Louis set that name for himself ! I replied saying

 To: swag master from Doncaster 

hey boobear! Yeah i know ! Shame and im good just at nandos you?X


after i finished my nandos . I went and payed at the till and walked out . To find harry leaning against his car" you took your time" he said smugly ." Yeah i did" i replied.then we drove home listing to Coldplay .


i was just about to kiss Eleanor when my phone buzzed.i groaned .picked up my phone and it was from nialler 

to: swag master from Doncaster 

hey boobear! Yeah i know ! Shame and im good just at nandos you?X


i read the text and i was about to reply when Eleanor stroked my check .i turned to face her and she leant in for a kiss.

RO's P.O.V 

I woke  up,my head still spinning.I suddenly had a flash back of my mum telling me i had to live with my dad,even thinking about it ,gave my shivers down my spine.i thought it was a nightmare.untill i saw his face

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