You take my breath away

Hello!, this is my first movella! So hate please! I will put up a quiz to see who can get a charater in this movella!:-) anyway: Ro lived her life in australlia, with her mum untill her mum got a new boyfriend and and no longer wanted Ro , so Ro had to move to London with her acholic dad.he would beat,her harm her,make her cry. So Ro started school, she choose Westfield high,she soon grew popular , you would think Ro's life was perfect, her long brown hair cascading past her shoulders,beautiful ocean blue eyes,average high, skinny & beautiful, but as soon as she got home she hated life wanted to kill herself, but her dad did something Horrible to her,that she would be scared for life. she only relised that the famous band ONE DIRECTION went to the school, but she wasnt a fan though , but when Niall horan & harry styles fall in love wih Ro , who will win her heart? What happens when her dad comes back for her? Who will save her? Read to find out ! Love molly:-)


3. Bloodshot eyes


and that's when I saw him . Opening the door . Tall,muscular,messy brown hair & bloodshot eyes.and breath that stunk of vodka.

he started to walk towards me . Staggering .smirking.evil eyes darting at me.

" Hello slut,nice to see you again , last time i saw you was 2 years ago, before you and your shank of a mother ran out on me. Now your all mine. And you do as i say, or you can suffer in pain.your choice.and you can't run.

i gulped.i couldn't breath.." O-o-kaay" i said stuttering. " good he said harshly .

he left the soon as he did i cried no-stop.his words still freaked me out.

he came back about 30 minets later."go and he me some  vodka Ro" he said with an order.

"Okay dad" i said shakily . " i haven't got a-nny money" i said abit worried." RO GOT AND GET ME A FUCKING VODKA SLUT!" He shouted with anger.i nodes and grabbed the £10 off the counter and walked out . I picked up my paste and ran to the shop.

i grabbed the vodka . I gulped scared the might ask for my iD but i was 19 so that was okay.

i went up to the counter . He was to busy flirting with me to notice . But I payed and i walked out the shop. Slowly walking home.

on my way back i stoped and looked in the park.i saw children playing with their siblings ,uncles , but what most upset me was there where alot of kids with there mums and dad happily playing.they where lucky.i was about to contine walking , i quickly glanced over to the park. And I saw a little girl crying and she kept calling her mum & dad. I knew i had to go home, but i didnt care . So i walked over to the little girl ." A-a-re you okay"i said  trying not to scare her." I-I-I lost my mum and dad" she said between sobs."come here , whats your name sweetheart" i said ."anne what about you?"i gave her a hug and said: Ro"she smiled and then i asked her what her mum and dad looked like and where she last saw them. She told me the last time she saw them was Starbucks . So i took her there and she saw her dad" DADDY!MUMMY!" She said shouting and smiling at the same time.i loved seing kids happy. " thank good we found you, how did know where we where?" He asked confused. She looked at me and "Ro , she saw me upset and came over to see what the mater was with me, and then she took me to here" she said without breathing. Her dad smiled at me and said"thank you soo much! Can i treat you to a Starbucks?" I nooded happily. Me,Anne,her mum and dad all had a good  conversation .then i looked at my phone and sighed, then a feel of fear. I told them i would see them around and then as i was leaving  Anne ran up to me and have me a i walked out i felt really sick,scared what my dad would do.finally i reached home. I opened the door to find a very very angry looking dad. I gulped. 


today had been a long day, we just finished our concert and know i cant wait to go home and EAT! 

Zayn feel asleep in the car ,harry was texting someone,liam was trying to control a very energetic louis.will i just started out the window .

RO's P.O.V

I gulped. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?YOU FUCKING SLUT,GIVE ME THE BLOODY VODKA ,I DO T KNOW WHY THE FUCK YOUR MUM DIDNT GET RID OF YOU WHEN YOU WHERE YOUGN.GO DIE" he screamed at me craving the vodka out my hand. . I wanted to cry and scream , but i could t. I walked up to my room but my dad grabbed my arm and pulled me Dow. The stairs causing my arm to bruise. " GET UP BITCH,WHERE THE FUCK WHERE YOU GOING" he shouted making me feel petrified . I didnt reply."SPEAK BITCH" he screamed.he lifted up his ban a slapped me really hard . Making a yet up from my eye."YOU WORTHLESS SLUT!" He shouted . Then he punced me on my tummy and i fell got he floor. He started kicking me . The. He pushed me causing me to hit my ribs. I screamed in pain . Then again i felt the darkness over take me. HE GUYS SORRY ITS A SHORT CHAPTER!! Love molly :-)

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