You take my breath away

Hello!, this is my first movella! So hate please! I will put up a quiz to see who can get a charater in this movella!:-) anyway: Ro lived her life in australlia, with her mum untill her mum got a new boyfriend and and no longer wanted Ro , so Ro had to move to London with her acholic dad.he would beat,her harm her,make her cry. So Ro started school, she choose Westfield high,she soon grew popular , you would think Ro's life was perfect, her long brown hair cascading past her shoulders,beautiful ocean blue eyes,average high, skinny & beautiful, but as soon as she got home she hated life wanted to kill herself, but her dad did something Horrible to her,that she would be scared for life. she only relised that the famous band ONE DIRECTION went to the school, but she wasnt a fan though , but when Niall horan & harry styles fall in love wih Ro , who will win her heart? What happens when her dad comes back for her? Who will save her? Read to find out ! Love molly:-)


5. Authors note <3

Sorry guys i haven't updated in a while . I had school and alot of homework :( 

but im very happy . Because the boy i fancied asked me out in science !!! He is called harry :') i love him loads !<3 aha ! You proberly dont want to her about my love life, but i will update after school tomorrow okaii guys ?! :-) see you then:p I  would just like to make a SHOUTOUT (see what i did there ;) ) to Alex,Kenzie  & shopie!!! Who are my sistas from another family :p aha read shopies books ( i playNialls gf!) and read kenzies book called cyber harry !!!( im molly in the story !, going to be Nialls gf !eheh) read read these books they are amaZAYN!!! Love molly :-)

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