The Day That Changed My Life

Two girls won a competition to stay over at Harry's house with the rest of the band. What happens when Niall falls in love with one of them who knows. Read to find out


7. Chapter 6

*Nialls pov*

“Alisha is okay but how far on is she?” The doctor said concerned.

“ About 8 months. Why? Is she okay?” All I wanted to know if she and the baby was fine. He didn’t say anything but ran out of the room. Well that’s nice aint it? I was running after im while he was telling nurses and midwifes to go to room 13. That could be where Alisha is. When we got into that room I saw her on the bed with wires in her. My eyes started to water up.

“We need to get that baby out now.” One of them shouted.

“Sir you need to come out of the room.” A nurse kept saying to me. She was a lot smaller than I am.

“But shes my girlfriend.” Her face softened up and she led me to her side. I  took Alisha hand while she was squeezing it. All the sounds I heard seemed like they was on replay. There was screams, beeping and hearing the nurses shout ‘push’. Just then I heard the smallest cry. Alishas eyes light up when she heard it was a girl.

“She looks just like you Niall. She has your eyes.” I smiled while stroking my baby girls cheeks.

“And she has your nose.” I added onto what she said. “What are we going to call her?” I wanted Alisha to name her instead of me.

“I don’t know. What about Ireland Mai Horan?” She said with a smile. Ireland Mai Horan sounded perfect.

“Its perfect. Can I hold her?” Alisha nodded her head and passed her to me. She was a millimetre away from me until she got taken out of our hands.

“ Am sorry but we need to take her to surgery.” Panic went through my body and Alisha started to cry.

“Why does she need surgery?” Alisha asked.

“Only half of her heart is working and we need to try and get the other side to work aswell.” What? I cant belive what am actually hearing. I ran over to Alisha and just cuddled her. Why? I want to know what happened to her. I hope Ireland is okay. Maby Louis might know what happened. It ould be all Brandons fault. If it is am going to kill him.

“Babe am off to go and tell Louis the news.”


A/N- Yey. The baby has been born. What happened to her? Tell me what you think


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