The Day That Changed My Life

Two girls won a competition to stay over at Harry's house with the rest of the band. What happens when Niall falls in love with one of them who knows. Read to find out


5. Chapter 5

He started to walk slowly towards Louis and shouted at him.


" No i dont.... what did you way again.. I was too busy looking at Alisha and Niall to be honest. " Louis said back firmly.  " Oh yeh and by the way you need to get your hair sorted out... and get better clothes. " louis added on being all sassy. Daym... Louis is telling Brandon to sort his looks out. Classic. By the look of things Brandon didnt seem impressed by the comments given to him. His back was turned so he could do his hair. I let go of Alisha and quickly found something hard and heavy. Slowly I brought the object above my head and hit Brandon causing him to crash to the floor. Alisha came running to me before i gave him another punch in the ' down below area' and told me to leave him alone. She saw that the door was wide open and no one was there. I picked her up bridel style and dragged Louis along with us. We ran up the staids, through into the kitchen and outside where i found a car.

" I picked these up on the way out Niall.. Ill drive. " Louis said as he unlocked the car door. I nodded my head and got into the front with him while Alisha was in the back. 

" Where are we going? " I said to Louis while his eyes was on the road. 

"Hospital." What? Why are we off there?

"W..Why ? " Alisha said quietly in the back. 

" To get you checked up on. " Had something bad happened to her or something.


*Louis' POV*


I needed to hurry. Alisha called me over this morning when she found out that Niall wasnt there. I had been there about 10 minuets when the door got slammed open. We was both in the room talking and when the door came open she jumped into my arms from being that scared. I was craddling her untill i got pushed to the other side of the room. I was watching what was happening but i was too scared to speak. Brandon kept punching her baby that was still inside of her and kept repeating the words. 'This baby should have been mine instead of that irish twats' Thats the whole reason why i wanted to take her to the hospital. I needed to know that the child was okay. 


I pulled up into the car park and Niall got Alisha while i ran in shouting. When Alisha came in the nurses took her from Nialls arms. They dragged her into a different room while Niall was trying to grab her hand.

" Sir you need to stay here. " One of the nurses said calmly to him.

" Buy.... But... Shes my ..... Girlfriend" He said inbetween sobs. Well she didnt care much. All she did was tell him to sit down. That was nice of her wasnt it. Bitch!

* 3 hours later* 

" Is there a Niall here. Niall Horan. " A doctor came out and said. Niall and i stood up and ran to him.

" Is she okay? " Niall kept repeating. 

"Well... Theres something I need to tell you. " The doctor said back while scratching his head. " Alisha............




A/N- Ohhhhhh what did the doctor have to tell Niall about Alisha.... Will it be good or bad? Comment what  you think might happen.





Love ya'

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