The Day That Changed My Life

Two girls won a competition to stay over at Harry's house with the rest of the band. What happens when Niall falls in love with one of them who knows. Read to find out


4. Chapter 4

A/N- Out of the comments I have had, am proud that i puplished this fanfiction. I hope you like this chapter aswell.... Love ya' 





* Nialls POV*

" Where am I? " I whispered to mysell as I woke up. I looked around and took in my surroundings. I wasnt where I fell asleep. It was really cold and dark. They never even put a bed in this room. What... Wait... Wheres Alisha. I would usually wake up with her in my arms or she would be in the bathroom with her morning sickness. After about 5 minuets of being confussed, I came out of my thoughts by hearinng the door banging open. I COwered away into a corner and hid my face inbetween my knees. They was two big guys carrying in something or someone over there shoulders.. Each. Once they left i went over to see what the threw on the stone floor. As i came closer the the figures i reconised them. There was a boy. His arm had tattoos on. His hair styled up into a quiff. He wore red skinny jeans i presume and a stripped top with toms on his feet. 

"LOUIS....LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON WAKE UP PLEASE!!!" I shouted to him. I think he was knocked out or something. My attention was still on Louis untill i heard heavy breathing next to me.

" Alisha ? " I said running over to her. She was sitting up cuddling the living human inside her. It looks like she was crying.

"Niall babe, it hurts " She said through sobs. Seeing her like this made me upset inside. I didnt know what to do. Is the baby hurt? I sat next her her with her inside my arms when another person came in. He seemed small. His eyes were blue and his hair seemed to be a mucky blond. I stayed with Alisha but he walked right up to us and told me to get away from her. Instead of moving I just sat there until i got shoved away. 

" GET AWAY FROM ME !!!!!!!" Alisha said as the figure came closer to me.

" Or what babe? " He said walking closer to Alisha as she tried to get away from him. His voice seemed familiar. It was a mystery to me of whos it was until it hit me. Brandon

" She said get away from her. " I shouted back at him. Think Louis woke up because he was standing up with his hand on his hips.  

" Make me... " He said with a smirk on his lips. Just then he kissed her right on the lips.

" OHH HELL NO DID YOU HAVE  TO THERE IS NO REASON FOR THAT !!" Louis said out of no where. Brandon stopped what he was doing and turned round to look at Louis.


A/N- Sorry i left it like that i just wanted to see what you think Brandon might end up doing. Comment your thoughts and next chapter will be up soon


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