The Day That Changed My Life

Two girls won a competition to stay over at Harry's house with the rest of the band. What happens when Niall falls in love with one of them who knows. Read to find out


3. Chapter 3

* alishas POV *

After I told him about my nightmare he cradeled me like a little kid. He kept doing that until I fell asleep in his arms.
- 5 hours later -
When I woke up I found no Niall. No text, note or anything from him. I felt alone until I heard the door open. It frightened me. I hid under the covers and shut my eyes tightly until the duvet got lifted over my head
" Hello baby. Long time no see " 
" What do you want from me Brandon and what are you doing here ?" Brandon was your ex. You left him when he went away with work. The reason why I left is because when I first started to go out with him he was kind, caring and protective. Until a month later then he started being abusive to I. I would still have been a virgen if it wasn't for him. That is because he raped me.
" I only wanted to have a bit of fun with you " At this point he started to climb on top of you.
" get off me !" I demanded him but he refused.
" Not until you give me what I want. "
" No I never will. " just then I felt something hit my face. It was his hand.
" Shut up bitch " I had no choice with that because he got the duck tape and taped my mouth shut. Instead of him raping me again he just tapped my hands behind my back and my feet together. Then he just left. I had tears pouring down my cheeks 
. How could he have done that to me. I wish Niall was here to keep me happy. I didn't know where he was and just thinking about what could have happened to him made me cry even more.

A/N - I know it been ages since i have updated... I was really busy... Tell me what you think... Do you think Niall will come back or not

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