The Day That Changed My Life

Two girls won a competition to stay over at Harry's house with the rest of the band. What happens when Niall falls in love with one of them who knows. Read to find out


2. Chapter 2

You hadn't been feeling very well for the past month or so. You felt sick, constant head aches and you couldn't keep your food down. Niall was very worried about you so he took you to the doctors.

"Am glad to say that your expecting a baby," the doctor annoced to you. Niall was with you at this point. Scared at his reaction you couldn't look at him. Keeping your eyes fixed to the floor Niall lifted your chin so his blue eyes could meet yours.

" I cant belive it!"

" You cant believe what babe"

" Am going to be a daddy" his face lit up with excitement. Tears of joy was running down his cheeks. You didn't realise you was crying as well until Niall wiped your cheek.

" We must tell the boys now. They will be so happy" without an answer from you he dragged you by the wrist all the way to Harry's because that's where all the boys were.

* At Harrys*

Niall just barged right in still dragging you. Laughing your head off Harry came to see what was wrong. He thought some thing bad had happened.

" Omg Alisha whats wrong" Harry said coming up to you.

" Well um am ya know....."

" She is pregnant" Niall finished your sentence off for you.

" That's great. Congrats guys. "  Liam seemed so happy for you both. Niall was at the other side of the room until he ran over to you and crashed his lips against yours. You wrapped your arms around him until he pulled away and held your hand linking his fingers with yours. Could it be, the happiest day of your life. Niall knew what you was thinking. You was worried. What will your mum say? Even worse what will your dad do?

" Alisha it is going to be fine. They wont do anything. I promise" Niall said trying to comfort you. It helped a little as well. but what would they do? You was scared of what your dad would do to your Nialler. Harry took Niall into a different room and left you with the other lads.

* in Harry's bedroom*

" Harry what are you doing? Why did you bring me in here?"

" simply because she is worried about you."

" What do you mean?"

" I could read her mind. She is scared about what her dad will say to you!"

" Ohhh S**T! I will be fine. Do you think we should talk her into telling her parents asap?"

" I would."

As soon as they came out you ran into Niall's arms. You could tell he had some talking to. What had harry said to him?

" Alisha give me your phone"

" Bu....bu..but why? What have i done wrong?" You was really worried. Why did he want your phone?

" Am texting someone." 

" who?" 

" Can't tell you yet"

" Harry what have you said to him? why does he want my phone?" You was scared and worried at this point. With your eye sight going all blurry as your tears are in coming.

" I told him that you was scared about what your dad will do to him. I think he is texting you mum or dad."

" NIALL DON'T" It was too late he had already sent it.

" Babe am sorry. The sooner they know the better ain't it?" You was cuddling him hard. Your phone went off. He text your mum and dad. It was you dad. He sent a text.

* what the text said*

' That's great.Just wait until i next see your boyfriend next though. He is in some deep s**t '

 You started crying very hard. Niall felt guilty. Very guilty.


*back at home*

It was way after 12 when you got home and it was straight to bed. You was having a nightmare. Niall had to wake you up as he was panicking. 

" Baby tell me what it was about, please."

"  well it was that you just walked out on me for no reason  and you said that you needed space. Niall it was so scary and very upsetting. It seemed so real." You started to cry again.

" No No No!!!! I would never walk out on you and you should know that Y/N " He cuddeled you into his warm chest and with the sound of his heart beat you fell asleep.

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