The Day That Changed My Life

Two girls won a competition to stay over at Harry's house with the rest of the band. What happens when Niall falls in love with one of them who knows. Read to find out


1. Chapter 1

Me and my mate woke up at about 6. Running into my mum and dads bedroom jumping on their bed till we was out of breath. It was the day we was going to stay at Harrys house with the rest of One Direction. Our dreams came true. We have loved them since day one. The reason we are seeing them for the first time and staying with them for the night was because we had won a competition. On our way there we had to stop at Nandos for Niall. He wanted near enough the full menu! Around the corner from Harrys house we could hear them arguing about who’s Kayleigh and me was staying in. knocking on the door I began to get nerves.

“ Hey! Am Niall.” The young man, who had a bit of blond in his hair, said as he opened the door with a massive grin on his face. His Irish accent made me week in the knees.

“ H… h…. Hi am Alisha and this is L.. Kayleigh” I was stuttering with my words. Harry and Louis came in spanking each others bottoms. Me and  Kayleigh looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“ hi am so sorry about them. They are always like this. I put them on best behaviour. So far am impressed with harry and his clothes. At long last he has managed to keep the on. Oh by the way am liam and you both look stunning” liam was blabbling on about what he told harry. It was only zayn that I haven’t seen

“ so whos who then?” asked harry

“ I think th small one is Alisha and the tiny one is Kayleigh. Hi am lou…. “

“ hey am not tiny am small and the tall one is Kayleigh !!!” I practicly shouted at him. Harry had disappeared to the shops. 5 minuets later he came back and wrapped his arms around my waist and cuddled me. Shame it was a joke though. That was also one of my dreams to be one of the boys girlfriend.

“time for a twitcam. Come into the rhe room quick. Am on. Hey girls. Am here with the boys and the two lucky competition. Oi Harry, Louis, niall, lKayleigh  zayn and Alisha get in here now. Sorry about that girls!” liam said while he was doing the twitcam. Already with over 10,000 people watching.

“I cant, am eating my Nandos that Alisha and Kayleigh bought me. Them two cant come either. There eating aswel and your rule is no eating in the livin room!” niall shouted back to liam. Liam didn’t sound very impressed. How I loved niall. Always making time to have a little bit of food. Louis, harry and zayn went back into the room. If they didn’t daddy directioner would smack their bums.


It was 7pm and niall sugester to watch a movie. He put on paranormal activity 3. The seating went… liam, me, niall on one sofa. Louis, Kayleigh and harry on the other sofa. Zayn was on the floor cuddling up to his duvet. Everytime something happened I would dive into nialls arms and they would happily wrap them selfs around me. The I saw a flash. My head shoot up to see Louis smirking. He took the picture of me and niall. He told me to look at twitter. I did as I was told. He took a picture of me in nialls arms. He put in the description’ like/ retweet if you think niall makes a good couple with her’ my jaw with all of the comments. So many people think we looked like a cute couple. Well , I have to admit we looked very cute together. Then I saw one tweet from a girl called plastic bieber. I hated her so much. All the trouble she has caused the boys like making harry cry on t.v. That was unbelievable. She put ‘ ewww ugly couple! Niall why pick her? Well hes taken now! Niall if I was you I would get rid of her!’ I started to have tears streaming down my soft little cheeks. See why I hated her? Niall wiped the little tears away, turned the t.v off and started to rub my back while softly singing to me. I mush have drifted off after a while because I woke up in nialls bed with him next to me. He brought me up and tucked me in. awww how adorable.


At 10am me and niall went to Nandos for breakfast. It was only down the road. I was very dehydrated. So I stopped and leaned against the wall. Niall came upt to me to see if I was ok. After a minuet he started to rub my sholders. He slowly leaned in. next thing I knew his soft lips had touched mine and stayed there for about a minuet. He pulled away but only far enough so the tips of our little noses was touching

“ Alisha will you be my girlfriend? Forever and always” he whispred.

“ only if you do that again” I said back. WOW! He must like me because it was more passionate than the first one.

“ come to the performance with me tonight.”

“ I promis ill be there for you nialler.”


-          The performance-


They was answering the twitter questions when one popped up. It was her again.

“ niall why aree you dting Alisha?” liam read.

“ um simply because she is so loveable. I have loved her since the first time I saw her and that was when I answered the door to her” niall said in the most adorable way. It was so touching. It made me cry with joy.

“ that was from plastic bieber who unfortunately can be here with us tonight.” Liam looked pleased with him self. Harry and Louis came over to me.

“Alisha come on with us please” Louis was begging me to come on with them. I was refusing to go onto the stage. Then all of a sudden I was being carried. Harry carring my legs and Louis carring my arms.

“oi get off her. Shes mine and no one elses!” niall was yelling at them for picking me up. Aw it is so cute when niall gets jelous. I ran over to him and gave him a cuddle. For the rest of the performance I was sitting next to the drums that was being played by Josh. When they was singing ‘ what makes you beautiful’ harry gave his solo to niall. When it was time for the solo. Just before it, niall came to me and picked me up. I could tell he was nerves. While he was singing he was singing a piece of hair covered my eye. Niall put it behind my ear and saw a tear on my cheek so he wiped it away. I gave him a kiss on his soft cheek and it made him blush quite a lot.

“ I love you so much nialler.”

I love you the most. Please move in with me.” Niall whispered while in the middle of a very sweet cuddle.

“ ok ill do any thing for my nialler”


I moved into nialls a week after the performance. Harry, Louis, liam and zayn came to stay the night. I was glad that Kayleigh turned up. All of them was glad that I moved in with niall. Harry told us that we made a cute couple. Just like elanor and Louis. Also like Danielle and liam.


A/N Dont know weather to carrie on with this. Comment if i should or should take this on off and post my other one instead

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