My problem and my problem only

When Nepeta finds a Leo troll named Baxter who is the exact same age as her,that claims to be her ecto-brother,her life goes a little bit to shreds.Okay,that's an understatement.With a pesstimistic brother to look out for,her morial preoccupied with his own life,and no one to even hear her cry out,who will protect her from the dangers that every life brings?And most of all,will this new author eventually find enough creativity and talent to make a better discription?

(There is one swear word,but I feel it's still in the green.If you believe otherwise please tell me)


1. My own thing

You rearrange yourself on the rather comfortable floor of your cave-well yours and your ecto-brothers cave now.You look at your brother to your right.He had been curled up with Pounce de Leion before the cuddly lusus had crawled to your side a little while after Baxter fell asleep.
Baxter Lejion.You don't know how he is,or even if he is your brother.But,you are not one to turn a purrson

You do wish he was less of a meany face though,that would be nice.It reminded you of Karkitty,but it was different,more...corrosive almost?It's so hard to explain,especially at this time in the morning.
Ah,yes,the time.Normally you didn't stay up so late,but you've just been preoccupied.With your shipping wall,keeping up with your meowrail,Baxter,and keeping up with everyone in general,you time had been almost cut out of the picture.
Equius had been some form of relief,even if he tried to tell you what to do all the time.You really did miss him,but oh well.You suppose he had better things to do.
You do however make a mental note to message him soon,possibly tomorrow,about maybe him coming over to your house.You doubt he'll be game.
But,one of you have to attempt to keep the threads of both of your existences intertwined,and you'll be,pardon your language,damned before you let them separate!He's far too purrecious to you.
But now you suppose it's not just about you anymore.
Now you have one more body housing in your cave,you you are not one to run away from a challenge,even one of this size.
Before you try to take on your problem sitting to your right,you might want to ask for you meowrails consent and advice.You don't have to do this,but after a few sweeps,its become instinct.
You stretch quietly and yawn before reaching over your lusus for your probably look like a sight to see right now.
Your hair is wild,no surprise there,but  since Baxter,bags have appeared under your eyes,and neither sleep nor hunting holds interest to you right now.
The only reason you haul yourself out of your lusus' side was to get away from your alleged brothers yelling.
Dear gog,silence is beautiful after a week with him.
Wait,It's only been a week?!
Darnit,why did it seem so bad?Sure he yelled and stuff like that,but so does Karkitty!You convince yourself that it's just different.Baxter's voice grounded against your sensitive eardrums in ways that your leaders voice could never do.All he did was yell,yell,yell.
Your really couldn't be more done.You can't even tell what you're hoping or even working for here anymore.
It takes you a moment,but after a minute of backtracking through your thinking,you scowl at your thoughts.These are not thought to be having!
You decide that maybe sleep is a bit more important than messaging Equius right now.He probably wasn't up right now anyway.

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