Jenny is an average 20 year old girl. What will happen, when she meets Niall Horan? How is everythin going for the other guys?
This Fan Fiction involves all of the 1D guys and also Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber!
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2. A good idea?

I know this chapter is short, but I'm way to tired to keep on writing! I will upload another chapter tomorrow!! Also please like the story and let me know what you think!! 

Jennys POV

Did that really happen? I turn off my latop and lay down in bed. Within 5 minutes I got 3/5! That’s so crazy. I fall into a deep sleep with lots of weird dreams full of One Direction, especially Niall.
I wake up the next morning and I feel awesome! It’s Sunday and I’m off work. I decide to have another Twitcam and work on my posters. It’s just 12 days to go until the concert! I turn on my laptop and go on Twitter. I stare at the amount of my follower. Over night I got 7.500 new follower! I remember what happened last night. It wasn’t a dream! Niall, Harry and Liam follow me! I write: ‘ A massive thank you to Niall, Harry and Liam for following me! A dream came true!’ After that I share the link for my Twitcam, sit down on the ground and start working on my posters. Suddenly I get a message. It’s from ‘Nandoliscious’.

‘Congrats! It’s really cool, that they follow you! I’m going to the concert in Berlin, too. Maybe we can meet and grab a coffee?’

‘Hey Nandolicious. Yeah I can’t believe it. Sure, we can do that. I planned to go to the concert hall very early anyways.’

‘Awesome! Let’s meet 9 am at the back of the concert hall!’

‘Why the back? Never mind. Okay see you in 12 days!’

If my parents knew I meet a stranger, they’d kill me! But the thought they wouldn’t like it, makes me want to do it even more. She sounds nice anyways and with that name she has to be a Niall fan, too.
I spend the rest of the day preparing my posters and just leave my room to use the bathroom or to get food, even though I do the second thing a lot!


Nialls POV


I can’t believe I just did that! I just had to ask her. I dreamed of her all night, the way she danced around her room. She seems to be very funny. I just want to talk to her. Suddenly my phone vibrates. A message from Uncle Si.

‘Vocal training in one hour! Be on time!’

I swing out of my bed and get dressed. The boys are already in the kitchen. ‘Morning!’ I say with a wide grin on my face. Everyone stares at me. ‘What’s going on? Why do you guys stare at me?’ ‘We just thought, you wouldn’t be so happy after what happened.’ Louis answers. I remember, but I stay strong. I just can’t stop thinking about Jenny. While I eat my breakfast I tell the boys what I just did. ‘WHAT? Niall, you can’t just meet a fan! You know we’re not allowed to do this! When Uncle Si finds out!’, Zayn shouts out. ‘I don’t think it’s a bad idea. ‘ says Liam and I’m confused. Liam usually does what you tell him to. He never breaks rules. We all stare at him. ‘This girl seems to make Niall feel better. I think it would be good for him. She doesn’t look like she would kidnap him!’ he smiles and I have to laugh. The others look concerned but in the end they give in. With one condition. They come with me.

The next days a very stressful because we have to practice a lot but I have a good motivation. The days go by very fast and now I’m sitting on the plane to Berlin!

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