One earth quake and I fell in love (one direction)

When Louis,zayn and liam all go out for a romantic dinner leaving Harry and Niall alone little did they no that they were just about to have a major earth quake! What will Harry and Niall do? What will Liam,louisand zayn do to help?


1. The quake

Nialls pov

  so here I am on a Saturday night watching tv on the sofa, I WAS Ment to be going out for a meal with my girlfriend but I dumped her because she cheated on me with a random dude on the street. I was upset. I should be over her by now but I'm not, I felt something different with her like she was my soul mate. But that soon changed as I watched her snog this random man. It could be worse i could be stuck here on my own whilst everyone goes out but Harry's here with me. His girlfriend also dumped him after she also cheated on him with a guy. What's up with girls these days?! Anyway I was inturupted by Liam saying "okay Hazza,nialler we are going out for a meal so we will be back at about 10 ish and don't think about drinking cuz we all know how wasted you guys get if you get dumped so we hid the alcohol somewhere you will never find it." Great I mentally said. 

"But leeyyyuumm I just want one little drink" Harry begged giving Liam his best puppy eyes. 

"Sorry Hazza now boys don't get into trouble okay just stay inside the house...don't think about escaping we have people watching you" and with that he left. God he really sounds like a dad telling his sons that there basically grounded. I sighed and went over to the window. I felt the tears coming back as I saw mine and Harry's ex's sitting with there NEW boyfriends kissing. Harry walked behind me and pulled me into a hug. I didn't mind if i cried loudly because he knew. I felt tears roll of Harry's face, he must be silently sobbing. We stayed like that for a while but I then walked to the tv wanting to find something interesting to take my mind of things. "Niall do you want me to order nandos?" Harry asked. 

"YES" I shouted and Harry chuckled suddenly  The news came on and a bald bloke said "BREAKING/URGENT NEWS LONDON IS GOING TO HAVE MAJOR EARTHQUAKE PLEASE GO TO YOUR NEAREST SHELTER THANKS back to you bob" I stood there gaping what London NEVER has earthquakes. I ran over to Harry and made him put down the phone. He must of known that something was up as I just made us NOT order a nandos.. Bummer. "What Niall.." Suddenly the ground started shaking and the ceiling started collapsing. "WHAT THE, NIALL WHAT'S HAPPENING?!" Harry screamed over the rumbling. "We are having a major earthquake we need to get out of here...NOW!" I said befor grabbing his hand and pulling him. Suddenly the door burst open to show a worried looking Liam,Louis and zayn. "BOYS GET HERE NOW!"Liam shouted. 

"That's kind of what we were.." I started but was soon inturupted by the ceiling collapsing onto me and Harry. "NIALLER,HAZZA CAN YOU HEAR ME" Louis shouted. He started to run over but Liam stopped him. I turned my head to see Harry he was knocked out cold I was soon going to be as well. "Liam,Lou,zayn help" I stuttered out before closing my very heavy eyes...


Liam pov

   I just finished telling the boys that we were going to go and leave them. I dont want to of course but they would just get drunk and do something stupid. I walked out to find 2 very beautiful looking girls. "Where's Perrie?" Zayn asked. 

"She asked me to tell you that she's breaking up with you because it wasn't working out" Eleanor said sadly. I turned to face zayn. He was just standing there. He didn't show any emotion. "Zayn mate are you alright?" Louis asked comforting. 

"Yea come on let's go" zayn finally answered. We got into the limo. I've got to say Danielle looked very beautiful! With her light blue dress with diamonds incrusted on the side. Eleanor looked nice as well. She had a bright yellow dress which looked amazing on her. Louis was just about to say something when the driver turned around and drove like a maniac. " hey where we going the restraunts that way" zayn questioned. 

"There's a earthquake and I've been told to take you home before it hits" me and the boys and girls mouths were open we just stared at each other. The rest of the ride home was quiet when we got out I ran into the house. Suddenly all the rooms and floor started to shake. "Boys come on we gotta find them" I shouted. We ran up the stairs and into where we left them. They were making there way to the door obviously. "BOYS GET HERE NOW" I shouted. 

"That's kind of what we were..." Niall started but got inturupted by the ceiling falling on him and Harry. That's when Louis lost it. "NIALLER,HAZZA CAN YOU HEAR ME" Louis shouted. He started to run over but I stopped him I couldn't risk anyone else being hurt. "Liam,Lou,zayn help" I heard niall say his Irish accent strong. All our heads turned to face them. The ground stopped shaking so we ran over to Harry and Niall... Harry was knocked out cold by the looks of it a cut running down the Side of his head. Niall on the other hand had his hand twisted the wrong way with what looks like a bone punturing his skin. EW. I tried to wake them up but it didn't work.. I hope I haven't lost 2 of my best friends, my brothers...

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