Beautiful Hell (Draft 1)

For almost one hundred years, a brutal and bloody struggle for dominance between the kingdom of Ra'Ziel and the plains of Torath has torn the world asunder, raining death and destruction upon the earth. But this war is coming to an end. With only a few descendants of both royal lines living, will there finally be peace? Alexandra Ra'Ziel wants nothing more than to end the feud that took her older brothers from her, but Tristan Torath has different plans. He wants - he needs - retribution for the wrongs he has suffered. And so their story begins. Because anyone can find vengeance, but only a rare few achieve true justice.

Ok yeah, so here's the thing. I'm rewriting this story, so anybody who wants to read the new chapters (as I edit and revise them) can find them on my page. The Movella is titled Beautiful Hell (Re-imagined). And yeah, it's way way way better than this one, but also way more graphic too.


5. An Excerpt from the Diary of Alexandra Maria Ra'Ziel

The Year 608, 91 Years After the Beginning of the War.

June 8th.

The East Tower, Midday.


        I just found this book. I remember Stephen giving it to me after James died. It was buried in a chest, which I am now supposed to be sorting through. I can’t stand to look at it anymore.

        Mother is making me pack. I am to leave tomorrow morning with the Duke, so I must be ready. I’m not even allowed to choose what I want to bring. Mother made a list of what I can take. Dresses, lace, perfume. I will make sure to lose that chest. Jewelry, candies, books. Those can stay. I could sell the gems and use the money to escape. But I’m putting my dagger in with them.

        I don’t want to go. I don’t want to do my duty. I want to run away and find Will. If I left now, it would be hours before they noticed I was missing. Jenine could marry the fat little prick.

        But I can’t, and I won’t, and I know it. Father trusts me, Will trusts me, everyone trusts me. Because I always do my goddamn duty and I can’t help it. It’s not fair.

        It’s hard to write in this book. I don’t know why, but I don’t like putting my thoughts into words. Somehow that makes them more real. My hand is shaking and I feel sick. Maybe if I had a fever, they wouldn’t make me go tomorrow.

        Maddie’s coming with me. Mother said she could, and I asked her. Her parents agreed. They practically cried, they are so excited for her. Apparently being my friend and living just outside the castle wall isn’t as good as visiting a castle and staying in a room there. But I’m sure that an’Ami Castle is as dull and boring as its current occupants. The doors are probably huge, so that the Duchess can fit through without turning sideways. I keep picturing her getting stuck. Then I think about how much Will would laugh at that, and I feel sick again. Something terrible has happened, and I just keep waiting for a letter saying that he’s dead.

        I decided to use this book to record my life. Mostly it is going to be a way to waste time. But someone is knocking, and it’s probably Mother.


The Year 608, 91 Years After the Beginning of the War.

June 13th.

The an’Ami Carriage, Morning.


        The fat nobles can’t even make a carriage right. It bounces horribly on every stone, and I feel like I’m going to puke. But I can’t because this dress is blue silk, and I’m sure vomit will stain it terribly. Maddie is reading over my shoulder and laughing, because apparently I am very humorous today. As it is the fifth day of the journey, and I feel very irritated, I just don’t see why.

        Edward looks like a baby. He acts like a baby too. Yesterday the Duchess made me play with him. Even David is smarter than him, and David is seven. I had to pretend to be a maiden in distress, and let him vanquish the monster (a doll shaped like a lizard, but Edward insisted it was a dragon) to save me. By the end, I was so tired of him that I used a branch to vanquish the spoiled brat. Then Duchess an’Ami was very distressed. I suggested she give me a horse so I could leave, but she wouldn’t.

        The carriage just stopped. I don’t know why, and Maddie is afraid. We are alone now, and there is shouting outside.

        Someone just screamed. Now I’m scared too. Maddie is finding my dagger, but I don’t think it will do much.

        The noises are closer, but the carriage is moving. I can hear metal, and I think there is fighting happening. We are getting farther away now, but I have a terrible feeling.

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