Beautiful Hell (Draft 1)

For almost one hundred years, a brutal and bloody struggle for dominance between the kingdom of Ra'Ziel and the plains of Torath has torn the world asunder, raining death and destruction upon the earth. But this war is coming to an end. With only a few descendants of both royal lines living, will there finally be peace? Alexandra Ra'Ziel wants nothing more than to end the feud that took her older brothers from her, but Tristan Torath has different plans. He wants - he needs - retribution for the wrongs he has suffered. And so their story begins. Because anyone can find vengeance, but only a rare few achieve true justice.

Ok yeah, so here's the thing. I'm rewriting this story, so anybody who wants to read the new chapters (as I edit and revise them) can find them on my page. The Movella is titled Beautiful Hell (Re-imagined). And yeah, it's way way way better than this one, but also way more graphic too.


21. Alexandra Maria Ra'Ziel

“I’ve known, since I was ten, since James died, that I would marry for my people. I didn’t let myself feel anything, didn’t let anyone in. Oh, I loved, but only Will, and only because we both knew it was useless. And now, I just can’t do it anymore. Tris, I need to feel. I need to live. I need-”

            Tris’ lips cut her off. Alex didn’t know how it happened, but suddenly he was kissing her. She let her hands come up – whether to push him away or pull him closer, she still wasn’t sure – and knot in his hair. Alex melted against Tris. Every line of her body fit into his. She felt him, and she felt herself, in a way she had never imagined.

            One of Tris’ hands was pressed against the small of her back, the other against her neck, and he kissed her with an intensity she couldn’t believe. Then thought was obliterated, and she just let herself feel. Tris’ tongue was tracing her lip, his breath mingling with hers. Sweat – hers or his, Aelx didn’t know – was soaking into his shirt. And then the shirt was gone, and her stomach was pressed against his.

            Even in the state she was, Alex marveled at his stomach. Perfectly flat, the skin was stretched tight over muscle. His flesh was soft, but scarred. The ridges told a story of death and pain, but also hope, as she felt them pressing against her.

            Then, somehow, they were beside Tris’ bed. Alex pushed him down, then sat playfully on top of him. With a wicked smile, Tris grabbed her and pulled her down beside him. They laid there, both trailing their hands over the other’s body, until Tris spoke.

            “Stop me now, if you’re going to. I want this to be your choice.” Tris took her hand in his and traced her wrist. Alex grabbed the back of his neck.

            “It is.” And she brought his face back to hers. Tris kissed her again, then, and rolled over onto her. Alex screamed in pain and pleasure as he entered her. It was the longest moment of her life, but it was also the best.

            After they were done, they lay together, tangled in each other’s arms and the sweat-soaked sheets. And, while Tris trailed his hand down her body gently, from her neck to her waste and back up, she reached out and touched his mask.

            “Stop me now, if you want to. I want this to be your choice. Please, Tris. I’m yours, so please, be mine. Let me see you. All of you.”

            And Tris, even though Alex could read doubt in his eyes, brought his hand up to hers. Then, slowly, they drew his mask off together.

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