Beautiful Hell (Draft 1)

For almost one hundred years, a brutal and bloody struggle for dominance between the kingdom of Ra'Ziel and the plains of Torath has torn the world asunder, raining death and destruction upon the earth. But this war is coming to an end. With only a few descendants of both royal lines living, will there finally be peace? Alexandra Ra'Ziel wants nothing more than to end the feud that took her older brothers from her, but Tristan Torath has different plans. He wants - he needs - retribution for the wrongs he has suffered. And so their story begins. Because anyone can find vengeance, but only a rare few achieve true justice.

Ok yeah, so here's the thing. I'm rewriting this story, so anybody who wants to read the new chapters (as I edit and revise them) can find them on my page. The Movella is titled Beautiful Hell (Re-imagined). And yeah, it's way way way better than this one, but also way more graphic too.


7. Alexandra Maria Ra'Ziel

            Alex crouched in a corner of the carriage with Maddie beside her. They were both shivering, but Maddie still held the dagger. The screaming had stopped a few minutes ago, then came the smell of smoke and meat. More screaming. The smell of fresh blood.

            They are dead. Alex knew it was the Duke and his family. She felt insanely relieved, and then guilty. She had wished they would die so many times, she felt responsible.

            She almost screamed when the carriage door opened. All Alex saw was a devil mask, and then Maddie was in the way. She rushed the figure, knife swinging wildly, a hoarse cry bursting through her lips.

            With an almost lazy twist, the masked man buried Maddie’s own dagger in her stomach. Maddie dropped toward him, but he moved, and she fell out of the carriage. Then Alex did scream.

            The man reached into the carriage and pulled her out. Alex knew then that she was going to die. She saw the blackened ruins of the other carriage, and two corpses. One was Edward, the other presumably the Duke, but without a head it was hard to tell. Alex couldn’t help herself then. She vomited into the grass.

            A laugh rolled from behind the mask, and the man released her. He dropped her just beside Maddie, and Alex rolled her friend over. She was dead, the dagger still in her stomach. And suddenly Alex was calm. There was only one man here, and he wasn’t even looking at her.

            The dagger came free soundlessly in a spurt of red. And then Alex swung it at the murderer. He was turning, and evidently had incredible reflexes. He took the blade from her like she was a child.

            “Why won’t you just kill me already, you bastard!” Alex practically screamed it in his face – or mask, really.

            “Because, I’m not in the mood.” And the man started walking toward his horse. “So, I’m going to give you a choice. Stay here, hoping that someone will find you, and die. Or come with me.”

            Alex walked after him without a moment’s hesitation. She had to be close so that she could be the one to end him. She would kill this boy.

            They only walked a few feet, then he swung up onto a horse. Alex felt an instant of fear when he extended his arm to her, but she shoved it down and took his hand. Her captor pulled her up behind him.

“Name?” The boy turned to her and, seeing her confusion, he smiled. It was a cruel smirk, and Alex hated him for it. “What is your name? If I’m bringing you back, I need to call you something. Unless you prefer ‘pretty little whore?’”

Alex smiled a little at that. “Alexandra. Alexandra – Brea.” She didn’t know why, but she didn’t want this nomad to know who she really was. Will and Maddie’s name just… happened.

Then they were galloping back toward the battlefield, her arms wrapped firmly around this strange nomad’s waist.

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