Hawaii Vacation With One Direction!

Five best friends have been Directioners since 7th grade. They enter a contest to win a vacation to Hawaii but they had to share it with 5 other boys. They won the contest and are immediately sent to the house. When they meet their new roommates they can't believe it. What do you think will happen between 5 girls and 5 boys for almost a year? Will they get along? Will they regret even agreeing to going? Keep reading to find out more!


3. The Other Roommates

 Louis' P.O.V

It was the day of the moving. I couldn't wait to move in with 5 other girls. They had to be pretty. Right? I just really have to find someone. I'm tired of being alone. I mean I'm pretty sure the other boys were too, but atleast there's 5 girls. One for each, which means no fighting. I hope....

We were finally on our way to the airport, Zayn driving under my " adult supervision "

" Gosh, I really wish I would've brought something to eat! " -Niall. He won't stop whining

I reached into my bag from the back & took ouf some crisps.

" Here you go " -Me I handed him the bag

" You're A life saver Tommo! I owe you one! " 

 " Remember that when we're at the new house " -Me. I winked

An hour later we finally got to the airport. 

" Just imagine lads, in about 3 hours we'll be landing in Hawaii. Hopefully to our five new beautiful roommates. " -Harry. He sounded in a  rather happy tone.

We all began to laugh hoping that his statement would be true.

Soon we boarded our plane & began our 3 hour ride to Hawaii. 

" Good evening passengers, this your captain speaking. Please stay calm at all times. The flight will arive at approximately 2 in the afternoon.  It won't take long till we arrive to the next airport. Have a nice trip. " -The Captain

I soon drifted into a deep sleep hoping I would sleep through the whole plane trip.


Nancy's P.O.V 

I really can't believe this is happening. I've wanted to start fresh for some time now and moving to a new state with new people is the best way to do it. 

As we arrived to the airport we only had 20 mins till the plane took off so we literally had to run from the parking lot to catch the plane. The gates were about to close but we had just got there in time & picked 5 seats right next to 5 gorgeous guys. 

" Good evening passengers, this is your captain speaking. Please stay calm at all times. The flight will arrive at approximately 2 in the afternoon. It won't take long till we arrive to the next airport. Have a nice trip. " -The Captain

" Gaaaaah, this plane is gonna be the death of me I swear..." -Me

" Tell me about it. " -A beautiful boy with a quiff that had a blonde stripe to it & amazingly beautiful brown eyes laughed. 

" Haha where are you going ? " - Me. I  chuckled

" Just Hawaii with the lads " 

" Well I'm Nancy " -Me . I smiled at him

"Zayn" - Zayn . He decided to flirt & winked at me

" Well Mr.Zayn , I hope to see you around, I'll be in Hawaii also " -Me. I returned the favor and smirked

And all throughout the plane ride we talked about traveling, future plans, his 4 best friends & how we should hang out. Oh my... if only the new mates were as gorgeous as he was. 

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