Hawaii Vacation With One Direction!

Five best friends have been Directioners since 7th grade. They enter a contest to win a vacation to Hawaii but they had to share it with 5 other boys. They won the contest and are immediately sent to the house. When they meet their new roommates they can't believe it. What do you think will happen between 5 girls and 5 boys for almost a year? Will they get along? Will they regret even agreeing to going? Keep reading to find out more!


5. Secret Revealed

Tontitorn's P.O.V

The flight was a drag! All I heard was Nancy flirting with guy next to her & the little boy that kept kicking my seat. Anyways, when we landed we grabbed our luggage to leave. I didn't notice how much luggage we had, until now.

" Girls... how are we suppose to get to our flat? " -Me

Alexandra took out a paper from her bag & skimmed through it.

" Umm... it says someone is going to wait for us. They're gonna have our names on like a poster board and he'll take us to the flat. " - Alexandra

We scanned the airport for any sign of our names. 

" Girls!   I found him! He's over there! " - Michelle. She was pointing to the benches right by the entrance.

We walked up the man wearing a black uniform & cap. He looked about 30 . Then we introduced ourselves. He led us outside of the airport , into a limo. 

All our mouths dropped seeing how much the people had done so for us. 

As we were entering the limo, the guy loaded our luggage into the trunk & in minutes he jumps in the drivers' seat and drives off.


"Ladies, we have to promise that we'll stick together! We're best friends and we won't let lads tear us apart. Remember, chicks before dicks." -Nubia. She laughed at the end.

A wave of "Agreed" followed.

After being in the limo for about 45 minutes we came to a stop. We all got out & became speechless.

It wasn't a flat it was more like a mansion. A big one.

" Here's your key ladies, would you like me to take your bags in?" -the driver 

"No it'll be alright. Thank you tho! " - Me


Nubia's P.O.V.


Once we got all our bags out of the trunk of the limo, the driver left & we all dashed to the front door hoping we got here before the lads did.

To our luck, we did. So we went all around the house to count the rooms. 5.

" Aye! I have a plan but i don't know if you'll all like it." -Alexandra

" What is it love? " -Michelle

" What if we each get our own room, instead of sharing a few? This way we can get to know the lads more?" Alex said with a huge smile.

" I'M IN !" - Me

"Same here" -Nancy

"What about Tontitorn and Michelle?" -Alex

They exchanged looks and both said "Yes" at the same time.

"Okay ! Now go get your own rooms! haha " -Alex. We all dashed towards the corridor.


I entered  the second room I saw. It was beautiful. It had purple walls with a huge mirror on the ceiling. But there was only a queen bed. " Oh God" I whispered to myself. I hope my roommate is worth it. He has too. I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard a door open. That must be them. I crossed my fingers in hope that my roommate is cute atleast.

I ran down stairs, almost falling on my face from my speed. But I kept my balance. As I landed safely on the wood tile I looked up. " Oh My Lord." I said a little too loud. The lads heard & turned to see me.

I just couldn't, I almost fell to my knees. I ran back up to the rooms to find the girls and tell them that our roommates are ONE DIRECTION!  omg. omg. omg . omg. I'm fangirling on the inside & trying not to show on the outisde.

"GIRLS! Come to my room please !" -Me.  I screamed past the rooms as I enter mine.

Within seconds Alexandra, Tontitorn, Nancy & Michelle are in my room.

" Have you guys seen who came in the house?" -Me. I asked trying to hide a big smile.

" Who?"  -The girls

" Omg Omg Omgggggggg! Guys it's ONE DIRECTION! OUR ROOMMATES ARE ONE DIRECTION! "  -Me. I just couldn't hold my squeals

Next thing I know is see them all start jumping up holding their screams.

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