Hawaii Vacation With One Direction!

Five best friends have been Directioners since 7th grade. They enter a contest to win a vacation to Hawaii but they had to share it with 5 other boys. They won the contest and are immediately sent to the house. When they meet their new roommates they can't believe it. What do you think will happen between 5 girls and 5 boys for almost a year? Will they get along? Will they regret even agreeing to going? Keep reading to find out more!


2. On Our Way!

Alexandra's P.O.V

" Nancy, Nubia, Michelle, Tontitorn, you guys better hurry up! We dont want our new roommates to get room choices " -Me. I yelled from the livingroom

We signed up to be on a new program. Which means we have to live in a different house with 5 unkown males. The problem is, we don't get to know who they are until we get to the house.... 

" Stop worrying babe, we all know you want to check out the guys! " -Nubia. She  walked down the stairs with 3 heavy duty zebra print suitcase. 

" You know me too well hun " -Me . I pout. 

I then hear the sound of more baggage coming down the stairs. I then see Michelle, Tontitorn & Nancy finally ready to leave 

" Oh my goodness! Who knew packing in a short amount of time would be this hard?" -Nancy. She wouldn't stop whining

We then exit our house, make sure its locked & head to the car

* beep beep* I hear as I open the car to pack everything in. 

Once we finish loading we all hop into Nancy's new Range Rover & head to the airport that is almost 2 hours away. 

I then turn the radio on & tune into 98.3 

" Oh I just wanna take you anywhere that you'd like,

We can go out any day, any night! 

Baby I'll  take you there, take you there .

Baby I'll take you there, YEAH!" 

Soon enough we all start singing. Several good songs were played & a couple bad ones. But it was the only thing that kept us entertained till we got to the airport.



A/N ~ Hey beauties! Thanks for reading the first chapter! Please give me your feedback! It would reallllly help since it's my very first Movella! & I'd also like to know any of your ideas for the rest of the story! 

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